Dirty Little Secret - A Niall Horan Story

Everybody has a dirty little secret. Want to know what mine is? My dirty little secret is that.. Well, I am someone elses dirty little secret. Niall Horan's dirty secret that is. A secret he isn't so keen on letting the whole wide world know about. But as everyone may know, is that the thing about secrets is that they often don't stay hidden for long...


9. 'She's no one alright? I don't want to talk about it!'

Directly as I open my eyes it hits me, I slept with him again last night. Oh shit, it wasn’t going to be awkward, we had done it many times but well.. It would be easier if we had talked things through, established what the hell was going on and well.. What we were supposed to be for each other? And thanks to me kissing him last night, the talk today was going to be weird.

I sighed and turned around in bed to face him, just to realize that the spot next to me in my bed was empty and cold. No Nialler to be seen anywhere. I held my breath and listened for signs that he was roaming around in the kitchen, watching television in the living room, heck even being  in the bathroom taking a shower. But no, not a single sound was heard from the apartment, if you don’t count the kitchen clock ticking away.


I got up and walked over to my desk where my robe was laying over my desk chair, and a note on the middle of the desk grabbed my attention. I didn’t write notes so it definitely belonged to Niall, I skimmed through the note and when I finished I let out a big snort.

‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’

I groaned and rolled my eyes. He said he was sorry for sneaking out but he was supposed to be at some meeting this morning and after that it would be interviews, and that was the reason he couldn’t stay. He also informed me that he didn’t want to wake me because I was so cute sleeping, and also that he would call me later and that we would talk things through. And he ended it all with telling me that he already missed me and several kisses and hugs.

I put on my robe and tied the belt around my waist while I trudged out to the living room, when suddenly my front door flew open and in came a fretful Ed. He slammed the door behind him, tore off his shoes and jacket and threw them on the floor and barged in towards me and threw a magazine in my arms.

‘What the hell is this?’

He glowered at me. And I took up the magazine and gulped when I saw what he was talking about. On the front page of the magazine was a dark, murky picture of me being pushed against the door to my apartment building by Niall, making out. I opened the magazine and skimmed through it until I found the article.

‘One Direction’s Niall Horan has been seen out and about for several months now, and yesterday we caught him red-handed putting his hands on what seems to be a female cookie jar.’ I couldn’t help but chuckle at that one, great journalism, really. I read through the article and well, it was filled with mystery woman, Niall not being as innocent as he was being portrayed to be and yada yada yada.

‘Be glad that they didn’t realize who you were, it won’t be long until they do though, not many kissable people in Mr. Big’s age lives around here.’

‘This isn’t such a big deal, you know. So what if he was caught kissing a mysterious woman? It’s not like the end of the world you know. Besides, one magazine? It’s nothing.’

I shrugged the whole thing off and threw down the newspaper at my sofa table and slumped down into an armchair. Ed started laughing hysterically and sat down beside me and I gave him a strange look.

‘It’s just not that one magazine. It’s in all of them, Alex. All over the internet, and all over Twitter as well. If you look it up ‘Nialler’s Mystery Woman’ has been trending all morning!’

He exclaimed and I gulped. Oh oh, it was worse than I thought it was. I didn’t really know if I should be freaking out about this or if I should just relax and let it be. It’s not like I would run out to the world and scream ‘It’s me, it’s me.’ And it wasn’t like anybody I knew that would tell them it was me, I felt kind of safe.

‘Maybe this forces him to actually say something about the whole ordeal? Maybe I don’t have to be some sort of secret to the world anymore?’

I questioned hopefully as I looked over to Ed. He sighed and shook his head, and gave me a sad look.

‘I don’t want to see you get hurt, you are my best friend. I thought you and him could solve everything and straighten this out before anything got out of hand, this is out of hand!’

He pointed towards the magazine, and I gave him a nod.

‘I.. I don’t know what to say, I guess I need to.. Chill out and think about it?’

I sort of asked and he nodded and gave me a side hug, reassuring me that he would be there for my through it all. Then it hit me, in Niall’s note he said that he was doing some interviews today, and well, with this out in the open maybe they were going to ask question about this?

‘He has interviews today, what if they ask him something about it?’

My face paled as I thought of everything that he could say, and not say for that matter. Ed grabbed the TV remote and skimmed through my channels, finding nothing. He skimmed through them a couple of times until I yelled stop. There they were, sitting in a couch in some talk show.

They got questioned about their new album that was about to drop soon, talking about working with different people, being on tour and things like that. And then it came, the question I had been dreaded.

‘So boys, I bet all the ladies out there want to know what your relationship status is.’

‘Zayn has a girlfriend, and so do I.’

Louis pointed over to Zayn and gave the audience a small smile when they booed a bit.

‘That means that you boys are single yes?’

She pointed towards the others and they nodded with big smiles.

‘But Niall, I guess you all have seen the pictures of you and the mystery woman circling around right now, care to comment on that?’

All of the guys in the group were staring at Niall, waiting for him to say anything. My mouth was slightly agape and I sucked in a breath, just waiting for his answer.

‘No comment.’

He sternly said and the audience let out a boo. The host of the show tried to force a smile and she wouldn’t just take that as an answer.

‘Come on, everyone is dying to know about this mystery woman. It sure doesn’t look like you are single on this picture.’

Niall just shook his head, and the guys started to nudge him motioning for him to say something. The host lady cleared her throat and talked about the topic that was trending on Twitter, how everyone was looking for his mystery girl.

‘She’s no one alright? I don’t want to talk about it!’

Niall called out and everyone went quiet. The host forced a smile and changed the subject and started talking about Harry and his charming ways.

I closed my mouth, slowly got up from the couch and started to walk towards the bedroom. Ed got up after me trying to reason with me, saying that he didn’t mean what he said, that he was just under pressure, how hard it was being interviewed. He had all sorts of excuses for Niall, but deep down he knew that whatever he said wouldn’t help me get rid of this feeling inside.

I was utterly crushed. I crept under my cover, wrapped my arms around my pillow and hid my face in it. Tears were now freely running down my cheeks, staining the pillow as I sobbed. Ed got down beside me and tried comforting me by awkwardly patting my back. He didn’t know what to do in this situation and neither did I. His words echoed in my head ‘She’s no one.’  Hearing his perfect voice, with that perfect accent, seeing his perfect face uttering such words, it hurt so badly.

My phone started ringing, and it stopped. And it started again, and stopped. I got one text; I got two texts, then three, four, five. After the tenth call the phone suddenly stopped ringing and Ed was wondering if there was anything he could do. I turned towards him and looked him in the eye and whispered

‘Let’s drink.’

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