The boys next door

2 Best friends living in an apartment in london. Sure enough their new neighbors are pretty special, they are the 5 boys that go by the name of ONE DIRECTION and god knows what will happen !!! ;)


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

Harry P.O.V

“They seemed nice” I said as I shut the door and turned to the the boys.

“I hope they're not crazy fans that end up crying every time we see them” Niall said as he looked into to the fridge only to see that it was empty..... “ take out boys??” he said and pulled out his phone really to ring. We all noded

“I just want them to treat us like normal people” I said going back on to the point of the girls next door.

“Them lot nice” Louis said as I went and sat down next to him

“Looks and all” I winked to him and we both shared a laugh.

“So how old do you think the are??” Louis said looking at me I knew what he was getting at he liked one of them I could tell I have known him for ages and he has never acted like this about a girl before.

“ I don’t know why?.... do you like the look of one of them if you get what I mean” I shot at him

“Shut up harry I don’t “

“Go on you can tell me” I turned to him pouting my bottom lip and giving him my sad puppy dog eyes, I know he cant lie to me when I do that.

“Ok, fine, I liked Nina, I will at least I think thats her name?”

“I knew it!! I like that Sophie” not realising I had just said that out loud Louis gave me the look and I covered my mouth and mumbled “Did I just say that out loud”

“Yes, yes you did” Louis said as he laughed

Nina P.O.V

“I still cant believe that the one and only one direction live next to door us”

“Its so unreal” Sophie said as she look in to her wardrobe for something to wear

“oh did I tell you that they asked us to come over for a party thing tonight” she said as she shut the door. OMG this could be my change to get Louis to fall into undying love for me... “Noooo!!” I said shocked.

“Well they did so you better get ready we need to go soon” she said re-opening the wardrobe door.

Sophie P.O.V

What do I wear to a party with 5 of THE most hottest boys on the planet I said to myself as I looked in to the mirror. “ OMG SOPH what if I get really close with Louis and we fell in love” Nina spluttered as she walked out of the bathroom room with a toothbrush in her mouth. “no joke what if he does”

“omg that would be amazing, what if harry feel in love with and me and we where together forever and then we got married and when we had a little girl and we called her Darcy and we stay with each other till we were old .......” I replied day dreaming out of the window. Nina couldn’t not help but join in

“Oh and me and Louis we will call our little boy Tommy and everyone will have to call me Nina Tomlinson”

“ Sophie Styles” we both had an little fan girl moment and then calmed ourselves down just enough to get ready.


Nina P.O.V

We there, standing outside the door of their apartment, this is the moment I don't want to ruin. Walking up towards and about to knock on the door when Sophie grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear “Remember Nina don’t go crazy they probably want us to act normal and make them feel like normal teen-aged boys”

I nodded and walked up to the door. My heart beat racing and then I knocked.....


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