It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


1. chapter 1

Chapter one

It was a week before the fair started and Joanna was bummed out that she didn't get one direction tickets

"who is one direction" asked her cousin Jackie

"it's the best band in the whole world and I don't have tickets to see them" response Joanna

"well do you want to see them on the big screen at least?" Jackie asked

"yes it won't be the same but at least I get to see them" she said in a low voice

"okay get ready let's go and see what they have put up already" Jackie said in excitement. Jackie and Joanna raced down her block to see who got there first Joanna passed Jackie in a blink of an eye Jackie staying as her asthma kept her back Jackie sat down in the edge of the side walk Joanna not knowing that she wasn't feeling good Jackie then seen a pair of legs by her side and she looked up

"Hi" she said to handsome man standing there

"Are you okay?" he asked her

"Yea I'm fine" she said in a low voice

"I'm Louis" the handsome man said

"I'm Jackie" she said smiling to him reaching to shake his hand Louis help Jackie stand up and was about to leave when Louis grabbing her hand

"Is something wrong?" asked Jackie

"yes I didn't get to give you my number" he said in a big smile

"oh I'm sorry here's my phone put your number in" she said blushing

"JACKIE!" yelled Joanna from the corner

"yea what's up" Jackie asked acting cool

"COME OVER HERE NOW!" Joanna yelled looking down

"I'll be back can you wait a second?" she asked Louis

"yes I'll would always wait for you" he said in a low voice

Louis POV
"Yes I'll would always wait for you" I said in a low voice she smiled making her more beautiful

"BOO" said Harry

"what's wrong with you" I said scared

"hey who's that over there?" said harry

"well the little one is Jackie" I sigh Harry knew I liked her or something cause he just started to stare at me all cheesy

"and who's the other one?" asked Harry in a sweet voice

"I don't know go ask" said Louis

Joanna POV
"OMG do you know who you where talking to?" I asked in excitement

"to a cute guy" she said looking at her shoes

"it's Louis from one direction" I said while laughing at her

"look who that guy right there?" she asked looking at Harry

"it's Harry the one that I like alot" I said looking at him

"look he's coming over here "she said laughing

 "go I want to talk to him" I said

Louis POV
she was walking to me even her walk was great

"hi sorry I took long" she said in her cute voice

"it's okay I told u I would wait for you" I said lifting up her face

"well are you going to stay in Fresno?" she said in excitement

"yes I am staying here for a while then I’m leave to Los Angeles" I said smiling at her

"oh well have you been to the fair at all" she asked in a sad voice

"no this is my first time coming to Fresno at all" I said

"well do you want to go together" she said looking into my eyes

"yes I will" I said so happy I wanted to hug her so bad but I didn't know if she would think I'm weird

"well I have to go I’m going to go see the fair unless you want to go with us" she said in a happy voice

"yea of course I'll just text Zayn that I'll be going home after hanging around with you" I said all happy

"let's go then" she said grabbing my hand

Harry POV
"hi mi name I-" I said her cutting me of

"I know your name your from one direction" she said with confidence

"yes what's your name" I asked while laughing

"oh I'm Joanna" she said in a chuckle

" well Joanna would you like to go walk around" I said hoping she would say yes

"well of course let me just tell my cousin" she said I was so happy she had say yes I started texting Zayn that I'll be home a little late for dinner I really didn't care because I was going to be with her

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