the pink balloons

i met him when i was five ever since we are best friends but now we are 18 and hoplessly in love with each other we live together in london and we are also dating i have a secret but im scared to tell him. what happens when she tell him will he freak or will he stay find out in the pink ballons.


1. the secret???

hi<my nameis faith i am 18 i live with my amazing boyfriend/best friend and we have been dating fo an amazing 4 years we started dting when we were 14 and now here weare our parents thought we would never make it but we made it. and now i have this secret that micheal my boyfriend doesnt know im.......... pregnant i dont know how to tell him though so im really nervous."hi micheal. umm can i talk to you...its important" "sure honey" "i think you should sit down for this" "ok whats going on did anyone die" "no everyones fine.... but...... micheal im...... pregnant" "what?" "im pregnant" than micheal just sat there mouth open eyes wide and shocked."micheal hello" "how could you be pregnant?" " i dont know" "and i have an idea in store for the gender how about you find out what it is and meet me in the park and give me blue or pink balloons so we both know" " ok" " see you later honey" then i gave him a kiss on the cheek and left.



                                                                                                  MICHEALS P.O.V


" micheal im pregnant" she said and all i can do was just stare i was scared im 18 and going to be a father whatdo i do and the only words that slipped out of my mouth is "what?" "im pregnant" "ok i have an idea for finding out the gender of the baby how about you find out and meet me in the park carrying either blues or pink balloons and thats how we will find out the gender" " ok bye honey love you" and thats when i had the idea to.......

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