Adopted by 1D

The bus dropped 4 year old Hazel in front of her house. It had been just another ordinary day in Kindergarten. She walked into the house to find her parents, collapsed on the floor. Dead. She screamed and cried and didn't know what to do. She wanted her dad to hug her, or her mum to kiss her on the cheek, saying everything would be ok. But no. That would never happen again. They were gone and Hazel was alone. All alone. She seeks refuge with her cousin and older brother, Harry Styles. She's slowly getting better there with Harry and his 4 friends, who are like brothers to him. But when cops come, trying to take her away, saying that the boys are too young to take care of her, what happens? Will she be separated from Harry and the boys? Taken to an orphanage and get treated awfully? Or will the boys somehow pull through and keep her safe with them?


4. Not going anywhere.

Harry's POV

I could hear my heart thumping in my chest. I'm pretty sure the boys could too.

Liam was the first to speak up.

"Is this good or bad?" He said, directing the question to Simon.

"What do you mean!?!?" I almost yelled. "Of course it's bad!"

"Harry," Simon said. "You tell me how you think this is bad? Are you worried of what the public will think?"

"I couldn't care less of what the public thinks! What I care about is that the girl on this magazine is my cousin! She called me the other day cos some sick freak had murdered her parents! Police came and almost sent her to an orphanage! Now more officials are gonna see this and now there's an even bigger chance of them taking her away! So now you tell me if it's good or bad!"

Everyone was quiet for a while. I caught my breath and Simone spoke. "Harry, I understand what you mean by bad and I also agree with you about that crazed man doing you know what, but this may turn out... good."

I wanted to say something but I didn't want to yell. Louis, taking charge, read my thoughts and he spoke.

"What do you mean by 'good'?"

"Publicity." Simon said. "I think it's good publicity. For One Direction to adopt a little girl."

"But we haven't adopted her. She's Harry's cousin" Zayn said.

"You leave that to me. I'll clear everything up and don't worry Harry. She can stay with you boys."

I sighed with relief and thanked Simon. We left the office and went back home.

(A/N. Sorry for the short chapter peeps :P I'm really busy but I'll update soon!! :D )


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