Nobody Compares To You

Aaralyn was a typical teenage girl. That is, until Harry Styles pushes himself into her life. NCTY contains graphic material for mature readers only. This is my story, it came from my mind. :) Thanks!


27. Chapter 27

The summer flew by quickly. Dad agreed to let Harry stay with us until it was time for us to head back home. When we went to my house to drop off my stuff, mom wasn't home. She left a note saying, "at Chris' house for a while. I hope you and Harry work everything out and get back together. He's a good kid. Love you xxxx." Chris was my mom's new boyfriend. He was good to her, to us. 

I had to see Braden today. I had to tell him about Harry and I. 

"Hey, I gotta go take care of something. You can stay here or go home, I'll meet you wherever." I told Harry while searching my purse for my keys. "Where are you going?" "I have to go see Braden." I honestly informed Harry. "For what?" Harry asked while getting up from the couch and walking to me. "To tell him about us." Harry nodded. "I'll go with you." "No, that's okay. I'll be fine." I went to walk away when Harry pulled on my arm. "I'll stay in the car, but I'm going with you." "Fine, let's go." I snapped, annoyed. 

The car ride to Braden's house was unpleasant. Harry and I argued over Braden being in love with me. He was not, I refused to believe that. When we got to his house, I had to yell at Harry to stay in my car. I walked up to Braden's door and knocked. It took him a minute to answer. When the door opened, it was not Braden who answered. 

"Wey hello," an unfamiliar man greeted me. One of his large hands took one of my smaller hands in his and brought it to his mouth. He kissed it gently while stubble from his chin tickled my fingers. "Braden?" I nodded and he released my hand and went and got Braden. I turned around to find Harry approaching me. 

"What are you doing?" I asked angrily. "Just be lucky I didn't beat the shit out of him becaused he kissed you." Harry looked pissed at me. "My hand, he kissed my hand. Go back to the fucking car." I said while pushing him in the direction of the car. Harry was back in the car when Braden came out. 

"Aaralyn." Braden sighed in relief. He pulled me into him for a hug. I knew Harry was watching so I didn't hug him back. "Braden, that's not a good idea." I said while pulling away. Braden's gaze flickered between me and my car. Braden gave a small wave to Harry before looking back at me. "I agree, you see um-" Braden was cut off by a female voice. "Braden?" the squeeky voice came from behind him and inside the house. Braden moved to pull the girl by his side. "Aaralyn, this is Sam. Sam, this is Aaralyn." Braden introduced us. I smiled at Sam, wondering what the hell she was doing here and why. Her slight smile said the exact same thing. "I'm a friend of Braden's and you are?" "My girlfriend." Braden answered for her. I nodded, "how long have you been together?" "A few months." Braden answered slowly. "Right... okay. Braden, can I have a word with you, please?" Braden nodded and told Sam to wait in his bedroom. 

"So when we went out for dinner, you were taken? The girls told me how much you liked me. Then we came here and almost fucked and you didn't tell me that you had a girlfriend?" I wanted to hit him so fucking bad that I'm surprised I didn't. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you and they told you that?" I nodded.  "Dammit. I'm sorry, I did, I do. But Sam and her..." Braden gestured to the house with Sam in it. "It's fine, Braden, go fuck your girl. Harry's probably getting more mad by the second by me just talking to you. I gotta go anyways." I said while walking away. "I'll see you later?" Braden yelled at me. I ignored him and continued to the car. 

"What the fuck was that?" Harry asked as I got in the car. "Nothing." I said as I put on my seatbelt and started the car. "I can make you feel better than he could any day." Harry informed me. "I'm aware. Where are we headed?" Harry smiled at me meaning his place. I nodded and drove away from Braden's house. I didn't want to ever go back there. I may have had feelings for Braden and may have lost some for Harry. But that didn't matter, Harry was mine. I only wanted Harry. 


Harry lifted his head from in between my legs. Hid eyes locked with mine as he slowly crawled up me on the bed. He pinned my wrists above my head and started to kiss me. He soon stopped and I opened my eyes to find his looking above my head. He took one of my wrists and brought is closer to his face.

"Aaralyn?" Harry questioned as he turned my wrist to let me see what was there. Shit. I shifted my eyes from him to the wall, suddenly becoming interested with the designs in it. I tried blocking out Harry's devouring eyes.

