Dirty Little Secret - A Niall Horan Story

Everybody has a dirty little secret. Want to know what mine is? My dirty little secret is that.. Well, I am someone elses dirty little secret. Niall Horan's dirty secret that is. A secret he isn't so keen on letting the whole wide world know about. But as everyone may know, is that the thing about secrets is that they often don't stay hidden for long...


17. 'I'm so sorry; I didn't mean it that way.'

I’m sure Madison Square Garden is beautiful this time of year, but how would I know? I was still cooped out in the hotel room, all alone. It’s really great to have a famous boyfriend sometimes; you get invited to all the events and concerts. Hence the sarcasm, since I was still sitting here alone at this bloody hotel room. I was starting to think that God maybe punished me for being an atheist.

‘Where are you?’

A text from Ed popped up, and I sighed and replied him.

‘Still at the hotel room, someone didn’t get an invite..’

Didn’t take a lot of time before I had a reply from Ed.

‘You have one now. I’ll get someone to pick you up, I’ve got an surprise for you.’

I didn’t even know what to reply, I actually thought for a moment that I was going to thank God for having such a wonderful friend, but I just gave the man up there a nod as a thank you and started to get ready. This was not just One Direction’s big moment, but also Ed’s since it not’s everyday someone perform at such an huge venue.

One tight black dress later and some time wasted putting on makeup I for the first time in what felt like years tried to sneak my feet into heels. I wobbled around the room for a few minutes until I decided that tonight wasn’t the night to start wearing heels. But before I could take them off there was a knock on the door, I groaned and wobbled over and opened it.


A colorful Amelia threw herself at me and wrapped her arms around me in a huge mama bear hug. I was stunned, what was Amelia doing here in New York? And why hadn’t she called and told me earlier?  Being alone at this hotel room sucked a lot!

‘What are you doing here?’

I panted out, she was hugging me to tight I was sure my face was starting to turn blue from suffocation.

‘Ed invited me, and since Mr. Big decided to be a diva and didn’t invite you.. I’m here to take the lady to our seats!’

She rolled her eyes at the diva part but her face soon lit up in a smile. Wow, this was really happening, I was going to see my best friend and boyfriend perform at Madison Square Garden.

‘Let me just change shoes and then we can roll.’

I sat down and was about to take of my heels when Amelia shook her head and dragged me out of the hotel room.

‘Not on my watch!’


‘Ed is so wonderful and talented and..’

Amelia was raving on and on about how talented Ed was, from the first song he performed to the last one and my ears were starting to grow tired. We were halfway into One Direction’s performance and I was beaming proudly looking at Niall the whole time, in between Amelia’s rant of course.

‘Someone has a crush.’

Was all I stated after a while and since I knew Amelia that well I knew that just a simple comment like that would make her shut up for quite some time. I snickered when I saw that her mouth was closed and her lips were in a tight line, she was also glaring at me.

‘At least I’m not ashamed over it, like your boyfriend is about you.’

My eyes widened when I heard the words that she spat out of that tiny little mouth of hers. Apparently that was a touchy touchy subject and she had decided to get even in a not so pretty way. My snicker faded and I turned towards the stage and looked at Niall. He looked genuinely happy, jumping around singing, dancing, playing that guitar of his. I didn’t fit into the picture, not at all.

‘I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean it that way.’

Amelia started but I just shook my head and got up from my seat and started walking out of here. I wanted to be anywhere but here. How could I’ve been so stupid? He never wanted us to be public, and he denied everything after the picture leak. I didn’t even get an invite to New York until I confronted him, heck I didn’t even get an invite to the biggest event in his career.

I was standing in the sidewalk waving my arm for a taxi when Amelia grabbed my arm, she was panting from running after me. In my gloomy state I apparently had walked very fast out of that place.

‘I’m really sorry Alex, but admit it; you can’t help but to think it as well.’

She looked at me with sad eyes and I mustered up a smile on my way, but a fake one.

‘It doesn’t matter, I like him and if this is the way it’s going to be I’ll just have to accept it.’

The trademark yellow cab of New York stopped in front of me and I opened the door and jumped in, Amelia followed suit and closed the door behind her. I said the address to the chauffeur and he started driving. At first we were silent riding back in the car, but then I met Amelia’s eyes and I knew she wanted to say something; I gave her a nod signaling that it was okay to talk.

‘I know you like him and that when it’s just the two of you are together everything is perfect. But wake up and look around, you can’t be alone forever. This is life we are talking about, he’s a pop star and you are just an ordinary girl. If he can’t be proud of you and fit you into his busy life, then what’s even the meaning for the two of you to be together?’

I looked down at my hands that were now shaking, but she grabbed my chin and made me look into her eyes as she continued.

‘Where do you think this relationship is going to evolve into? Engagement, maybe children? I would be surprised if you would be invited to your own engagement party since he won’t even let you out in the open. Come on, Harry even went public with Taylor how big of a deal isn’t that?’

Her words hit me hard, and I started having trouble to breath. She was right, this relationship wasn’t going anywhere and deep down inside I knew it. Heck, Ed even treated me more like a girlfriend then Niall did.

‘When I get home, and all this is over, I will talk to him, I just need some time to figure things out.’

I mumbled and she nodded and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, I leaned in and took a deep breath.

‘Everything is going to be alright, I’m here for you and so is Ed, you are going to make it out alive even though it’s going to hurt.’

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