Right here all along : book 1

Becka is just a nomal teen who loves to take chances in life but would her tking one chance cause her to change her hole life.


1. Baking time

~Becka's POV~

I was listening to music when my mom told me to go ick up here wedding cake because it was ready. I walked down the stairs and saw my mom and my soon to be step dad bill. "Bye mom bye Bill" I said as I got into my car and drove off to the bakery down the street. Its my family Bakery and when im 18 I get to take over the business. everyone who works there has been our friends for years or  family that lives here in Holmes chapel. I walked in and saw all the familiar faces. I walked into the back. "Hey Robert" I said as I put on my apron and got to work on my mom and stepdads wedding cake. "Hey chatter box ready to get to work?" Robert asked and put his apron on too. "You bet I cant wait to see how this turns out. so I was thinking we can do a red velvet layered cake and instead of traditional topper we can make one side a fondant one and then the other a traditional topper then the bridge we can use molding chocolate." I said starting to look up the recipe for red velvet cake. "Wow kid looks like you got it all under control. hey I have to take off and run this cake over to someone on the other side of the town so if you need help my nephew will help you he has amazing skills." he grabbed his keys and the cake. "ok sounds good" I said. I started to make the red velvet mix then a stranger walked in the back. Not knowing I was there I said "May I help you?" he jumped almost scared to death. "Um no I'm Roberts Nephew Harry. I was just looking for the green frosting, do you know where it is?" he asked I pointed my hand over to all the frostings over on the shelf. "Thanks." he said I went back to making the 14 layer cake 7 layers on each side. while all the batter was cooking into the red velvet cake I started to make the bride and groom.. I made my mom (the bride) her blonge hair half up flowing down to her mid back and her shining blue eyes. and her perfect teeth. and her dress have pop rocks for the diamonds and then white chocolate for the dress. and for Bill (the groom) wearin a black tux with a blue tie and his brown hair brushed up in a quiff. then I made a blue ocean behind them. then for the bridge I used modeling chocolate and then I made a wooden brined and spray painted it with chocolate syrup and then put blue frosting twisting around the bridge. then the red velvet cakes where done. I started to stack them. then I remembered I had to spin the cakes so I unstcked them and then dropped one or so I thought harry ended up catching it. "Thanks" I said taking the cake from him. "No problem do you uh need any help?" he asked me."uh if you can spin these seven layers and I will do the other seven that would be nice and make sure that they are whit frosted." I said grabing a pipe. "ok" he said we  got to work then I looked over at harry I saw he had a frosting on his ose and  3 dots on each cheek with lines going down the sides."meow" he said. I laughed and got back to work. by six we had finished frostin all the cakes and staked them up then next we had to put on the bridge and fix up the mesed up places then the toppers that didn't take long by 7:00 we were done. I asked him to put the cake away and he did. i drove back to my houes in silence. i pulled up into the house to see cops and ambulance's. "um excuse me ma'm but you can not be here" "whats do you mean what happened?" "well miss the people who lived here are dead all three of them." tears started to come down my face and it stained my cheeks. "What do you mean three? i live here its just me my mom and bill? "

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