the pink balloons

i met him when i was five ever since we are best friends but now we are 18 and hoplessly in love with each other we live together in london and we are also dating i have a secret but im scared to tell him. what happens when she tell him will he freak or will he stay find out in the pink ballons.


3. 9 months later

we are rushing to the hospital beause im going to have a baby.


                                                                                     *12 hours and alot of screaming later*



 "twins micheal did you read it right or-" hecut me off "at least you have a girl and i have a boy right and sometimes one is hiding behind the other so you cant tell that they are twins" "and dont ask where i learned that lets just say my dad wanted me to be a doctor like him" "mom dad what are you guys doing here?" "we wanted to see our new grand daughter" " and grandson" micheal said " but didnt it say only one baby" "yeah"







                                                                                                THE END

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