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The bus dropped 4 year old Hazel in front of her house. It had been just another ordinary day in Kindergarten. She walked into the house to find her parents, collapsed on the floor. Dead. She screamed and cried and didn't know what to do. She wanted her dad to hug her, or her mum to kiss her on the cheek, saying everything would be ok. But no. That would never happen again. They were gone and Hazel was alone. All alone. She seeks refuge with her cousin and older brother, Harry Styles. She's slowly getting better there with Harry and his 4 friends, who are like brothers to him. But when cops come, trying to take her away, saying that the boys are too young to take care of her, what happens? Will she be separated from Harry and the boys? Taken to an orphanage and get treated awfully? Or will the boys somehow pull through and keep her safe with them?


5. Get away!!

Hazel's POV

"Mum! Dad!" I was yelling for my parents but they couldn't hear me. Everything was dark. I was alone and I was scared.

"Where are you!?"

I sat down and curled up into a little ball. I was cold and scared. I looked up and saw a light. It was so tiny but it was just hanging there, floating in mid air. I got up and started running to it. I was just about to grab it, my fingertips were just about to touch it. But it moved away. I ran again and again and the same thing happened. I couldn't get it. I sat down again and started crying. I was scared and alone and I couldn't find my parents.

I couldn't find Harry either."HARRY!? Where are you!"

"Harry's not here," Said a cold voice. I looked up immediately, scanning the dark for the owner of the voice. There was no one there.

"H-Harry?" I managed one more time.

"He's. Not. Here."


I woke up screaming, tears running down my cheeks. I heard pairs of foot-steps coming to my room. Everything was dark, like my dream. I pulled the sheets up, trembling. 

The door swung open and the light flicked on.

"Hazel! What happened?" It was Harry and Niall.

I sighed, relieved, but the tears still came. 

"Hazel, what happened?" Harry asked, again.

"I had a bad dream." I mumbled, still wrapped in the covers.

"What happened in it?" Niall asked

"I-I was looking for mum and daddy and I was alone somewhere dark and then I started looking for Harry but he wasn't there then someone scary said you weren't there and that I wouldn't find y-."

Niall came up and hugged me while he wiped the tears of my cheeks.

"Do you want me to stay with her mate?" Niall asked, hugging me.

"Yeah, thanks Ni. You ok now, Kat?"

I nodded and smiled. "Yeah, Harry."

"Ok. Good night."


Harry walked out of the room and I was alone with Niall.

"Go to sleep, Kat. The dream wasn't real." He said, hugging me.

"Can you sing, please?"


"Now she’s feeling so low since she went solo
Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo
And it’s no joke to me
So we can we do it all over again.
If you’re pretending from the start like this,
With a tight grip, then my kiss
Can mend your broken heart
I might miss everything you said to me,
And I can lend you broken parts
That might fit like this
And I will give you all my heart
So we can start it all over again."

By the time he finished, I fell into a dreamless sleep.



Hey guys!! Sorry haven't updated lately and this chapter's pretty short and kinda crappy.

I will try to update more but I just finished half-year exams, a heap of assignments and I just got another one -.-

Thanks for reading!!

xx :)



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