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The bus dropped 4 year old Hazel in front of her house. It had been just another ordinary day in Kindergarten. She walked into the house to find her parents, collapsed on the floor. Dead. She screamed and cried and didn't know what to do. She wanted her dad to hug her, or her mum to kiss her on the cheek, saying everything would be ok. But no. That would never happen again. They were gone and Hazel was alone. All alone. She seeks refuge with her cousin and older brother, Harry Styles. She's slowly getting better there with Harry and his 4 friends, who are like brothers to him. But when cops come, trying to take her away, saying that the boys are too young to take care of her, what happens? Will she be separated from Harry and the boys? Taken to an orphanage and get treated awfully? Or will the boys somehow pull through and keep her safe with them?


1. Pure shock, heart break and misery

Hazel's POV

Me and my best friend, Lola were sitting on the bus talking and giggling.

"How funny was it when Adam slipped over today?" Lola said to me.

"I know. Serves him right. He's so mean to all the little kids."

"I know. Nine year olds shouldn't be mean to four and five year olds. Or anyone."


The bus stopped in front of my house. I said bye to Lola and hugged her and then I thanked the bus driver.

I walked up my driveway and got my key to unlock the door.

I noticed it was unlocked. That was weird. I pushed the door opened and collapsed to the floor.

My parents were lying there, dead. Blood surrounding them. I screamed and rushed over to them, tears pouring down my face.

"Mummy! Daddy! NO!" They were gone. No pulse, no heartbeat no breathing. Gone. Brutally murdered by someone who I had no clue if they were still in the house or not.

I rushed into the kitchen to get the phone. 

Most kids would call the police or some officials or something, but I was calling someone more important first.

I dialled the number into the phone. It was one of the few numbers I knew along with my mum and dad whose I wouldn't nee anymore.

It rang once, twice, seven times, no answer. I was screaming at this point. I dialled again and after six rings, he picked up. Well someone else, but that's better than nothing, I guess.

"Hello, Harry's Phone." They said.

"W-who is th-this?" I asked sobbing into the phone.

"This is Louis. Who's this?"

"L-Louis, it's Ha-Hazel. Please, I need to speak to Harry."

"What's wrong?"


"Ok, one sec." He sounded nearly as scared as me.

I heard muffled voices from the other line.

"Harry ... Hazel needs ... speak to you ... something's wrong."

When the voices finished speaking Harry immediately got on the phone.

"Hello? Hazel? Are you ok? What happened? Please, tell me you're ok?"

"Harry, I got home from school and I found mummy and daddy dead and I think they were killed and I'm so scared."



He went from shocked to serious in a second and started giving me orders while I was crying uncontrollably.

"Ok, Hazel you stay right where you are. I am getting into my car now with Louis. Ok? You stay there and do not leave that room, ok? I will be there in 10- no 5 minutes and I'll get you, ok? You'll be safe with me, ok?"

"Ok." I sobbed.

He hung up and I sat in the kitchen, crying puddles. I looked at the clock and 6 minutes had passed. Suddenly, I heard the front door smash open followed by two gasps. My guess, they saw the bodies.

"Hazel!? Where are you?" Harry said from the door.

"I'm in the kitchen!" He ran to where I was and I bolted to him. He picked me up and hugged me not saying anything. He had his arms wrapped around me and my little hands were clutched around his neck.

"It'll be ok, I promise." He kept repeating those words into my ear while I let my tears fall freely. I buried my head into his neck and cried and cried.

He loosened his grip on me and gave me to Louis. 

"Hey kid." He said with a smile.

"Hi." I said shyly. 

He hugged me too and I hugged back while Harry called the police.

"Louis." He whispered.


"Take her upstairs to her room and keep her there. I'm calling the cops. Don't let her see her parents, ok?"


I closed my eyes and kept hugging him while he took me to my room. He placed me gently on the bed. I wanted to sleep but I couldn't. Horror filled images kept disrupting my thoughts.

I put my hand next to Louis' so he could hold it, so I could sleep easier.

After a few minutes I turned to him.

"Louis? I can't sleep. Can you sing a song pwease?"

He smiled at me and began to sing.

"You can't go to bed, without a cup of tea.

And maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep,

And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep,

Though it makes no sense to me.

I won't let these little things,

Slip out of my mouth.

If I do,

It's you,

Oh it's you they add up to, 

And I'm in love with you,

And all your little things."

And with the last notes I drifted into sleep his hand in mine.


Harry's POV

I called the police department and told them what happened.

Five minutes later I heard sirens and saw red and blue lights. 

I went to the door to talk to the police. I told them what happened and then a Officer pulled out a pen and notepad while another began to asks me questions.

"Were the two the only ones killed?" An Officer asked.

"Yes. They have a four year old daughter but she was at school when it happened."

"What is the girls' name?"

"Hazel Mae Tomphson."

"May we speak to her?"

"She's sleeping."

"I'm sorry Sir, but we need all the information we can get."

"Ok." I nodded and woke her, picked her up and took her downstairs and sat down again, with her on my lap, my arms wrapped around her.

"Hello, what's your name?" Asked the Officer.


"Hi Hazel, would you mind telling us what happened?"

"There was a pause as she looked up at me, unsure and I nodded."

"I was on the school bus with my friend and we were talking and it stopped at my house and I thanked the bus driver and got off the bus and walked to my house and I got my key to unlock the door but it was already open so I walked in and I saw them there and-"

At this point she was bawling her eyes out.

"Ok, thank you Hazel." Said the Officer. "Excuse me?" He said, looking at Louis.


"Could you please take her out of here? We need to have a private conversation with him." He said gesturing to me.

"Of course," Louis said, picking her up.

"Ok," The Officer began. "Since both her parents are gone, and she doesn't have any relatives close by, we're going to have to send her to an orphanage."

"What!? NO!"

"I'm sorry Sir, there are no other relatives at this point."


"Oh, how close?"

"First cousin, very close, mothers' side."

"How old are you?"

"Eighteen. I'm eighteen."

He looked at some papers and began to flip through them. There was no way I was letting Hazel go to an orphanage. No. Way.

"Ok, Mr?"

"Styles. Harry Styles."

"Ok, Mr Styles, for time being, she can stay with you. We'll do our best to find out who the murderer is."

"Ok, thank you so much," I said, standing up when he did, shaking his hand.

They left and paramedics came, taking the bodies.

"Louis? Hazel? They're gone, you can come now."

Louis walked in carrying Hazel, who was sleeping in his arms. He gave her to me and we went into the car. Louis drove and I sat in the back with Hazel, holding her hand the whole time. When he pulled up in the house me and the boys shared together, she woke up.

"Hawwy?" She said in a sleepy voice.


"Where are we?"

"You're at my house. You'll be staying here with me and the lads for a while, ok?"

"Ok." She said and fell asleep, her arms holding on to me and mine on her.

It was going to take a lot to fix her, get those images out of her head. But I could and would do it.


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