It started with a race

Jackie and Joanna are cousin what happens when they started racing and Louis Tomlinson finds that Jackie doesn't feel good

would Kellin Quinn change how she looks??

does Louis think wrong about Jackie's bestfriend??

find out :)


29. chaper 28

Chapter 28

Liam POV

So I woke up to Louis screaming so I ran to see what happened

“Louis what’s going on why are you screaming”

“I tried to just knock on your door but screaming seemed way better”

“Why Louis why”

“We need to go see Jackie come on”

“Oh okay then let’s go wake up the guys but don’t scream”

“Okay then” we woke up the boys and we left to pick up the girls so we can all be with Jackie at once

We arrived there around 11 I know it’s a hospital but at this time it seemed pretty busy

 It was 11 when we arrived and it was pretty busy the boys and girls sat there waiting the girls were sitting on the boys lap so they won’t take a lot of room there

“Hello I’m here to see Jackie” I said to the lady in the front she started typing stuff in the computer and finally looked up

“I’m sorry she left earlier today” she looked at me and she started working again so I started walking back the boys and girls

“She is not here” I said in a low voice

“William might have taken her out” Breanna said

“Yea just call her man” Zayn said

“Okay” I said and dialed her number in and pulled it close to my ear


‘Babe where are you we are at the hospital and they said you left’

‘Yes I did William sign me out and I’m my house now’

‘Well we are in our way there don’t move’

“Okay bye see you soon”

I hunged up the phone and I told the rest of the gang that she was at her house we all got back to the car and drove off to her house when we got there I notice a Harley Davidson sportster iron 883 2013 in the front it looked brand new

“Now that’s a nice ride” Zayn said with a smile

“Who do you think it is” I said while walking to the house with the rest of the gang

“Well we won’t find out till we ask Jackie” we walked inside and we seen that Jackie was watching T.V so we all sat down on the couch and looked at her

“Why is everyone looking at me” she said while I was putting my arm around her

“Whose motorcycle is that outside?” Zayn said

“Please don’t say that it’s yours” I said

“I’m sorry I can’t say who it is” she finally said

“Why not” said Liam

“Well Louis said I can’t say it’s mine and it is” she said

“So it’s yours?” I said

“Yup sorry babe but my mom got it for me” she said everybody was so shock at this point

“Mom got u that and she got me a fucken car that’s not fair” Cheli said

“Well I been telling her since I was 15 I wanted a motorcycle and you just said you wanted a car so that’s your fault” She said and I hugged her

“Just promise me you will be save” I whispered in her ear

“I promise” she said giggling

“Oh girls Louis has a surprise for you” Niall said finally

“Really babe what is it” Sammie asked Niall

“There tickets to our concert” I said pulling them out

“Really omg we are so going” Joanna said

“When is it” Breanna said

“This Sunday at 7:30” Zayn said

“Babe I need to talk to you outside” Jackie said pulling my hand

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