Nobody Compares To You

Aaralyn was a typical teenage girl. That is, until Harry Styles pushes himself into her life. NCTY contains graphic material for mature readers only. This is my story, it came from my mind. :) Thanks!


19. Chapter 19

It's been 3 weeks since I went home with Harry after the wedding. Josh and Cara came back from their honeymoon and are back in California. My mom is home, but sleeping. Harry had invited me out to dinner at his place. I told him I'd be leaving in a few minutes. It's been bothering me since Harry had beaten up Braden, why he did it besides the text. Sure, the text was bad, but that couldn't have been the only reason. Braden hasn't talked to me except to apologize for being a douche. 

I got my stuff together and left for Harry's house. 

When I got there, I walked to his door and knocked. Harry answered the door with a smile. He grabbed my waist and pulled me into him.

"Good evening, Miss Parker." Harry kissed me.

"Good evening, Mr. Styles." I smiled.

"C'mon." Harry smiled back as he guided me to his dining room. He pulled out a chair and told me to sit.

"Why'd you fight Braden besides the text?" I blurted out.

"Just trying to protect what's mine." Harry muttered. Harry soon disappeared into the kitchen after telling me how I'm early and that he's not done cooking. I told him I'd wait in the dining room because he wants to keep the meal a surprise. 

I sat there looking around the small room. I took note of the painting on the tan wall. It was a painting of a full moon above the horizon. There was the ocean and a few boats. I recognized one of the boats. It was the one Harry took me out on a while back. Where we had our first kiss. My heart melted at the memory of that night. The painting was signed. It said, 'Thanks mate! If you ever need anything, let me know! - Tanner.'

I looked over at the small table in the corner of the room. There was a piece of paper on it. Don't be nosy. 

I heard Harry's phone ringing. He answered it. 

"Hey, Tanner." Harry answered. I couldn't hear Tanner but I listened to Harry's responses. 

"No, no, I'm still coming. I can't talk now, making dinner for Aaralyn. I'll talk to you later." Harry said. Where are you going, Styles? Be nosy, what does that paper say?

I got up and walked to the table. There was a note taped to the paper. It read, "Can't wait to see you again, mate. Don't forget to pack EVERYTHING. Oh, and don't give in again and go back to your girl. Just leave and ignore her. I know you love her to death, but you can't give in again. Not if you truely want to come home. We miss you, Harry. See you soon! - Tanner." I looked at the piece of paper. It was a one-way trip to Cheshire. My heart fell into the pit of my stomach. He's leaving me. That's why he left after the wedding. The bastard shouldn't have come back. 

Before I knew it, tears were flowing from my eyes. I quickly grabbed my things and walked to the door. How could he? He didn't even tell me. Probably because he knew I would stop him. Well, he can leave. I don't care anymore. 

I got to Harry's front door and jerked it open. 

"Aaralyn?" Harry called. I turned to find him standing in the kitchen doorway. He walked towards me. 

"Where are you going?" Harry whispered, upset. 

"Home." I snapped. I turned to door and went to walk out, but was stopped by Harry pulling on my arm. 

"Let me go." I demanded angrily, gritting my teeth. Tears were still racing down my cheeks. Harry pulled me back into his apartment and closed the door. 

"Let me go!" I cried. I squirmed in his grip. Harry pulled me into him and held on to me. I tried and tried to break free, but failed. I dropped to the floor and Harry climbed on top of me, trying to hold me down. 

"Let me go!" I screamed again. Harry held my wrists againt the wooden floor and hovered over me.

"Aaralyn, stop." Harry ordered. I didn't listen. I'm not listening to you, bastard. I squirmed and kicked under him. Harry's knees were on either side of me. I couldn't escape. 

I finally stopped fighting. Harry brushed hair from my damp face. I used my free hand to palm the side of his face. 

"Dammit!" Harry yelled. Harry had let my wrists go to hold his cheek. I placed my hands on his chest and shoved him off of me. I crawled to the front door, but Harry had caught my left ankle. 

"HARRY!" I screamed. I kicked and kicked, trying to make him let go. 

"Aaralyn!" Harry yelled. I looked back at him and not only did he have my hand imprinted on his right cheek, but he had the look that scared me spread across his beautiful features. 

"Aaralyn, stop!" Harry furociously growled. I obeyed. I let him drag me by my ankle, to him. Harry could see the fear he had given me and his expression fell. 

"Why are you leaving?" Harry asked me. 

"I think the question is, why are you leaving?" I replied smartly. Harry's eyebrows furrowed, and when he realized what I was talking about, his features softened. 

"You saw the ticket." Harry frowned. I nodded. "I wasn't going to," Harry couldn't finish his sentence. 

"I don't care if you leave." I lied. Of course I care, I don't want you to leave. 

"Aaralyn." Harry lowered his head. 

"Harry, it's fine. Go see Tanner and the rest of your family." Harry shook his head. 

"I'm not leaving you, Aaralyn." Harry pulled my into his lap. I leaned my head against his chest. 

"Harry." I tried. Harry shook his head again, his curls falling around his face.

"No." He whispered while kissing my forehead. I buried my face in his chest. 

"I want you to stay." I sung quietly into his chest while gripping his shirt. 

"I knew it." Harry smiled. I playfully punched him in the stomach. 

"I'm sorry for slapping you." 

"It's okay, baby." Harry gently stroked my hair. 

Harry eventually moved us to the couch where we both lay, listening to each other breathe. My head laid upon his chest where it rose and fell. 

Harry was halfway asleep when I said his name. 

"Harry?" I spoke quietly.

"Yes, Aaralyn?" Harry's eyes remained closed. 

"I'll love you forever." I whispered. I heard Harry's heart beat quicken. Harry gripped my hand tighter. 

"Aaralyn?" Harry whispered. 

"Yes, Harry?" I listened closely to the beat of his heart. It was calming. 

"I'll love you forever." Harry squeezed me tighter. My thumb rubbed over his knuckles. 

I stayed awake until Harry's breathing slowed. He was asleep. 

I gently untwined our hands and climbed off of him. I walked to the table in the dining room and picked up both sheets of paper. I found a note pad and pen and wrote, "Go home, Harry. I'll love you forever x." I stuck the note on Tanners' and placed the ticket with both notes on the coffee table in the sitting room. Harry was asleep on the couch still. I gently kissed his temple and quietly grabbed my things. I managed to leave without waking him. 

When I got outside to my car, I called Ally and asked if I could sleep at her place tonight. She didn't ask why, but she said okay. I got in my car and left. It's best if he just goes home. 

When I got to Ally's, it was ten at night. 

"Thank you for letting me crash here. I can't go home tonight."

"You're welcome, but what's going on?" Ally sounded concerned. 

"Long version or short version?"

"Long version."

It took a while, but I explained everything in full detail. Ally tried comforting me and telling me it was going to be alright. I knew it would be. 

After an hour of just talking about everything, we crashed in the living room. The tv was on and The Breakfast Club was playing. 

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