Dirty Little Secret - A Niall Horan Story

Everybody has a dirty little secret. Want to know what mine is? My dirty little secret is that.. Well, I am someone elses dirty little secret. Niall Horan's dirty secret that is. A secret he isn't so keen on letting the whole wide world know about. But as everyone may know, is that the thing about secrets is that they often don't stay hidden for long...


4. 'No time for backing up, don't look behind you.'

‘Stop tugging at the hem of your dress, it’s not going to get any longer.’

Ed rolled his eyes and looked at me with his arms crossed.

‘At least a girl can hope. I can’t look like this..’

I stared at myself in the mirror. Today was Saturday, also known as the day that I would follow Ed to the party he and Niall’s band One Direction was attending. All I knew was that it was going to be people, paparazzi, celebrities and alcohol there.

And that was the reason I now was standing in front of my mirror, tugging at the hem of my dress. Ed had heard the whole story about the other day and had forced me into a little black dress, classical huh? It was short and tight fitted, did I mention short? It was short, really short.

‘It barely even covers my ass!’

I yelped while glaring at Ed in the mirror, still trying to get the dress to be longer than it actually was.

‘Stop being such a child, it covers your ass perfectly. He’s gonna stare at it aaaaaaall night long, you know how his fond of..’

He started and then slapped my behind. I groaned and rolled my eyes, one thing I knew for sure was Niall’s love for behinds. The one thing he first looked at a girl was of course the butt, typically for guys, either boobs or butts. If someone of the male sex tells you that the first thing he looks at is the eyes, then you are in for a bad time because that’s bullshit.

‘Urgh. You are..’

I hissed at him and turned towards the mirror again. Dress, check – The little black number I just described. Make up, check - My grey eyes were popping out thanks to some dark eyeliner and some mascara, I didn’t know much about makeup so that was the only thing I had on. And last but not least, hair, check - It was coming down my shoulders loosely in curls, its dark blonde color not sticking out very much.

‘You look great; he’s going to go bonkers. Now hurry up, we don’t want to be later then we already are.’

He gave me a huge smile, grabbed my arm and started leading me towards the hall. I took a last glance at the mirror thinking that it either was now or it would probably be never.



Ed’s arm was wrapped tightly around me as we squeezed us out from a taxi outside of the event. Surrounding us and the door in front of us was several paparazzi with their camera flashing all over the place.


They started calling out different questions towards me and Ed, but Ed just smiled and shook his head at me and whispered,

‘Just ignore them, they would go bananas if they knew what you’ve been doing with Mr. Big.’

He winked and I punched his stomach lightly and glared at him. The paparazzi’s saw this and took it as a sign of love and started calling us love birds and what not. I just sighed and continued to press forward in the small crowd.

Well inside it wasn’t as packed as I thought that it would be, it was too tasteful to be a party and to stiff to be an event. He started to introduce me to some people, to be honest I didn’t have a clue who they were or what they said. I didn’t even have a clue what I answered them, my tactic was just being polite while nodding and smiling a lot. At the same time I was nervously looking around for Niall; I was starting to regret that I had showed up.

‘No time for backing up, don’t look behind you.’

Ed whispered and I froze. Of course I ignored the ‘don’t look behind you’ thing as I casually threw a discreet glance over my shoulder, when I saw five boys starting to walk up to us I stiffened. And there he was, my own Mr. Big.

‘Well ahoy matey.’

His accent was thick and he placed his arms around Ed in a huge bear hug. The other boys, the rest of the One Direction joined in. A lot of ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’s where exchange until all focus now was on me. I was actually glad that Niall had showed me pictures of them and told me a little about them; it didn’t make me feel as lost as I would’ve.

I heard him gasp when I looked up and met his eyes. They were wide from shock and he started mouthing something but he got pushed away by Harry, the curly haired one with a playful smile.

‘Well hello there beautiful.’

He gave me a huge smile and his green eyes were glistening, I could absolutely see why this boy was the so called ‘heart throb’ of the bunch. He took my hand gently and placed it towards his mouth and kissed it gently.

‘Oh come on Styles, leave her be. Hello gorgeous.’

Zayn, with his brown eyes and perfectly styled black hair gave me a mesmerizing smile and pulled my hand out of Harry’s grip. I guessed that Zayn with his obsession with looks and Harry the heart throb stood for the most of the self confidence in this little ensemble.

‘Boys boys, calm down your testosterone level.’

Louis squeezed himself in between the two boys and put his arms around them. Blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, quite normal from where I’m from, practically everyone has it. But the thing with Louis was the way he dressed, preppy and colorful was the only way to describe it.

‘Yeah, leave the girl be, guys.’

Liam chuckled; his eyes were a lighter shade of brown and were donning the dirty blonde hair. What was the most standing out thing about Liam was that he seemed to be the most.. Down to earth, thoughtful guy, taking care of the gang. He then started to introduced them all to me.

‘I’m Liam, and these womanizers are Harry, and Zayn. And Louis, in the middle keeping them in check.’

He pointed towards himself, then going the gang around and lastly he grabbed Niall’s arm and pulled him towards me. Our eyes met for a second and I could see the question in his eyes, why the hell was I even doing here?

‘And this cutie here is Niall, he’s a bit of the shy type.’

He nudged Niall towards me and he almost stumbled towards me, but he managed to straighten up and took a step backwards, breaking eye contact with me and looking down towards the ground.

‘Hello boys, and hello Niall.’

I gave them all a small nod and gave Niall a cheeky smile. He was still standing there, looking as confused as ever. This was Ed’s turn to make his move. He came up from behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I turned towards Ed and gave him a bright smile and ignored Niall who was tensing up quite a bit.

‘Well guys, this is my Alex I’ve been talking quite a lot about.’

A lot of ‘Ooh’s were heard from the boys, but Niall was just standing there quiet not saying a word. Just staring.

‘So you are the one we have been hearing so much about?’

Liam said with a goofy smile and then he elbowed me playfully in the side.

‘Only good things I hope.’

I raised an eyebrow and poked Ed in the stomach.

‘He forgot to mention how hot you were.’

Harry bluntly remarked and earned himself a shove and a glare from Niall.

‘And he forgot to mention that you were a girl.’

Zayn interjected, while giving me a full blown out movie star smile.

‘Oh cut it out.’

Niall growled and he was giving Harry the evil eye. He then gave me a quick glance and abruptly turned around and walked out of the room towards what I guessing was some sort of hallway.

‘What was up..’

Zayn started.

‘..with him?’

Louis finished.

‘Oh, I have that effect on people.’

I winked and then I glanced over at Ed and nudged him carefully and after a while of silence he got the hint.

‘So, boys, why don’t we go over here and discuss… Eh, I’ve been writing a few songs.’

He started and the boys nodded and they all turned away about to sit down by the couches. I stayed behind and was just about to follow Niall when Harry turned around and stretched out a hand towards me.

‘Are you coming?’

I shook my head and his hand fell and he looked stunned.

‘I’ll just go powder my nose.’

I said quickly and backed out and quickly walked the direction Niall had been going.

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