Nobody Compares To You

Aaralyn was a typical teenage girl. That is, until Harry Styles pushes himself into her life. NCTY contains graphic material for mature readers only. This is my story, it came from my mind. :) Thanks!


21. Chapter 21

The next day, we were at my house. Harry and I had just finished pleasing each other with our intimate touches and kisses. I was in the shower while Harry was sitting in the next room.

"Is it boring to shave your legs in silence?" Harry asked through the thin wood door.

"I usually have music playing so I can sing to it." That's the truth. I usually sing along with the music while shaving. It gets quite boring.

"Well, I'm going to get music then."

"Harry, it's fine, I'm okay. Hearing your voice is enough." That's the truth also.

It was when I heard silence for the first time in a while that I knew Harry had left the room. A few moments later, I heard footsteps.

"Do you have a specific song you'd like me to play?" Harry asked sweetly.

"Whatever you want, love." I smiled, continuing to shave my legs.

"Alright." Harry said.

I heard Harry tuning a guitar and my heart fluttered. Oh god. Harry tuned the guitar and started singing Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran, my favourite song. How'd he know that's my favourite song? Harry's voice took my breath away. I was swooning, I could hardly speak. When Harry finished the song, I was drying off and completely naked with exception of my towel. I opened the door to see Harry messing with the guitar. His head shot up to reveal his dimples. 

"That was beautiful, Harry." I cooed.

Harry got up and walked to the door. I tried to stop him from opening it, but Harry was too strong.

"May I?" Harry asked while playing with my towel, asking to take it off. I shied away from his touch. 

Harry sighed. "We just had sex and you won't take your towel off? I've seen and kissed every inch of your body. You weren't this shy during sex. May I?" Harry asked again. When I didn't answer, Harry sighed. He closed the door and his thumbs found the elastic in his boxers.

"Harry." I tried. Harry shook his head while sliding his boxers down and flinging them into the corner of the room with my clothes. Harry stepped back to let me see him. My eyes scanned over his body several times, soaking him in. Harry gently pushed me into the wall while he pressed his front into me. The only thing separating our naked bodies was my thin towel. Harry pressed soft wet kisses to my lips. I was shocked when he stepped back. He grabbed my towel-cover waist and pulled me off the wall. 

"May I?" Harry asked for the third time. I thought about it for a moment but eventually nodded. Harry peeled the towel from my body. He flung it in the corner of the room with our clothes. My only coverage was behind Harry, across the room. Great, oh so great.

Harry stepped back and scanned me several times before speaking.

"Beautiful." Harry smiled.

Harry stepped forward, causing me to lean against the wall. He pressed his front into me. Bare skin this time. 

"Harry." I warned. Harry deeply chuckled before I shoved him away. I walked to the corner of the room to retrieve my towel. I bent over to grab it, but jumped when two large hands grabbed my bare hips. I gasped as he pulled me into him. His front pressing firmly into my backside. His erection pressed into my lower back.

"That's because of you." Harry smiled. My heart fluttered. I turned to face Harry. I gripped his nape and pulled him down to my level. I nibbled on his earlobe before whispering in his ear. 

"I'm glad that's because of me." I moved his hand to rest on my arm. My goosebumps looked like mountains on my skin. 

"That's because of you." I smiled. 

"I'm glad that's because of me." Harry's lips crashed onto mine in a passionate kiss. I soon broke the kiss.

"I love you." I whispered.

"I love you more." Harry challenged. I loved the 'I love you more' wars.

"Not a chance, Styles." 

"There's a big chance, Parker." Harry kissed my neck. 


At this moment, this exact moment in time, everything was perfect. I had my love asleep next to me. My family was in good shape; we're happy. My love isn't leaving me. My friends had my back 24/7. Now, I'm just waiting for something bad to happen. Bad things always interrupt my happiness. 

I grew bored. I decided to call my brother and see how he and Cara are doing. I carefully climbed from my bed, trying not to wake Harry. I succeeded, and I went downstairs and out on the back patio. 

"How's it going?" I said when Josh answered the phone. 

"Aaralyn," Josh groaned, "it's four in the morning." 

"Shit, sorry Josh. I forgot about California's different time zone. I'll call you later." I said as I heard the back door open. I turned to find a sleepy Harry leaning against the door frame. 

"I gotta go, Josh." I said and ended the call. Harry walked outside and wrapped his arms around me.

"What?" I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck. 

"I woke up and you weren't in bed. I got worried." Harry whispered, still half asleep. 

"I wouldn't leave you, Harry." 

"You have before, just being cautious." Ouch.

I unwrapped my arms and pulled away. 

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I glared at my lover.

"Nothing. I was just being cautious that you wouldn't leave me in the middle of the night, again." 

"I only left because I wanted you to go see your family."

"Move. You wanted me to move back with my family." Harry sounded a little angrier. Not angrier than me.

"I didn't want you to move! I was doing what I thought was best for you!" I was yelling now. I was glad my mom wasn't home. 

