Nobody Compares To You

Aaralyn was a typical teenage girl. That is, until Harry Styles pushes himself into her life. NCTY contains graphic material for mature readers only. This is my story, it came from my mind. :) Thanks!


22. Chapter 22

"Thank you for dinner." I squeezed harry's hand which was entwined in mine. 

"You're welcome, baby." Harry smiled, showing his dimples.

"Harry! Is that you!?" A squeeky voice called from behind us. Harry's head snapped in the direction of the voice. 

"Lilian." Harry said as Lilian jumped into his arms. Harry released my hand at the last second to catch the girl.
The girl planted her lips on Harry's. It was when Harry's hand moved to grasp Lilian's nape that anger shot through my body. My eyes stung with tears. I watched in pain as Harry's lips moved in sync with Lilian's. I started backing away, still watching them. Tears blurred my vision and raced down my cheeks. I turned away and ran like my life was on the line. 

When I ran a few blocks, I called Ally and asked if she could pick me up. Ally arrived soon after, and I stayed at her place that night. My mom called earlier saying Harry was asleep in my room, waiting for me to come home. I told her that I wasn't until he was gone. I had explained what I had witnessed earlier. 

I woke later that night from my ringing phone. It was my mother. 

"Yeah, mom?" I groaned, half asleep.

"Aaralyn, he's tangled in your sheets crying. He's hysterical. What do I do?" 

I heard a voice in the background. It said, "is that Aaralyn? Let me speak to her." 

"Mom, don't." I begged. 

"Aaralyn, I'm so fucking sorry." Harry cried into the phone. I immediately hung up. He called back several times. 

I threw my phone across Ally's living room and fell back asleep. 

I woke, again, from a pounding noise. I jumped from Ally's couch and found my phone. It was only half an hour later from when I last talked to Harry and my mother over the phone. I heard the pounding again coming from the front door. Ally ran into the living room, half asleep. 

"What the hell?" She mumbled. I shrugged and walked to the door.

I looked through the window to see Harry impatiently pacing on the porch. 

"Talk to him, Aara." Ally held out her phone when I gave her a questioning look. She had been texting Harry. 

"How could you?" I muttered in disbelief. 

Ally opened the front door and in came an upset Harry. He looked around for me until he saw me. He threw himself at me, wrapping his shaking arms around me. He crashed his lips to mine. I felt his tears fall onto my cheeks. He pulled away when he realized I wasn't kissing him back. I wiped my lips with the back of my hand, disgusted. 

"Aaralyn." Harry sobbed into his shaking hands. I wanted to hug him, kiss him, tell him that everything is going to be alright. I knew I couldn't but I wanted to do nothing else.

"Who the hell was she?" My jaw clenched. 

"Nobody. Not anymore." Harry whispered. 

"Who was she?" I added emphasis on 'was.' 

"My ex." Harry mumbled. 

"Just your ex? She wasn't a fuck buddy? Does she mean something to you, Harry?" I asked, furious  with  Harry. 

Harry pushed me against the wall, trapping me so I couldn't get away. 

It was when Harry didn't answer that I got my answer. 

"She's not your ex, is she?" I asked, tears stinging my eyes, threatening to fall. Harry still didn't answer.

I pushed Harry away from me and walked outside. 

"Aaralyn!" Harry yelled, chasing after me. I picked up the pace which wasn't fast enough. Harry's foot caught my heel, causing us to trip. We stumbled to the ground. Harry quickly crawled on top of me and pinned me to the cold concrete. I pushed at his chest but he didn't budge. 

I eventually stopped fighting. I looked up at Harry, his curls hung around his damp face, eyes locked on mine. He looked beautiful, as always. 

A tear fell from the corner of my eye. I squeezed my eyes closed as Harry wiped it away. 

"D-don't." I knew Harry hated to see me cry as much as I hated to see him cry. 

I opened my eyes to see Harry had closed his. I reach up to brush some curls behind his ear. I drew back, remembering what Harry had done. Harry's eyes opened, confused. 

"Y-you cheated on me." More tears fell along with more kicking and screaming. 

