Dirty Little Secret - A Niall Horan Story

Everybody has a dirty little secret. Want to know what mine is? My dirty little secret is that.. Well, I am someone elses dirty little secret. Niall Horan's dirty secret that is. A secret he isn't so keen on letting the whole wide world know about. But as everyone may know, is that the thing about secrets is that they often don't stay hidden for long...


10. 'I guess the cat is out of the bag now!'

Amelia, George, Ed and I were sitting in my living room drinking our sorrows away. Or to be more exact, we were drinking my sorrows away.

‘He’s such a douchebag; I don’t understand why you even put up with him!’

Amelia exclaimed and downed her shot, her face scrunched up and she threw her glass over towards Ed, motioning that it was his turn to drink. Ed caught it perfectly and poured himself a shot and downed it.

‘He’s so going to hell for this!’

He said drunkenly and the glass continued its journey, and its stop now was in George hands. He looked down at the glass and then over towards me and I nodded towards him, giving him the thumbs up. He poured himself a shot, downed it and threw the glass into my lap.

‘Actually, I think you should forgive him. Everybody makes mistake, and you could tell that the dude was being pressured!’

We all stared at George and he shrugged.

‘What? You all said your opinion, I just said mine!’

He exclaimed and I downed a shot and just sat there with the glass in my hand. They all looked over towards me, like I was the one who were supposed to decide which of them was right. I copied George’s move from early and simply shrugged and started sipping on a cider.

Ed pulled up his phone and started texting away, while Amelia and George started a heated discussion on whose opinion on Niall was the correct one. Since I didn’t feel the need to jump in between them I sat down next to Ed, overlooking his phone.

‘You and that damn Twitter.’

I shook my head and laughed, Ed was a maniac when it came to Twitter. Just like Niall, but well, Niall was much worse than Ed. He then grabbed my phone that was lying in front of him on the table and started fidgeting with it. I tried to grab it from him with no luck and he was just sitting there laughing to himself.

‘I just got you a Twitter.’

He threw the phone towards me and then he snapped a picture with his own, capturing my shocked face and he missed the moment after, when my phone hit me right in the face.


‘I’m so sorry, I really am.’

Ed begged while Amelia and I were glaring at him. I was standing with an icepack pressed to my nose, which was quite swollen after my phone had mauled it. Amelia started reprimanding Ed on safety and why phones were such an awful weapon and that the world someday would end because of them.

‘Not to interrupt or something, but Alex, your phone is vibrating like crazy in here!’

George called from the living room, and I sighed and walked over to him, placing myself down in the sofa. I found my phone under a small pillow in the sofa and I gasped when I unlocked it.

‘Edward Christopher Sheeran, I’m going to kill you!’

‘I can’t believe this! You were raving on and on about that you didn’t want me to be famous and that I had to stay indoors and all that crap. Then you make me a Twitter, no problem with that, I love things like that. But where the fuck do you get the idea to post a picture of me on your Twitter tagging me? Have you even seen the trends? ‘Nialler’s Mysterious Girl Found’ and ‘Ed Sheeran Niall Horan Love Triangle’ is just a few of them!’

I was walking very fast across the living room, Ed looking stunned and George and Amelia were just laughing to themselves.

‘I almost got more followers then you now!’

I continued and after my 742th circle around the couch I slumped down in an armchair and closed my eyes. I was trying to breathe without spewing venomous words all over the room. My phone started to ring and without even opening my eyes I answered it.


‘I guess the cat is out of the bag now!’

Harry did the most unattractive giggle a guy could ever do, and I snorted. Before I could continue the conversation someone took the phone out of my grip and my eyes flew open and I saw that Ed was the one who had stolen it.

‘How did he react?’

Ed walked away with the phone and I turned my attention to the tequila bottle that was staring at me. I grabbed it and took a swig out of it and passed it over to Amelia who was motioning for it.

‘Well, this has been an awesome evening, but I really got to get home.’

Amelia put the bottle down and started walking over towards the door, grabbing her jacket and shoes. She looked over to George with a questioning look but before she could say anything Ed stormed into the room and threw his phone in my hands.

‘I’ll escort you out, my lady.’

He threw on his shoes and jacket and held out his arm for Amelia to take it and she bowed and giggled.

‘Oh my, you are such a gentleman, sir.’

They walked out arm in arm and Amelia was almost drooling over Ed. One thing she was very obsessed with was old school romance novels, so when somebody reenacts something out of it, she would go completely bonkers. They closed the door behind them with a bang and now it was just me and George standing kind of awkwardly in the hall.

‘Sorry about this evening. I would say that we aren’t as crazy as we seem, but that would be a major case of lying.’

I explained while trying to scratch beneath the cast on my hand, and also trying to come up with some explanation why we actually were so crazy. But George just laughed and shook his head, putting his hand on my shoulder.

‘You don’t have to worry; I had plenty of fun tonight. Now I know not one, but two celebrities!’

He winked at me and I punched him lightly on the shoulder while giving him a huge smile.

‘Thanks for tonight, sleep well.’

He engulfed me in a big hug and that was when the door flew open, our heads turned towards it and in the doorway was Niall standing, with a bouquet of flowers. His smile faded when he saw that I had another guy’s arms wrapped around me and his eyes went over towards George, and boy, he didn’t look happy.

‘I think I’m going to go now.’

George quickly let go of me when he realized what was going on, gave Niall a little wave and squeezed himself out through the door. Well outside of the apartment he turned to Niall before walking down the stairs.

‘It’s not the way it looks bro, hear her out before you do anything irrational.’

I reminded myself that I had to thank him for that later, because Niall nodded and walked into the apartment closing the door behind him.

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