The boys next door

2 Best friends living in an apartment in london. Sure enough their new neighbors are pretty special, they are the 5 boys that go by the name of ONE DIRECTION and god knows what will happen !!! ;)


4. The party :)

 Chapter 4:

Nina's P.O.V.

The door flung open to a beautifully dressed, immaculate Louis. He looked us both over and what we were holding and grinned. WOW that grin was amazayn (aha see what I did there;))  He looked at Sophie and hugged her first giving her a kiss on the cheek as he did so, then he turned to me picking me up spinning me round before putting me back down on the floor and kissing my cheek too. I felt my cheeks blushing and I glanced over at Sophie who was making her way into the room, she looked at me and laughed, winked and gave me a thumbs up. WOW, this is actually happening, I'm with one direction in THEIR apartment and LOUIS TOMLINSON just hugged, picked up AND kissed me within the space of 10 seconds. All I could thinks was 'This cant be real. It cant be, why would one direction come and live in the apartment next to you. You're such a dumb-ass to believe this it's all bullshit it's a dream!'


Sophie's P.O.V.

That was so cute at the door with Louis and Nina, I hope they get on, I mean, he's her favourite member. Yup, she's a Louis girl. I continued walking into the apartment, it was beautiful, about the same size as ours, which must be a tight squeeze for 5 guys to stay in. As I walked towards the lounge, there they were the other 4 boys. I smiled at them all holding up the bottles I had on me and shouted “WHO's UP FOR A PARRTTTAAAYYYY???” They all go to their feet quickly turning on the music and grabbing glasses out if the cupboard. There was takeaway Pizza on the counter and the boys had already tucked in. While we were all in the kitchen they each introduced themselves to us, even though there was no need to, we knew nearly everything about them, their birthdays, family members, slightly stalkerish, but we were true directoners, we didn't care. Zayn was first, not really saying much just his name, then Louis who was about as jumpy as an excited dog, he said his name and jumped up to us embracing the two of us in a hug again, I guess he really was as friendly as he came across, or maybe he just liked the girl company. Niall and Liam did the same as Zayn. Harry stayed right at the back, he looked so mysterious and, well, hot. He walked up towards us slowly, put out his hand and said

“The names Styles, Harry Styles”

His voice was so deep and mesmerising. Those green eyes staring deep into mine, I just stood there, his hand in mine and I didn't want to let go. He took his hand from mine, smiling and winking before helping me pour out the drinks, standing very close to me, with any other guy he would be way to close but with him I didn't care he made me forget everything with those thick brown curls, green eyes and that voice.

sorry that it took soo long to update but we should start doing it weekly tell us what you think of it please and if you want us to update we will try hard to updates its sooo love you all my lovely directioners 

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