the pink balloons

i met him when i was five ever since we are best friends but now we are 18 and hoplessly in love with each other we live together in london and we are also dating i have a secret but im scared to tell him. what happens when she tell him will he freak or will he stay find out in the pink ballons.


2. the balloons.

when i got to the hospital with faithi asked if i can find out the gender and told her why just me. when i got to the balloons i got.........balloons and i also gotsomething else and when i got to the park i saw faith nd she was just sittingon the water fountain doing her nails which always made me laugh because she loves her nails. when i went up to her she gasped when i sa next to her because i had pink balloons which meant we were haveing a girl which got us exited because she always told me she wanted a girls so that she cna do her hair and put beutiful dresses on her for me i wanted a boy because we could play catch and stuff but a girl will be fine but i will have to keep all the boys away from her haha and then i did it i proposed to her "umm faith i love you and will always i want this baby to have the best parents ever so will you marry me" she had tears in her eyes and she was shocked that all she could do is nod her head back and forth she got up and she jumped on me and i cauht her she hugged me hard and kissed my cheek so many times. the only part tat will be hard is telling her parents and mine


                                                                                          *faiths parents house*


*knock knock knock*  then her dad finally answered "daddy" she said "mom" "faith" they both said and gave her a huge hug " hi micheal come on in" "mom dad we have something to tell you" "im....pregnant and.....engaged" " what?" they both yelled in shock " yeah im having a girl" "why arent you happy for us" " because your to young your 18 years old" "so im old enough to make my own decisions" "so were still your parents" "not lately you dont evan heve the decincy to call your own daughter and now your telling me that i cant marry the only person who loves me and that i love yeah i said it I LOVE MICHEAL!" " ok lets go tell you parents"



                                                                                           *MICHEALS PARENTS HOUSE*


*knock knock knock* "mom dad" micheal said "micheal" "mom dad we have something to tell you" "well first off faith is pregnat with my baby girl and we are engaged "oh micheal honey congratulations" "thanks mrs.brighton im glad at least someone is happy for us"

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