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The bus dropped 4 year old Hazel in front of her house. It had been just another ordinary day in Kindergarten. She walked into the house to find her parents, collapsed on the floor. Dead. She screamed and cried and didn't know what to do. She wanted her dad to hug her, or her mum to kiss her on the cheek, saying everything would be ok. But no. That would never happen again. They were gone and Hazel was alone. All alone. She seeks refuge with her cousin and older brother, Harry Styles. She's slowly getting better there with Harry and his 4 friends, who are like brothers to him. But when cops come, trying to take her away, saying that the boys are too young to take care of her, what happens? Will she be separated from Harry and the boys? Taken to an orphanage and get treated awfully? Or will the boys somehow pull through and keep her safe with them?


3. Simon

Hazel's POV

We were all driving home. The boys had gone all out on the stuff for my room. I thought Harry meant some sheets, a bedside table,  a little closet, a shelf and a lamp. I was very, very wrong.

They got a bed frame, shelves, bed covers, pillows, a bedside table. And they didn't stop there. They each went to a different shop and bought clothes. I was begging them to return it. I had clothes from my old room. But no.

When we got home I looked for Harry. He was in the kitchen.

"Hey Haz, feeling better?"

"Oh, yeah, it was nothing, don't worry."


"Yeah, it's ok."

"Ok, glad you're better." I hugged him and he hugged back.

"Oh, I got you something." He said


"Go check your room." 


I walked to my room and slowly opened the door. I looked around then I saw something on the bed.


"I DID!!!"

He appeared next to me and I would not stop hugging him.

We both walked up to the puppy and I picked him up. He was the cutest thing ever. I checked his name tag.


"Aww, Harry, you remembered!"

"Yep. Sorry I didn't wait for you to name him, they were doing free  engravings and you always told me you loved that name."

"Of course I do!"

Oreo was moving around in my arms, begging for attention. I gave it to him. 

"Does he have any toys?"

"No, I wanted you to choose the toys. I already bought two bowls, some food and a leash."

"When can we choose the toys?"

"Do you wanna go now?"

"Yes! But who's gonna stay with him?" 

"I'll ask the boys to dog-sit."

"We won't be gone long though."


Ten minutes later we left for the local pet supplies shop.

We picked coloured tennis balls, a few squeaky toys, (one of a bone, a duck and a donut,) one of those bone shaped things the are made of rope and a teething toy. We bought a little kennel and a few cushion beds.

Harry was at the counter, paying, when this very fake looking girl walked in.


She had a purposely short and tight dress, heels that looked like they were keeping blood out of her feet and so much make up, it could last a normal person a life time. 

I didn't like where this was going and I could see Harry didn't either. She started moving closer to him but Harry ignored her and paid for the things. 

"Hazel? Let's go." He said.

"Ok." I said, quickly running to his side. I stayed close to him but the girl followed. She started talking to him but I zoned out. We got to the car and I got in. Before leaving, the girl slipped Harry something. She left and I just stood there, not saying anything.

"What's that?" I said after a while, glancing at the paper.

"Phone number." He said before ripping it to shreds.

~10 minutes later~

Harry pulled up in the driveway. I looked up at the house and the size always astounded me. We took all the stuff inside and nearly dropped it onto the ground from the sight before us. Our mouths' were in the shape of an 'O'.

"W-what. Happened." Harry said.

There was giant sheets of paper all over the floor, covered in painted foot-prints, hand-prints and paw prints. 

"Why would you assume anything happened?" A paint covered Louis said sitting on the floor.

"Yeah." Niall and Zayn backed up.

We all directed our attention to Liam and he just shrugged. 

"Guys, please shower." Harry said. They all got up and went to their bathrooms. Me and harry cleaned up the paper, Thank God no paint had gotten on the wall. I went to ind Oreo and set a bed outside, in my room and in the kitchen. Harry set up the kennel outside and I filled a bowl with food and water. 

Me and Harry were on the couch watching TV when his phone went off. He picked it up and I could hear the voice from the other line.

Harry's POV


"Hi Harry, it's Simon."

"Oh! Hey Simon. What's up?"

"I need you and the boys in my office. Now."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"I'll explain when you guys get here. Get the rest of the boys and come here a.s.a.p."

"Ok. We're on our way, bye."

~Call over~


"WHY!?" Louis screamed back.



In 30 seconds all the boys were down, the paint gone and more or less looking presentable.

"What about Oreo?" Hazel asked.

"Uhh," I didn't know what to say. We're pets allowed in management? Eh, who cares? "Sure, but keep him with you and on his leash."


She went to get the puppy who very surprisingly (not) had paint all over his legs.

"We'll give him a bath later." I said.

In 15 minutes we were all at Simons' office. We walked in and took a seat. He gave a puzzled look at Hazel, Oreo, me the boys and then back to Hazel and me. 

"Hazel, do you wanna go sit on the chairs outside with Oreo?"

"Ok." She said and walked out to one of the chairs near the door with the puppy in her lap.

When we were all comfortable Simon spoke.

"Boys, I'm sure you don't know why I've called you here."

We all gave each other puzzled looks. He opened a draw and pulled something, tossing it onto the desk, so it stopped near us. It was a magazine.


I took a closer look and when I saw the front cover, my arm shot onto the table, grabbing it so I could have a closer look. The boys looked a bit worried too.

It was me. And the boys. In the mall. With Hazel.


How could we not have noticed the Paps!? Maybe someone just took a picture with their phone and mailed it to the magazine company? But still! How could I NOT have thought about this!? I got mad at the body at the mall and I never thought about this!What if that guy who murdered her parents sees and comes for her!? What if more police come forward and she has to be taken away!? To an orphanage!!




Everyone looked quite shocked at my sudden outburst.

I was too.

But I wasn't leaving her.

I wasn't letting go.


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