Dirty Little Secret - A Niall Horan Story

Everybody has a dirty little secret. Want to know what mine is? My dirty little secret is that.. Well, I am someone elses dirty little secret. Niall Horan's dirty secret that is. A secret he isn't so keen on letting the whole wide world know about. But as everyone may know, is that the thing about secrets is that they often don't stay hidden for long...


1. 'Crazy lady as always.'

’I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of what I saw. I'm scared of what I did, of who I am.... And most of all, I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you.’

I mouthed while I stared at the screen. I didn’t even have a clue why I was watching Dirty Dancing, since I wasn’t really a huge fan of it. Or any romantic film at all for that matter. But every girl has her weak moment right?

‘I wanna be drunk when I wake up..’

My phone started ringing and I almost jumped up and ran over to the kitchen table where my phone was placed. Hence the word ‘almost’. I took a deep breath, turned off the TV and repeated to myself ‘Keep calm, and don’t stub your toe into the kitchen table’ while walking over to it.


I casually answered, sounding quite cool and collected if I may say so myself. But on the inside of course, it almost felt as a bomb had exploded and killed off all the butterflies.

‘Hiya love.’

A small smile crept onto my lips as I heard his deep accent; I sunk down on a kitchen chair and sighed happily. Finally, the moment I had been waiting for had finally arrived.

‘Oh hiya.’

‘Well hello.’

He repeated and chuckled. It was the most adoring sound I had heard for a while now, and the smile on my lips wouldn’t seem to face away.

‘Stop mocking me, can’t a girl be a little stunned you know? Haven’t heard from you in a while now.’

I replied and did my signature eye roll, something I was quite famous for actually.

‘Stop rolling your eyes missy, and sorry about that, I’ve been busy. And to be fair, you haven’t called or texted me either.’

‘I’ve been busy too, being awesome and things like that!’

I huffed and all I got was laughter in reply. At least I could appear as if I hadn’t been sitting around waiting for his call, which I hadn’t, because I’m not that kind of girl.

‘Ey dude, who are you talking to?’

I heard a male voice from the background. Oh shit, that is what I call being busted. Big time busted.

‘Eh.. Mom? She’s just wanted to talk about the laundry. Yeah. Laundry. ’

He nervously said and I groaned. Was that really the best excuse he could come up with? Almost 12 at night, he’s talking with his mother, about laundry? Way to go! Not even the dumbest idiot in the world would buy that one.

‘I gotta go mom, talk to you later. And don’t worry; I can fix the drycleaner when I get back home. Bye!’

He swiftly added and hung up. I sighed and put the phone back to the table, so much for that conversation. Deciding not to be bothered by it at all, I texted a good friend of mine, Ed.

‘Hiya dude. I know it’s late for u, not me though, because I’m an awesome night person, wanna come over? Watching dirtyyy dancing ;)’

Before I even had the time to put down the phone I got an answer. Wow, that was quick even for me, and I was the master of texting quick, my fingers were like lightning.

‘I hate u, coming right over, x’

I walked over to the couch, jumped down and cuddled down with a blanket and putting the TV on once more. Awhile later a heard the door open and I stuck my head up and looked over.

‘You seriously need to start locking the door Alex, what if someone come in and..’

He started while he flopped of his shoes.

‘If they wanted to break in, they would just bust the door down, this way I actually save money.’

I interrupted and flashed him a smile.

‘How so?’

He slumped down beside me on the couch and grabbed the other end of the blanket.

‘Well, if the steal everything I own, I can’t afford a new door, now can I?’

I winked at him and he started laughing at me.

‘Crazy lady as always.’

He muttered and winked back.

‘I’m guessing by the way that your Mr. Big called?’

He said and I tensed.

‘Stop calling him that!’

I grabbed a pillow and threw it into his face. He grabbed it and put it behind his head and smiled.

‘I think it’s fitting, and besides, it was you watching all the seasons of Sex and the City just because you missed him, so therefore I’m entitled to call him Mr. Big.’


I rolled my eyes and he placed his arm around my shoulders.

‘Well. How should I put this?’

He sighed.

‘You deserve better then be hidden away, you know that right?’

‘I kind of like being the secret.. Well. Secret whatever I am to him.’

I insisted. But to be honest, if I myself didn’t buy it, how could I convince someone else that it was true?

‘Puhlease. You don’t. And well, all I can say is that you are secret.’

I leaned my head against his shoulder and sighed.

‘It’s not like I’m in love with him or anything, it’s just a fling.’

I insisted and he shook his head and gave me a sad smile.

‘You and I are friends. He and I are friends. He doesn’t know I know you, but you know I know him.’

‘A lot of knowing in that sentence, huh?’

I interrupted and he nudged me.

‘Be quiet woman! I have a plan.’

‘And what may that be Mr. Sheeran? I love evil mastermind plans.’

I rubbed my hands together and faked an evil laughter.

‘Why don’t you tag along Saturday? You could meet the whole gang, and well.. He’s part of it, and well.. See how he reacts?’

I stiffened and he looked hopeful.

‘Awh dude, come on!’

I cried.

‘Come on. I know you want to.’

He nudged me again, and I nodded.

‘It’s a date then. Well, yeah you know what I mean. Thanks for being a good friend.’

We hugged and he jumped up.

‘Well, I’m leaving now, I knew you only needed a little pep talk and I’ve got an interview tomorrow. See you later looser.’

He put on his shoes quickly and gave a little wave and slammed the door behind him. Before I even had the time to react he opened it again and growled

‘Lock the damn door woman, I can pay for it if something happens!’

And then he slammed it again. ‘Sorry neighbors’ I thought and prayed that the elderly woman in the apartment beside me wouldn’t give me the evil eye the next morning.


‘Bang bang.’

I woke up to a banging sound. ‘What the eff.’ I groaned and got up from bed and walked over to the door. Glancing over to the clock on the kitchen wall I saw that it was 4 o’clock in the morning. Really not a good time for a visit, especially when I just had fallen asleep an half an hour ago. Not bothering looking through the peephole I opened the door and my scowl dropped from my face.

‘Hiya love.’

He was leaning against the doorway, his messy blonde hair pointing towards all directions. Blue eyes that sparkled with mischief and that smile tugging at his lips.


I whispered shock written all over my face.

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