Nobody Compares To You

Aaralyn was a typical teenage girl. That is, until Harry Styles pushes himself into her life. NCTY contains graphic material for mature readers only. This is my story, it came from my mind. :) Thanks!


16. Chapter 16

"Josh, how's Cara?" I asked Josh about his fiancé. 

"Cara is with her family. I would be with her but she insisted that I come to see my family. I miss her." Josh made a pouty face.

"The wedding is in two weeks, right?"

"Yes, I'll be a married man and you'll have a married brother. Oh, and Harry is coming." Josh wickedly smiled at me. You're kidding right?

"You're kidding right?" I was pissed at my brother.

Josh shook his head. "Not kidding, Aaralyn."


"You did what?" Harry was absolutely pissed at me. 

"I'm sorry. We weren't talking and I was pissed at you. To be honest, I forgot you. I don't know how I forgot, but I did and I'm sorry. Harry, I'm really sorry." I was holding Harry's hand, begging for him to forgive my stupidity. I'm really sorry, Harry.

The look Harry gave me was like he wanted to beat the shit out of both Braden and I. His eyebrows were furrowed, his jaw clenched; he looked like he could've killed someone right then and there.

Harry snatched his hand back. "Me too." Harry turned and walked away, leaving Braden and I alone in Starbucks. 

I picked up my bag and ran through the front doors. I called Harry's name several times before he turned to look. I was walking towards him. When Harry turned back around and got in his truck, I stopped walking and watched him drive away. The worst part of it was that I wasn't in the truck with him. 


Harry had like two or three outfits at my house. When he broke us off as friends for a while, he came and got his little duffel bag from my bedroom. He didn't say a word to me, I let him in and then he left. I stood in the doorway as he walked back to his truck, his duffel and coat thrown over his shoulder. He turned back to look at me. He had a mixed expression: guilt, anger, confusion, and he was quite upset. Harry threw his bag in the passenger seat and looked at me again. He scanned me a few times and then he nodded. He got in his Range Rover and he left. 

"So, you're over?" Josh asked worriedly behind me. I turned to look at him. Josh wiped the tears from my cheeks which I hadn't noticed fall. I sniffled. 

"We never started." I bit my lip, trying to hold back the up-and-coming tears.

"I'm sorry, Aara." Josh and I were in the sitting room now. There was a knock on the door. 

Josh got a text and asked me to answer the door. I opened the door to find Josh's fiancé, Cara. 

"Aaralyn!" Cara yelled while hugging me. 

"Cara!" I yelled back, trying to hide what hurt. 

"Cara, how are you, love?" Josh called while walking towards us and hugging Cara. 

"Are you ready?" Cara asked us. 

"I am, what about you, Aara?" Josh asked me.

"No, I'm fine. Go enjoy your date." I tried getting out the plans. I want to be alone.

"No, Aaralyn. You need to have fun. Being alone isn't going to fix your broken heart." Josh grabbed my bag and pushed me outside, beind Cara. He locked the door and gave my my bag.

I sighed. "Fine."


We were dining at some fancy restaurant that I hadn't been to before. It was nice. White walls decorated with white sheet-looking accessories hanging here and there. The tables were circles, some small for smaller parties, and some big for bigger parties. 

We were waiting for our drinks when Ally texted me. 

"Need to talk. My place?" Ally lived four blocks from the restaurant. "Sure." I replied. 

"Guys, I'm sorry but Ally needs me. It's an emergency." I bit my lips, gathering my stuff. 

"Oh, really?" Cara sighed. She nodded in understanding. "Alright. See you later, dear." Cara and Josh nodded while I dashed through the restaurant doors. 

I stopped running when I jumped on a sidestreet.

I was peacefully walking with my earbuds in and Hedley blasting in my ears. I wasn't thinking about Harry at all until I spotted him. We were walking in the opposite directions, but on the same side of the street. Shit, I'm going to have to pass him. Maybe he won't notice me.

I knew he saw me. I felt his eyes burning into me. When I passed him, he turned, he was still watching me, but he didn't stop me. He didn't even say anything. At this point, I had my music paused. He was wearing his big coat, my favorite. His hands were shoved in the pockets. 

"Aaralyn." Harry called from behind me. I turned while removing my earbuds. 

"Hey." I said relieved that he stopped me. I miss you.

"Stupid question, but you are going to Josh and Cara's wedding, right?" Harry was inches apart from me now. I nodded.

"Great. Josh said to bring a date. I know we're not together, but I planned on going with you." 

"Okay?" Yes, please ask!

"Would you be my date to the wedding?" Harry bit his lip. 

I thought for a minute, thinking about the outcomes of saying yes or saying no. 

"As friends? Just friends." Harry spoke slowly.

It was at that moment when my heart dropped to my stomach. Just friends. Just friends. Friends. Friends... I don't want to be friends! No. NO.

"Sure, okay." NO! I sucked in my tears and turned back around to walked away as fast as I could. Just friends.

I looked back, but I didn't see Harry.

I wiped away a few tears before I got a text from Harry.

"You don't want to be friends, I get it. See you at the wedding, Aaralyn x." 

Hope burst through my body at his text. 

When I got to Ally's door, I dried my face, and knocked. Ally answered and she pulled me inside. 

"Are you okay?" Was Ally's first question to me. I nodded. 

Ally grabbed my arm. "Aara, what happened? Don't play it cool, your eyes are red and I think that's from tears." I shook my head.

"It's Harry isn't it?" 

I looked at Ally which gave her the hint. 

"You're not together anymore and it's killing you to try and move on. How correct am I?" Ally was being her normal bitchy self. When Ally is trying to help someone, you know it because she's a bitch when she tries to help people. 

"We weren't together."

 Ally sighed, shaking her head, brown waves falling around her face. 

"But remember," Ally started, "that you have to move on, somehow. You just pick your head up and stare at something beautiful like the sky, or the ocean, and you move the hell on." 

"Where'd you get that?" I sniffled, my eyes giving up a few tears in the process. I tried pleading with them to stop letting go of my tears. My begging was denied, I could not stop crying. My heart ached.

"James Patterson." Ally replied, obviously proud of herself.

"I-I can't. Harry was my once-in-a-lifetime, perfect guy."

"Aaralyn Paris Parker, move on. He broke your friendship or whatever for a reason. We may not know that reason, but there is one. Just try to move on, for Jake, Savannah, and I. Please?"

I nodded. 

"But how? He's my date to Josh's wedding." I told her, still crying, just not as much.

"You're his date?" Ally added emphasis on date. I nodded. 

"You're fucked. Not sure if that's literal." Ally smirked.

I flipped her off. She just laughed. 

"I need to get home."

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