Nobody Compares To You

Aaralyn was a typical teenage girl. That is, until Harry Styles pushes himself into her life. NCTY contains graphic material for mature readers only. This is my story, it came from my mind. :) Thanks!


25. Chapter 25

We were both heart broken. Gemma texted me a few days later explaining how Harry was going crazy. He wouldn't stop crying and screaming. He took his frustration out on innocent girls by fucking them. Gemma knew this because the girls came over and asked if Harry was okay. They knew he had a girlfriend, but they didn't know we had broken up or how much I apparently meant to him. 

I threw my phone on the floor in anger. I was surprised it survived that, no cracks in the screen or anything. Harry must've texted me every half an hour for the last week. I considered changing my number to get him off my back. If I did that, he could just go and get it from Gemma's phone. Pointless. 

I decided that I should have a night out. I made plans with Braden tonight. He was taking me to dinner with a couple of his other friend couples. We weren't a couple, not right now at least. 

Right now, I'm in the Dress Shoppe hunting for the right dress for tonight. I had searched, practically, the entire store before I found a simple dress that complimented my figure. It was a tight black dress that came down to about mid thigh. The top of the dress was cut low, showing a bit of clevage. It was strapless. I had sexy black heels tucked away in my closet, so shoes were no problem. This dress looked like Braden to me, and that's what I was shooting for. 

A few hours later, Braden was waiting for me in my sitting room. I went down the stairs and stood in the doorway. Braden turned and his face lit up.

"You look gorgeous, Aaralyn." Braden gave me a toothy smile. I did a little twirl for him that I knew would drive him crazy. It did. 

We walked outside and Braden's first question was, "Where's Harry?" 

"I broke up with him." Braden nodded, knowing I did not want to speak about it. 

"My friends are on their way to the restaurant. Ready?" I nodded.

Braden walked me to the passenger door and helped me in. He rushed to the drivers seat and started the car. 

"You look sexy." Braden winked. My cheeks grew hot, Braden just laughed at me. 

When we arrived at the restaurant, it was not very crowded. The table was already set for us and a group of people were chatting. We went to the table and took a set. 

"Everyone, this is Aaralyn." Braden smiled widely. I waved and shyly smiled. "This is Niall and Brooke, Harry and Tori, Liam and Tabitha, and Zayn and Catalina." The group gave a nice hello and asked me questions.

"Braden told us about your boyfriend who beat the shit out of him. Where's he?" Niall asked, starting the questioning. "Ex." I corrected. Niall nodded. 

"Braden told us that you and your ex were in love. What happened?" Tori asked. "We dated for almost a year and he recently went home to visit his family in Cheshire. His sister texted me that he went around fucking his ex girlfriends. I ended us because he crossed the line. Excuse me." I slid out from the booth and made a dramatic exit to the bathroom. The girls decided to follow. 

In the restaurant bathroom, I crouched over a toilet, throwing up, while Tori pulled my hair back. When I was done, Cat handed my a napkin to wipe my mouth. 

"Thanks." I sighed. "I'm so sorry for asking. I know how it feels. I just shouldn't have..." Tori trailed off. "No, it's alright." I said while walking towards the bathroom door. 

"Wait," Tabitha pulled on my arm. "Aaralyn, Braden really likes you. If he didn't like you as much as he does, he would've have fought Harry back. He was trying to show you how he would behave better and handle situations better than Harry would. It wasn't because he was a coward like it may have seen, he really likes you. I know you just broke up with someone you loved, but Braden is worth it. Try him on for size, see how you like him." Tabitha winked, letting my arm go. I stood in silence for a minute thinking. I finally nodded and we walked back to the table. I slid in next to Braden with a smile on my face. 

"What?" Braden smiled back. I shook my head. I took his hand in mine and entwined our fingers beneath the table. He looked down at our hands and gave me a toothy smile. I reciprocated. 

When we finished dinner, we all left with our dates. I went home with Braden. I was nervous and I didn't know why. 

