The mistaken clowns

For the Spring Picture Prompt:
The town of Trippe is in a world of worry and upset as its children are disappearing quickly. With the mysterious clowns kidnapping kids, they better have a good reason...


2. Why?

Another child was on the missing person’s list. Another family were beside themselves with worry. Another devastating story was on the news. When was it going to stop?

It was a fairly warm day in the cosy town of Trappe; blossom trees blooming and butterflies singing. On a day like that children should have been running around and playing happily in the park whilst their parents sat chatting about normal things like holidays, TV and shopping. In the dry park an entirely different scene met the eye. Yes there were children and adults, but nobody was playing or even smiling. Parents seemed to cluster around their children as if somebody would snatch them right under their noses; they wouldn’t let their kids out of sight for a moment.

Matt was the only expectation. He let his seven year old boy play on the swings whilst he sat on a nearby bench texting his mates and not paying the slightest attention to his child. But this is how it always seemed to happen. One minute Eddy was laughing, the next he was gone. Matt noticed too late. With an ecstasy of panic he started searching frantically for his only son. He did care. Running into the small dense forest he began to cry.

And then he noticed something. Something silver hanging from the sky. It was slowly disappearing. Not trusting what he was seeing the 22 year old boy hesitated. Was he imagining the ladder? But then he made up his mind. Matt leapt for the shining steps, strangling the bars of hope. What the hell was happening?

All too fast the ladder was pulled up into the thick musky clouds and he was left stranded. With no other choice, he slowly advanced forwards and was greeted by a bewildering and unreal scene.

Every single missing child that was on the news was around him. They were in the clouds. But for some reason or another they weren’t being tortured by evil clowns or being hurt in any inhumane way. They were sleeping. In the same warm pink pyjamas were all the children from 3-12; their heads resting on sweet candyfloss and they were happily dreaming. Eddy was just being laid on a cotton wool bed and he too was dressed in the pink clothes and was snoozing. How could that have happened so fast?

Matt was as confounded as you would expect. His mind was scrambling; he didn’t know what to think or do.

But the children and Matt was not the only people in the room. There were the clowns too. They all looked exactly like the clown at the park with the same clothes and ablaze eyes. And yet they didn’t seem murderous or execrable or not even furious that Matt was there. All they seemed to care about was caring for the children. Which was strange since they were the ones who had kidnapped them in the first place.

The only human (adult) in the room finally summoned up enough courage and sense to say something. “W-w-w-w-what the hell is happening? Where am I! And what are you doing with all of these children? Who the hell are you?” He bellowed at the startled clowns.


They didn’t seem to want to explain properly. All of them put their crimson fingers to their lips and hushed him. Then one clown spoke in a voice that would make anyone shudder. “We had to save the children. We had to save the future human race from being killed. We had to save them from the storm with the deathly poison in. It would have suffocated them.”

Before Matt could make any sense of anything, everything turned black. It went deadly cold and below them the killer smog began to make its way towards the human race. The storm had arrived.     

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