Harry finally got me under control again. I cried in pain. My lover had betrayed me. I refused to look at him. There was only one way I could think of to get Harry off me. I clenched my fist and threw a forceful punch into Harry's shoulder along with a slap to his cheek. Harry fell on me. I shoved him off me and regained my balance. I ran down the street as fast I could. I looked back to see Harry on his feet and chasing me. I ran until I came across a familiar highway. I stopped and looked back. Harry was still chasing me. I started running on the side of the highway until I found a side street. I stopped to catch my breath. Bad mistake. Harry threw his arms around me, his lips colliding with my jaw. Harry's lips moved to my neck, harshly sucking. I whimpered in pain. His tongue flicked over the sore spot before he pulled away, his arms squeezing me tighter. I flinched as my fingertips brushed over the sore. 

"H-how could you?" I grit my teeth. 

"I-I was d-drunk. W-we both were. We slept together and she grew fond of me. I didn't. P-please, baby, I love you more than anything." Harry buried his face in the crook of my neck. "Come home with me, please." Harry whispered. I lightly nodded. 

Harry spun me around to face him. His lips crashed to mine. He eventually pulled away and walked me back to his truck. Harry helped me into the passenger seat and jogged around to the driver side. He got in and drove away. I pulled out my phone and texted a big "thank you" to Ally. Within a few seconds, Ally replied with "you're welcome aara ;)" I smiled. 


We were laying in Harry's bed, motionless, quiet, and naked. It was bothering me why Harry didn't tell me about his experience with Lilian. 

"Why didn't you tell me about Lilian?" I looked at Harry. His eyes opened, suprised by my question. 

"Aaralyn." Harry sighed. 

"Harry, you have to tell me. You were the one who betrayed me. You have to tell me."

Harry's expression changed. It was the one that scared me. I slid away from him and rolled off the bed. I jumped to my feet in an attempt to run. I made it to the door before I felt the heat from Harry against my bare back. I could feel his hot breath on the top of my head. I closed my eyes when Harry spun me around to face him, fingertips digging into my shoulders. I couldn't bring myself to see that side of him again. 

"Aaralyn." Harry growled. I could tell by his tone that the expression hadn't faded yet. Harry's grip on my shoulders tightened. I whimpered in pain. 

"Harry." I whispered in pain as a tear slid onto my cheek. Harry's grip didn't loosen nor did it tighten. I opened my eyes to see Harry had closed his, his cheeks were damp. His jaw was locked in anger. 

I pushed Harry away and grabbed my clothes. I put them on and turned to see Harry back in his boxers and his forearms pressed to his bedroom door. His head was in between his arms. I walked to the door and gripped the door handle. Harry's hand dropped and grabbed my wrist. He brought my hand up to his mouth and gently kissed it. He released my wrist and stepped away from the door. 

"That's it? You're just going to let me leave without a big chase?" I asked, utterly shocked.

"If you really want to leave, I not going to stop you. I can only be sorry and beg for your forgiveness. But nothing will change my horrible mistake." Harry bowed his head, rubbing his eyes. 

I dropped my bag and wrapped my arms around Harry. I immediately felt him hug me back.

"I don't forgive you but I accept your apology," I paused. Harry looked up at me, waiting for me to continue. "What does she mean to you, Harry? What do I mean to you?" I closed my eyes and rested my head on his shoulder. Harry's arms were still wrapped protectively around me, as if I might disappear. If he didn't answer, I may just disappear. 

"Lilian means nothing to me. You on the other hand, you're my entire world, Aaralyn. My everything. I love you to the moon and back, baby." Harry kissed my temple. That may have been a bit corny, but it was the most romantic thing ever said to me. 

"I love you, Harry. I wouldn't give you up for anything. You're mine, all mine." I told Harry. 

"I'm yours, and you're mine." Harry whispered. 

"I'm yours." I kissed Harry's neck. 

Harry told me to strip, again. I obeyed and we climbed back into bed. 

"I didn't tell you because I thought you would run away and leave me." Harry told me, rubbing my side. 

"What made you think I wouldn't run away from you when I found out?" I asked.

"You tried. But when you agreed to come home with me, that told me that you still trusted me for some reason. It was wrong to trust me, it still is. I wouldn't trust me either." Harry grabbed my hand and squeezed it. 

"My love for you is overwhelming. With my love comes trust, that's why I agreed to come home with you. My trust is mixed with my love and I love you, Harry." I bit my lip.

"I love you too, baby." Harry kissed me where my jaw met my ear. His grip around me tightened, the pressure from his lips increased. 

"I love you so much." Harry whispered before turning and flicking the light off. 

"I love you so much." I whispered back to Harry. I fell asleep not too long later to the warmth of the curly haired boy I loved. 

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