Right here all along : book 1

Becka is just a nomal teen who loves to take chances in life but would her tking one chance cause her to change her hole life.


3. leaving

It was the day before  i left for hawii and i wanted to  spend as much time as posible with harry before i left. he wont be seeing me for over 3 months and it will hurt me so much. i am going to write him letters. that way he can read about me. i wrote all the letters and i wil give them to him before i leave. as a present. i walked down stairs and looked to see harry in the kitchen. "hey" i said as i grabbed a plate and had some pancakes. "hi" he said rather rudely said. "cmon don't  do this. don't be mad just because you wont see me for 3 months. lets just have fun today" I said smiling. he rolled his eyes and said like a teenage girl would "fine"  I laughed and then. I decided we wwould just go to the park and have a picnic and then we would com back and watch a movie. I would then stop by and drop harry off at his mums house and say bye. during the picnic we talked about everything and anything. its going to be hard to not talk to him for 3 months. I am just really scared to be alone. Its going to be hard not hearing his voice seeing hi smile, listening to his laugh, and having him hold me in his arms. I wont have anyone to see anymore.

"im really going to miss you becka. Your my everything."

"Harry your my everything too and im going to go crazy without you."

"yea me too promise me you wont meet anybody else there. just think of me"

"if I think of you I am going to cry"

he moved over and sat next to me. he gave me a huge hug and he didn't let me go.

"I love you" he whispered in my ear.

"I love you too" we had to get up and leave since my flight left in an hour.

we drove in silence to his house then when  I got to his house and he kissed me. "Becka." he sighed."yes?"  "I think

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