The boys next door

2 Best friends living in an apartment in london. Sure enough their new neighbors are pretty special, they are the 5 boys that go by the name of ONE DIRECTION and god knows what will happen !!! ;)


1. Breaking The Table

“I WANT YOU TO ROCK ME... ROCK ME... ROCK ME YEAH!” Sophie and Nina screamed out as they were dancing on their living room table.


“Oh crap Nina we just broke the table, holy shit.”  Sophie exclaimed as they both clambered up from falling on the floor.

“Just like Zayn did...” said Nina

“Ahaha oh dear Nina, you’re SUCH a carrot” Sophie said as she rolled her eyes and laughed at the one direction references.

“So what I’m a proud carrot and when people say ‘aww I miss those carrot days’ I’m just sat here like yeah... well I’m still in those carrot days.”

While clearing up the mess made by the newly collapsed coffee table, Sophie heard a faint knock on their apartment door. Only just over the one direction songs that were blaring out of their docking station.

“Nina, can you try and clear this up, im just gonna answer the door, i think someone just knocked...”

“Ooohhh it might be our new neighbours, i hope they enjoy one direction because those old people before were right grumpy...”

“Nina don’t be horrible, yeah they were grumpy but we do push it sometimes, oh well, im just gonna turn down the music on the way.”

Sophie walked to the front door of their apartment turning down their music a little so that she could hear the person at their door, once she got there, she opened it.

It was him. Really, actually, truly, one hundred percent him. THE ZAYN JAVADD MALIK. He was standing right there in front of him.....


Hope you like the first chapter if you want another one please leave a comment so we know whether people are actually reading and enjoying it byeeeeee. my famous directioners 

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