Dirty Little Secret - A Niall Horan Story

Everybody has a dirty little secret. Want to know what mine is? My dirty little secret is that.. Well, I am someone elses dirty little secret. Niall Horan's dirty secret that is. A secret he isn't so keen on letting the whole wide world know about. But as everyone may know, is that the thing about secrets is that they often don't stay hidden for long...


19. 'And let me kiss you.'

I pressed play on the cd-player that was standing on top of the microwave and a few seconds later to my surprise One Direction’s album Take Me Home started to play. I chuckled to myself; it was a tad bit ironic that a One Direction member had their own cd in the player. Conceited much? But hey, it was Zayn we were talking about and he was a bit special to say the least.

‘Hey girl I'm waiting on you, I'm waiting on you.
C'mon and let me sneak you out and have a celebration, a celebration. 
The music up the windows down.’

Liam’s voice was heard all across the kitchen. Yep, I had kitchen duty while Zayn where off taking a shower, we decided that we should hang out more since we didn’t really know each other that well, so we had spent yesterday watching movies and quizzing each other on random things. And now I was making toast to him since he didn’t want to have any takeout I ordered.

‘Yeah, we'll be doing what we do just pretending that we're cool and we know it too. 
Yeah, we'll keep doing what we do, just pretending that we're cool, so tonight.’

It was kind of weird that I actually knew the boys who were singing, I chuckled to myself, how odd life can turn out to be sometimes. I threw on the slices of cheeses on the bread and threw them quickly into the toaster, I didn’t want to burn my precious little fingers. I belted out in song when the chorus came on, since it was the only bit in the song I actually knew.

‘Let's go crazy crazy crazy till we see the sun.
I know we only met but let's pretend it's love.
And never never never stop not for anyone.
Tonight let's get some and live while we're young’

I danced around in the kitchen like a maniac and sang so loudly that I think that the neighbours were soon going to barge in and complain about the awful noises I was making. But instead of that I felt arms wrap around me and I almost screamed when I got turned around and saw who it was.

‘Hey girl it's now or never, it's now or never.
Don't overthink, just let it go.
And if we get together, yeah get together.
Don't let the pictures leave your phone.’

Zayn sang and at the last line he gave me a playful wink. He unwrapped his arms from me and grabbed my hand and started twirling me around. I knew that Niall’s part was coming up and that part wasn’t so hard to guess since it felt like it was on repeat quite a few times in the song, so I sung it perfectly.

‘Yeah, we'll be doing what we do.
Just pretending that we're cool, so tonight’

Then the chorus came on again and we sang it together while we danced the jitterbug all through the kitchen, Zayn was actually a really good dancer and it surprised me that he knew the jitterbug. Me and my mom used to dance it a lot when I was just a tiny little girl. We danced and laughed and danced and it hurt so much fun I had.


We stopped instantly and turned toward the door. Niall was leaning towards the doorframe with his Wayfarer sunglasses on, staring intently towards us. Zayn froze up for a second and then he quickly let go off me and walked over towards the toaster and got his toast up.

‘I’m going to eat this on my way to get Perrie. See ya later mates.’

He quickly snuck past Niall and out the door leaving me standing there alone with Niall looking at me. I was wondering if this was going to turn into an argument or if he was just going to let this one slide. I guess that I got lucky this time, because he slid off his sunglasses and walked over to me and planted a big kiss on my lips.

‘God, I’ve missed you.’

He murmured with his lips hovering just mere millimeters from mine. Oh, I had missed him too, like I always did when he wasn’t standing just beside me. We just stood and held each other for a while and soon their song ‘Kiss you’ started playing.

‘It seems like we are making a habit out of this.’

He smiled at me and I gave him a questioning look. What did he mean? I guess that he could read my mind because he chuckled at me and stretched out his hand for me to take.

‘The dancing and singing together.’

I grabbed his outstretched hand and he twirled me around a few times. I started to get dizzy so I released his hand and started to dance around by myself while humming to the chorus.

‘Oh baby, baby don't you know you got what I need, looking so good from your head to your feet.’

I sang with the cd and looked at Niall from head to toe giving him the thumbs up and gave him a wink accompanied with a big smile.

‘Come on, come over here, over here, come on, come over here yeah.’

I motioned for him to get closer and he quickly obliged.

‘Oh, I just wanna show you off to all of my friends, making them drool down their chiny chin chins.’

He got up real close and personal and grabbed me in his arms and then he dipped me down so my head was almost touching the floor and then he whispered:

‘Baby be mine tonight, mine tonight, baby be mine tonight yeah.’

He planted a quick kiss on my lips and let me up again and then stood really really close to me.

‘If every time we touch, you get this kinda rush, baby say yeah yeah.’

He caressed my cheek softly, and it felt so good that it tingled all the way down my spine.

‘If you don't wanna take it slow, and you just wanna take me home, baby say yeah yeah.’

I gave him an innocent smile and our lips started to get closer and closer to each other.

‘And let me kiss you.’

He whispered and closed the gap in between us.

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