It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


10. chapter 10

Chapter 10
I was laying on the bed for a while and I heard a door bell ring I heard someone open it was Carlos

"hi umm is Jackie here" I heard Louis voice I peaked my head out

"JACKIE" he said

"I'm sorry you can't come in" Carlos said while seen me run to the room and shutting the door

"I really need to speak with her please I'm her boyfriend" Louis said I could hear him through the door

"well I'll ask her if she wants to talk to you" Carlos said shutting the door I heard his foot-steps I open the door

"do you want to speak with him"

"no I don't" he walked back and open the door

"she don't want to talk to you"

"Carlos let me in now" I heard Joanna yelling at him he let her in she was family

"Jackie can you please open this door I really want to talk to you" I heard her voice and open the door she came in and closed it

"Louis wants to talk to you"

"I know I don't want go talk to him"

"why not?"

"Joanna he when straight to her and didn't even look at me not for one second that made me feel like shit I really liked him what if Harry did that to you"

"yea I know and I'll feel the same way" she said giving me a hug she understood how I felt she left the room and walked to the door

"let's go Louis" she said I was standing by the kitchen seen everything

"no I’m staying here till she agrees to talk to me" he said looking at me Carlos started at me and I shook my head

"Louis are you coming or going to stay?" Harry said

"staying" he said looking at me

"well there's a hotel around the corner we are getting five rooms when you fell like coming you come" Zayn said

"IM STAYING TILL SHE TALKS TO ME" he said yelling at them

A few hours passed I thought he had left I was in my dress still Carlos when to buy me new cloths he knew what I liked and what I didn't I started cleaning the house I heard it was raining outside I open the door to throw the trash there I seen Louis was still here he was soaking wet I looked at him

"can we talk now" he said looking at me

"what do you want to talk about there's nothing to talk about"

"yes there is please can we talk about what happened"

"okay but you have 10 minutes" I said while going to the fridge and getting carrots out

"OMG you like carrots too?"

"Yes you want some?"

"yea but I need to know what happened at six flags first"

I started telling him what happened and how I felt

"I did see you but I didn't like that you where bleeding and you hit one of our fans"

"she started it I hate when someone does that to me"

"well I'm sorry can you please just come back to the hotel with us?"

"no and your 10 minutes are up I have to go to bed now"

"okay then" he started walking out the door and he looked back at me he was crying I hated myself at this point I made the person I like most cry



"do you want to stay the night with me" he came to my side and hugged me by the waist

"I would love to" he was soaking wet and I was in a big puffy black dress that was full of blood

"well umm I don't have cloths for me or you so umm"

"it's okay" he said while taking off his cloths

"wow" I thought out loud

"is something wrong?"

"oh no it's fine"

"I don't want to sleep all wet I'm sorry I'll just sleep on the chair right there"

"Louis it's okay you can sleep on the bed with me I don't mind" I had little shorts under my dress I took of the dress and got on the bed as fast as I could

"your very cold" he said touching my shoulder

"I know I am your very warm

"come here I'll make you warm" he started hugging me

"thanks" I started closing my eyes we started getting a little intermit and well yea we started ‘doing it’ after that I closed my eyes to fall asleep but I couldn’t

Louis POV
"Jackie" I called out she didn't respond I think she was sleep her body was getting warmer and warmer

"I love you" I said closing my eyes

Jackie POV

Louis said he loved me I liked him alot but I don't know if it was enough to say love this was stuck in my head all night I didn't really get to sleep

I when to the kitchen at around 6 in the morning I heard someone knock on the door I when to see who it was


"open it please"

"why did u come home this late"

"well I when out to buy you stuff and I ended up at my mom house and you know how she is"

"yea come in and get some sleep"

"okay umm who's washing"

"I am it's Louis cloths it was soaking wet"

"why are you still in your dress"

"I don't have anything else"

"here some stuff I bought you"

"aww thank you Carlos I'll use this right now" I when to put on the shorts he bought me and the shirt

"for a guy you have nice taste"

"Jackie" It was Louis he was waiting by the door he was half naked he had the sheets around him

"Jackie what is he doing here and why is he half naked"

"well he was really wet and we talked about all this"

"did you guys umm do that"

"oh no" Louis started to laugh

"stop laughing we didn't do anything"

"um yea sure you guys didn't" Carlos said laughing

"well I’m going to leave tomorrow back to Fresno since I have school on Monday"

"yea you can take your cloths with you"

"no I'll leave them here so I can come visit you some other times"

"okay then are you going right now or are you going to spend the night"

"well I was hoping she would came back to the hotel with the rest of us" Louis said

"okay then I'll wash your dress and text you when it's done so you can pick it up" Carlos said with a huge smile on his face

"Umm okay thanks for letting me be here and buying me this nice cloths"


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