"You alright?" Braden squeezed my hand while keeping his eyes on the road. "Yeah." I swallowed. "You sound nervous." Braden pointed out. "I know. I can't figure out why," I turned my head to Braden, "is there something I should be nervous about?" Braden shook his head. "You just broke up with your boyfriend. It's your first time being with another guy. I understand." I nodded as we pulled into a driveway of a house. It was single-storied and very cute.

"Do you live here alone?" I asked. "I have a roomate but he's at his girlfriend's house." 

We walked into the cute house and kicked off our shoes. I wandered around the house, trying to find Braden. I found the living room. There was a flat screen sitting on a stand, on the floor was an XBox and games. There was a couch and a loveseat. I wandered into a bedroom to find a shirtless Braden. 

"Oh, sorry." I laughed. Braden turned around to reveal a toned torso. My eyes explored his torso until I heard laughter. "You like?" Braden teased. I smiled, giving a little nod. Braden made his way to me and looked down at me. He was taller than Harry and much taller than me. Braden pushed a few strands of hair behind my ear. 

Braden leaned down to whisper in my ear, "you look good in that dress but I bet you look better without it." Braden pulled back to show me a wicked smile. I smiled and pulled his neck back down. "If that's what you look like without a shirt, I wonder what the rest looks like." I hummed in his ear. 

I knew my words did something to Braden. His actions showed it all. Braden pushed me against the nearest wall, pressing his front to my front. Instead of kissing me hard, he leant down and gently kissed me for the first time. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed back harder. Braden grabbed my legs and snaked them around his backside without breaking the kiss. He moved down to my neck, lightly sucking now and then. My hands found themselves underneath Braden's shirt. Braden pulled away to let me remove it. He then removed mine and kissed me harder than before. 

Braden suddenly stopped everything he was doing. It was like he was deciding what to do. While he studied my face, I studied his. I removed my legs from around his waist and stood in silence inbetween him and the wall. Braden's hands were on the wall on both sides of my head. It was like he was thinking about something but not wanting me to leave. 

"Braden?" I whispered. His eyes moved to mine. Then they started flickering between my lips and my eyes. He gently kissed my lips before stepping back to get my shirt. He handed me my shirt and found his own. I stood in silence watching him put his shirt on, not putting mine back on. Braden walked to his dresser and found a tshirt and boxers, and gave them to me. Just like Harry used to do. 

"There's towels in the bathroom if you want a shower. I'm going to go take one in Matt's bathroom." He grabbed himself a shirt and boxers and walked back to me. He kissed my forehead before walking away and leaving me all alone in his bedroom. 

I got a shower and dressed myself quickly. I walked to the front door to find my purse. I grabbed my phone and saw that the constant "I love you" messages from Harry had stopped. I thanked the lord because I didn't feel as quilty. Ally tried to convince me that he is the guilty one, but I think it's even. 

"Aaralyn?" Braden called from the end of the hall. I turned to see him in his boxers and tshirt. 

"Hey." I smiled. "Do you wanna... go to bed?" Braden asked, his features soft. I gave him a slight nod and followed him to his bedroom. 

We laid in his bed with the room completely dark. 

"Braden?" I whispered. "Yes?" Braden answered. "Why... What changed your mind? Why'd you just stop?" I asked, a little afraid of his answer. "Baby," Braden sighed, "you just had an awful break up with H-" "Stop. Enough about Harry. He's in the past alone, you're in the present with me. Please, no more talking about Harry." I begged. "Alright, baby." Braden kissed the top of my head. We laid in silence for a few more minutes.

"Is that the only reason?" I asked Braden. "Not only would that have been wrong on my part, but I also didn't want something to happen where I would lose you again. Aaralyn, I literally thought about you everyday since the day we bumped into each other. I sent that text because I knew Harry would see it and I knew you'd come along when he came to beat the shit out of me. That was the only way I thought I could see you." I sighed when he mentioned Harry. I turned on the bed so I was facing Braden. I kissed him softly and pulled away. I snaked my arm around Braden's torso and cuddled into him. 

"Good night, Braden."

"Good night, love." 

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