"You're what's best for me! I stayed for you because I love you! You just keep pushing me away! Am I not good enough for you? Is it Braden that you're after!? I swear I'll go fucking kick his arse!" Harry was in my face. Braden? Really, this again?

"Braden? Are you kidding? You know what, fuck you." I gritted my teeth.

"I'm sure you'd love to right now." Harry smirked while holding his glare upon me.

I did the unthinkable. My fist made hard contact his jaw and I was out the front door. Last I saw, Harry was kneeling on my back patio, holding his jaw. 


I didn't even know where I was driving to. I was just driving, trying to get rid of all the fucking pain I've been through. Nothing could stop the pain. I was a wreck. I just wanted to run. Run someplace where no one could find me. To start over. I wanted to start over with Harry, but right now, that's not gonna happen. Unless, something terribly dreadful happens and we make up. Then would be the time to run away together. 


I blinked, eyes blurry. I looked around the room to find not my room, but an unfamiliar one. I sat up. I saw a large body slumped over in a chair, blood dripping from his forehead. What the hell?

"Morning, love." A familiar looking man walked into the room. It was one that Harry had beaten up. Shit, spoke too soon. Here's the terribly dreadful event. 


I cant find her. Nobody can find her. The police have been searching for days. Nothing. I had my head buried in my palms, crying. Aaralyn's mom, brother, Cara, friends, and I have been sitting here crying for hours. When they stopped to calm down, I didn't. I cried. I've been crying for almost four days, since Aaralyn went missing. 

A police woman walked to us and stopped. I was the first out of my seat. 

"The crew have found Aaralyn." The woman said. We all sighed, relieved. "Dead." The officer added. 

I just collapsed. I passed out.

Just kidding, that didn't happen. I thought that was going to happen, though. 

"We found her car, but it was empty. We're still looking." The woman walked away, leaving us to cry once again. 


"STOP!" I shrieked numerous times. I threw punches and kicked as hard I could. Fighting only made the man thrust harder, causing me more pain. I'm so grateful for condoms. This bastard is gonna get it.

The man finally pulled out and exited the room. I sat there quietly as I heard his close the bathroom door that I was previously in. I pulled up my panties and ran out the front door. I barely payed attention to the blood trickling down my legs. I felt something wet on my temple. I wiped the moisture away and found it was blood. A sharp pain stung my temple. I stumbled but remained running down the road. I remembered that I stuck my phone in my jacket pocket before I was jumped and raped. I still had my jacket on. I reached into the pockets and pulled out my phone. The only person I thought to call was Harry.

"Aaralyn!" Harry cried into the phone.

"H-Harry, I need h-help." I told him where I was and within ten minutes, I was laying in Harry's back seats. 

"It's alright, Aaralyn." Harry calmed me. 

Within another few minutes, I was laying in a hospital bed. Harry sat on the end, gripping my hand. His other hand was covering his face and his shoulders were shaking.

"Harry." I whispered. Harry's head snapped in my direction. His eyes were red, cheeks damp. 

"It's alright, baby." I whispered. Harry got up to stand next to me. He placed one hand on the other side of the bed and lent over me. His lips crashed onto mine. Harry's tongue battled it's way into my mouth. My arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer to me. His hand held the back of my head.

"Aaralyn!" My friends and family rushed into the room. Neither of us pulled away, we were lost in each other. My eyes opened to find his green eyes already open. He gently pulled away but was pulled back down by me. He laughed and kissed me again before stepping back, allowing the other guests to visit. 

After everyone greeted me, a nurse came into the room. 

"Aaralyn is free to leave in just a few minutes." 


Harry had taken me back to his apartment after the hospital released me. We were laying in his bed doing absolutely nothing. I was wrapped in his arms feeling nothing but safety. 

"What happened?" Harry whispered while kissing my earlobe. 


"Who took you." I didn't answer.

"Aaralyn." Harry growled. 

"I-I was raped." A tear slid from my eye and Harry's grip on my waist tightened. 

"By who?" Harry growled again.

"The biggest guy."

Harry jumped off the bed. He made it to the door before I called his name.


Harry turned and walked back to me. He passionately kissed me before walking away again. I jumped off the bed and ran after him. We were outside, in the middle of the night, when I finally caught him. It was freezing and I was in one of Harry's shirts and my panties. 

"Go back inside." Harry demanded. Instead of obeying, I turned him around and shoved him into the side of his truck. 

"No, you go back inside." Harry went to protest when my lips crashed onto his. My hands slid under his shirt and explored his torso. Harry let out a deep moan before picking me up and taking me inside. 

We collapsed onto his bed and immediately, Harry was on top of me with his tongue exploring my mouth. Harry pulled away and rolled off of me. He reached over and turned the only light source in the room off. Harry blindly pulled the duvet over us and rested his hand on my side. I was laying on my other side and pulled into him. 

"Why'd you stop us?" I asked, wanting more than Harry gave. 

Harry's hand slid down and brushed over my crotch. I whimpered in response, remembering about how I was raped not too long ago. 

"That's why." Harry whispered. He kissed the back of my neck.

"I love you, Aaralyn." Harry whispered.

"I love you, Harry." I whispered back. 

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