Dirty Little Secret - A Niall Horan Story

Everybody has a dirty little secret. Want to know what mine is? My dirty little secret is that.. Well, I am someone elses dirty little secret. Niall Horan's dirty secret that is. A secret he isn't so keen on letting the whole wide world know about. But as everyone may know, is that the thing about secrets is that they often don't stay hidden for long...


12. 'It feels good being famous huh?'

‘Having fun in America?’

I was sitting in the sofa with my laptop in my lap, smiling down at the screen. 17” of Niall was spread across the screen and he looked tired, he had all right to be as it was in the middle of the night where he was.

‘It would be better if you were here. I’m glad you finally got rid of that cast of yours.’

‘Yeah, so am I.’

I waved my hand, which now didn’t have a huge cast wrapped around it. 

Niall suppressed a yawn and then tried to wipe away the sleepiness in his eyes, it was a nice try but it failed miserably. I sighed and tilted my head and gave him a small smile.

‘Go to bed dear, we can talk another time. You need your sleep if you are going to run around like the maniac you are tomorrow.’

‘You sound like my ma.’

I stifled a laugh and just shook my head at him.

‘Now shoo, go to bed. I miss you.’

‘I miss you too.’

I looked at his sleepy face once more before I ended the call. It had been this way for a couple of weeks now, their second album had just been released awhile back and they had been flying around promoting it like crazy. At the moment they were in America, performing all over the country for a couple of months.

We took turns to be awake in the middle of the night so that we had time to talk to each other. I could squeeze all the time he needed at any given time of the day, but his schedule wasn’t as flexible as mine.

Ed had been a major help when it came to helping me deal with the longing for Mr. Big. He was also away a lot performing but he was mostly in the country or the ones surrounding it so he wasn’t that far away, so we could still meet up from time to time.

Amelia and George were also two people who helped me through the whole ordeal, but they were more the partying type of people. I felt old as a.. I just felt old when I was with them, even though we were around the same age it just felt like I was their mother. Keeping tabs on them so they didn’t drink too much nor did anything stupid.

‘Well hello.’

My thoughts were interrupted by a cheery voice. I looked down at the screen and Ed’s face popped up.

‘Remind me to change the settings; this ‘auto accept call’ function is freaking me the hell out.’

‘Awe, you know you love me.’

Ed gushed and I just rolled my eyes and shook my head.

‘I have a surprise for you.’

He looked genuinely excited and I just groaned. Generally I actually liked surprises but there was something with Ed’s surprises that made me want to run and hide. His idea of a fun surprise once was to throw a huge spider inside of my shirt and watch me squirm while I tried to rip my shirt off. He just laughed and said that there was no need to undress because he wasn’t interested in me in that way, ha-ha very funny.

‘I’m taking you with me to Germany for my shows there. And we are leaving in a few hours so it’s packing time.’

My mouth turned into an O and I just stared as his happy face. I started to shake my head; there was no way I was going to Germany with him. It just sounded too good to be true.

‘I’m not kidding, dear. I just thought it would cheer you up, seeing me in action.’

‘If there was an award for the best friend in the world, you would certainly win it. I’m going to start packing right away.’

I placed down the computer beside me and jumped up and ran over to my bedroom. I rummaged around for a while until I found my bag and threw it onto the bed and it flew open when it landed on the bed. I wasn’t very good at packing so I just threw random stuff into it, I stuck my head out through the doorway when I heard Ed calling for me.

‘You are too cute. I’ll pick you up at 12, see you later bestie.’


‘Wow, this is awesome.’

The being with a pop star 24/7 deal was really astounding if you ask me. When we got out of the airplane we were greeted by hundreds of fans. Since they now knew who I was, there was no idea to run or hide, I simply walked out with Ed with my head held high behind my white wayfarers with a tight smile on my lips.

‘Just smile and wave, smile and way.’

Ed repeated and I couldn’t help but smile, so I did what I was told and smiled and waved. Ed stopped to write some autographs and I just stood awkwardly behind him, not knowing really what to do at all.

‘Alexandra, over here!’

I turned around and looked around for the source of the words and I quickly scanned through the crowd and saw a young girl waving at me. I walked over to her and took of my sunglasses and smiled towards her.

‘You called my lady?’

I did a little bow and the girls around me started giggling. The girl looked nervous when she brought out a copy of Ed’s + cd and reached it towards me with a pen.

‘Can you please sign this?’

I was stunned; one of Ed’s fan was asking me for an autograph. A nobody like me, the only thing I was remotely good at was making friends with famous guys, that talent I had in the bag.

‘Of course.’

She beamed at me happily as I took the cd out of her hand and signed the front of it. I returned it to her and she sighed happily and now the girls around her also started holding out their records and posters for me to sign, I happily obliged until Ed came and nudged that it was time to go.

‘Thanks Alexandra, you’re the best. And you and Ed look really cute together!’

The girl called after us and I couldn’t help but to laugh as I crept the sunglasses onto my nose. Ed and I jumped into a limousine, how cool isn’t that? And Ed turned towards me with a smug look.

‘It feels good being famous huh?’

He winked at me and nudged my side with his elbow; I just waved him off and tried to stifle a laugh.

‘I’m just the tagalong, and I’m satisfied with that.’

I leaned back into the seat and looked out of the window watching the city fly by. I grabbed my phone from the pocket of my jeans and saw that I had several mentions on Twitter. It was from the girls and they had tweeted how nice I was and pretty. I decided to follow them and replied thanking them and wishing them a good day.

I debated on whether I should text Niall or not, but I decided against it since we actually had talked not so long ago. Besides, he was probably busy doing interviews and charming his way around the States, something I’m quite sure that he was capable off. I put down the phone on the seat beside me and stared once more out through the window. This was going to be an exciting journey to say the least.

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