"Aaralyn?" Harry's voice grew louder. I looked back at him. He looked upset, kind of angry. "What is this? Did you do this?" I didn't answer him. After a minute of Harry's searching eyes searching my face, he released his grasp on my wrist and got off the bed. He found his boxers and put them back on. He crawled back into his bed and turned away from me.

"So your just going to stop when we're both horny as hell?" I said in disbelief. This time Harry didn't answer me. I sighed, thinking about how I would have to tell him.

"I didn't have the best life. My dad had affairs with four different girls since I was three. One was 17 while he was 41. Each over periods of times. When we found out, we kicked him out. My dad threatened to quit his job so he didn't have to pay child support. My mom then brought him back home because at the time, Josh was 16 and I was 13. We needed the money he made." I paused, Harry was now sitting up and listening to me. His eyes roamed my face, anger overpowering all of him. "My family was never the same after that. We grew to be stressed all the time. My mom got meaner out of stress. But that wasn't the only thing. School was miserable. People started shit about my friends and I. The guy I thought I was in love with did not feel at all the same way I did. I wasn't in love with him. Everything all together took a beating on my mind, my heart, and my ability to trust because my trust was always broken. Always. I didn't know what to do to handle it so I cut for the first time. I needed some of the pain to bleed away. I needed to get my mind off everything so that's why I did it. I'm sorry I did that and never told you, but it was a long time ago. I didn't think it mattered anymore." I ended the story with a sigh and laid down next to Harry. I turned away from him, scared to see his expression.

"No," Harry said. He rolled me onto my back and climbed on top of me. "I'm going to get your mind off of the memories. I'm going to make you feel as though you've never felt pain." Harry leaned down to my ear and whispered, "I'm going to fuck you so hard." I shuddered at his words. There was heat in his eyes. Harry's hot hand slid down the side of my naked body. Goosebumps formed as gently kissed my neck. My breath hitched as Harry slid two fingers into me. My heart was beating fast. Harry only had two fingers in and I was near climax. "Harry," I breathed, warning him that I was almost at my climax. Harry crashed his mouth into mine, waiting for my release.

I had recently reread my favorite book, Down London Road. I had told Harry how Cam had swallowed Johanna's orgasm, claiming her as his own. I guessed that was what Harry's intentions were.

Harry pumped his fingers in and out, in and out, in an out. When I released, my cries were muffled by Harry's mouth against mine. Harry removed his fingers and soon his mouth. I laid on Harry's bed, breathless and motionless. My muscles were surprisingly weak from just one delicious orgasm.

Harry was sitting on the bed next to me, smiling like an idiot.

"What?" I breathed. "I'm not done with you." Harry smirked at me. I closed my eyes, only to open them again by Harry climbing back on top of me. He crawled back down to the end of the bed and didn't even check to see if I had regained my breath. He pushed my legs apart and lowered his head. I choked on my own spit when I felt his breath on my clit. My heart race picked up. I didn't know when Harry would move again so I gripped the sheets beside me. I gasped as I felt Harry's tongue on my clit. My thighs squeezed together only to be stopped by Harry's head. I moaned as Harry removed his tongue and sat back up on the bed. I moaned once more before climbed back on top of me.

"Not done just yet, baby girl." I held up my index finger, telling him to hold on while I regained my breath. Harry shook his head and slid his boxers from his thighs and off his ankles. He rolled a condom on in preparation. He laid on top of me, his throbbing erection between my legs and teasing my clit. His thumb ran along my bottom lip like he was admiring my lips. I licked my lips wanted to taste his. Harry got the memo and kissed me. He pulled away after a second and positioned himself in between my legs. His dick teased my clit for a little while. I had to beg him to move before I moved for him. Harry thrust into me causing me to gasp I'm pleasure. My nails dug into Harry's back, resulting in him moaning with pleasure. I crossed my feet behind Harry's back for easier access. He thrust into me again causing me to cry out. Harry rolled his hips and I neared my climax, as did he. He thrust into me again, this time harder and almost painful. This set us both off. I cried Harry's name while Harry yelled mine. Harry rolled his hips again and I melted into the bed. Harry collapsed on top of me. We were panting and dripping with sweat. We couldn't move for a few minutes. Harry finally pulled out and rolled onto his back. I moaned again before finding his hand and entwining his fingers in mine.

"I fucking love you and I love fucking you." Harry breathed. I laughed at his confession. "I love you too, baby." I played with his fingers as he used his other hand to remove the condom and toss it in the trash bin. "I told you." Harry said referring to when he said he could make me feel better than Braden could. "You did." I laughed. 

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