The boys next door

2 Best friends living in an apartment in london. Sure enough their new neighbors are pretty special, they are the 5 boys that go by the name of ONE DIRECTION and god knows what will happen !!! ;)


2. Chapter 2:

Nina’s P.O.V


Sophie shouted, she sounded shocked, so I rushed to the door only to see that Zayn from one direction was standing outside the door dripping wet from the rain outside. I looked at Sophie's confusion and then I burst out with laughter I really could not believe standing in my door way was the real ZAYN MALIK!!!!

“ I am soooo co

nfused, sorry, but why are you here” I asked eager for an answer.

“Ummmm I think I have got the wrong house” Zayn replied slightly confused.


Sophie P.O.V


He must be are new neighbour. “ I think you are looking for the house next door” I said to him with a huge smile on my face pointing the the door to the left of me. I looked to Nina she nodded, we were thinking the same thing.

“BOYSS COME UP THE APARTMENTS HERE” Zayn shouted down the stairs to the next floor. Then one by one, the rest of the boys came up the stairs. They were all wet from the rain and harry was wearing a white top so you could see his nipples.... all four of them...


Nina and I helped boys with their boxes and as they were about to shut the door harry asked me if we wanted to come over for an little house warming party I nearly melted right there but I pulled myself together and reply with a quick yes and run back next door to my own apartment before he could see me blush.


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