Right here all along : book 1

Becka is just a nomal teen who loves to take chances in life but would her tking one chance cause her to change her hole life.


2. stressed

When the man told me what had happened I instantly bursted into tears. The man then said that tree were three people who were killed two males and a female. I guess maybe my step dad had one of his friends had been notified. "Could you help us identify the body?" I shook my head yes and followed him into my house. First I saw blood drips from the carpet. I followed them upstairs and at the end I saw my mother laying there lifelessly. I started to cry harder. I followed the the other blood stains that were on the wall then I saw my step dad bill. He was stabbed with a knife we had. The policeman put on his gloves and picked it up.he ten put it in a plastic bag. I then walked downstairs to the bathroom there I saw Robert. He lied with his head around a rope in the toilet. This was not good. "So do you know who this man was?" The man asked "yeah he was a very close family friend. Robert Gomez." I said. " do you know anybody who is related to him." The man asked then I remembered Harry! " uh yeah do you want me to tell him to come here." "That would be nice mam" he then walked outside. I texted Harry.

Me:hey can you come over there is something I gotta tell you.?

Him: sure where do you live

Me 6900 maple road

Him: ok I will be there in like five minuets.  While I waited for Harry I decided to go to my room. I opened it and knew that the killer ha don't been in here. Carpet still perfect bed still made everything where it was when I left I soon then heard the door open. I walked in and saw Harry standing there. We said no words and he just pulled me in for a hug. "I'm so sorry" he whispered in my ear."yeah me to " I said back. "Why are you sorry?" He asked. "Harry come with me" we walked down the stairs I was still crying though but mostly worried about Harry. I walked him to the bathroom and opened the door I herd a loud thud and turned around to see Harry on the ground crying. "Where why how who?" He asked "I don't know," I said u emidiatly started crying again to my hands in my face just crying, Harry snuggled up to me and we jut stayed there. Crying. I am never gonna get past this ever.

2 months later.

I've been living alone in my apartment or about 2 months now ever since my parents got killed I have not been the same. I have not had any of my friend keep in contact ever since i tried comitting suicide in the girls bathroom they thought i was crazy and that I was out in a mental institute but that's not my case. Harry has been the only person who has kept in contact he comes over like all the time down nights he stays over since I'm a high chill drop out who hates their life I cannot do anything better Harry is spending the night again tonight and I was dozing off. Soon I feel into the deep dark hole of dream world


I was in the kitchen making dinner when all of a sudden I herd my mom scream. "Mom are you okay?!" I yelled. A few seconds later I herd bill scream "bill are you ok?!" I screamed again not reply then I Hurd a giant gasp and then a splash of water I then saw the man walking from my room and walking out the door. I couldn't see his face but he was tall and he was about 30. Then I walked up to my room and saw a note but just as I was about to reach It the man showed up and said ahahah and then I woke up.

Present time

I got up from the couch and quickly walked to the bathroom and locked the door. I grabbed a razor from under the sink and stared at the sharp blade. So pure and clean. I slowly pushed the blade in to my wrist ad started to make letters on my wrist I first wrote the letter C whaling stop for Cathy which was my moms name then I wrote the letter B which was bills initial the i wrote the letter R which was Roberts name. As I was putting the last engraving letter in my wrist I herd foot steps I struggled to clean up my mess and then I herd the dorrnob shake then I herd the lock in switch and I soon put the razor in the sink ad the blood cloth in the trash then I walked out and Harry was standing there. "You okay?" He asked I looked at him and "yeah why" I said "we'll u were I. There for about ten minutes you sure your alright? " he asked again. "Yeah I'm fine" I then walked down stairs and laid down and fell asleep. If you don't know much about me so let me tell you something. My names Becka Mildred wash and I am sixteen I live in Holmes chapel but I haven't my whole life. I moved from California to here and my parents died two months ago and I was suppose to have my grandma down and stay with me but I lied to her and said I was staying with a friend I live on my own and I am a high school drop out. The people who need to make sure I'm living with an adult they always call my grandmother. She knows I'm being taken care of so she lies for me. I was disturbed out of to tell harry.my thoughts when Harry barged down the stairs. "Becka we need to talk" he was holding something in his hand. "Ok?" I was clueless of what was going on. "Can you explain this" he said pointing the bloody towel I used a while ago. "No" Isaid. I just started to cry. I really need help right now. I think I'm going insane. Harry walked over and just held me tight he didn't say a word. "Harry I need help. I need to go to rehab." I said "if that's what it takes to make you feel better then I will help you." He said. "No I mean I am going to get better by professionals." i said sitting on the couch. "well if you really want this then ill be there to support you." he said. i wentonline and found a few places that can help me for a great price. i then called up a few and they took up my offers, i ended up shoosing one that was in the United States. i chose the one in Hawii. the only problklem was that harry would not be able to talk to me. i loose conection with all people. and i will be there for about \3 months but i just need to tell harry.

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