Nobody Compares To You

Aaralyn was a typical teenage girl. That is, until Harry Styles pushes himself into her life. NCTY contains graphic material for mature readers only. This is my story, it came from my mind. :) Thanks!


14. Chapter 14

"Thank you for today." I said to Harry at my front door.

"You're welcome." Harry smiled.

"My mom doesn't get home until tomorrow and my brother is at his friend's house tonight. I really don't want to be here alone." I smiled.

Harry laughed.

"Would you like to stay here with me tonight?"

"If you want me to." Harry smiled.

"I want you to." I said while kissing him.

"I guess I'm staying then." Harry said while picking me up and taking me inside.

I giggled uncontrollably.

Harry put me down on the couch in the living room and sat next to me.

I moved to where my head was in Harry's lap. Harry smiled and played with my dark hair. He bent down and kissed my forehead. My hands found themselves fisting Harry's dark curls.

Harry laughed as we kissed.

"This might get out of control." Harry whispered into my ear.

"So." I smiled.

"You sure?"

"Yes." I whispered.

Harry picked me up and carried me up the stairs. He found my room and set me down on the couch. Harry was in a rush to get my clothes off. Harry tugged at my jacket in a rush to get it off of my body.

Why was he rushing?

"Harry." I said.

Harry's lips parted with mine.

"What?" He frowned.

"Don't rush. There's no need to rush." I smiled.

Harry nodded and his gaze moved from my face to my lips.

"Kiss me you fool." I laughed.

Harry didn't move, nor did his gaze. He was stationary, hovering over me.

"Stop teasing." I smiled.

Harry held a smile while watching the movement of my lips.

My fingertips found their way into the rim of Harry's pants.

"Look who's teasing now." Harry chuckled.

"Why are you staring at my lips if you're not going to kiss them?" I frowned.

"Admiring, I'm admiring them." Harry spoke soft. 

"How sweet, now please kiss me, Styles." I smiled.

"If you insist, Parker." Harry laughed.

My cheeks burned red. Harry makes me blush a lot.

"I insist. Kiss me like you want to be loved." I demanded.

Harry nodded and licked his pink lips.

He pressed his soft, pink lips to mine. Harry shoved his tongue into my mouth, teasing mine. He soon moved to my neck, leaving a trail of little kisses.

Harry had tugged off his shirt while my eyes were closed, enjoying his sweet, delicate kisses.

Harry had stripped me from my top and was in the process of sliding my jeans off my arse when I heard the key pad on the front door beep.

"Harry, the front door is being unlocked."

Harry's eyes widened. He climbed off of me and helped me with my clothes.

"Aaralyn?" A voice called from downstairs.

"Yeah Josh?" I answered, helping Harry with his clothes.

Harry was tugging his shirt down as Josh reached the top of the stairs.

"Oh, uhm, did I interrupt something?" Josh asked suspicious.

"No, you're fine." I lazily smiled.

"I would leave and let you two be alone but something has come up. We can't leave and I told mom to stay with Aunt Shelly."

"Josh, what happened?" I asked walking towards my older brother, Harry following close behind looking concerned.

"The area, as the news says, is surrounded by those guys who Harry beat up. The news told everyone that the police were on their way and to stay inside with all doors and windows locked. They've already hurt I think five people."

"I have to go." Harry quickly spoke.

"Harry, you can't." Josh tried.

"I have to go." Harry said again.

"Harry." I turned around to face him. "You heard Josh, you can't go. At least not without protection."

"I'll be fine." Harry said while walking around Josh and I.

Before Harry could descend down the stairs, I grabbed his hips and spun him around. I pushed him against the wall.

"I'm not letting you leave." I said while pinning Harry to the wall by his hips.

"Aaralyn, move." Harry ordered.

I stood my ground.

"Aaralyn." Josh said.

Harry had an indescribable expression on his face. It was an expression of anger that I've never witnessed before in anybody.

"Aaralyn, move." Harry ordered again.

"No." I denied him.

Harry continued to glare at me. Harry has never glared at me before.

"Aaralyn, let him go." Josh ordered.

I shook my head. I tried getting Harry's death gaze to disappear by pressing my body against his. I thought it might calm him down. That's what helped me. The warmth of his body against my own.

After standing like that for a minute, Harry's loosened and returned to normal, or so I thought.

Harry grabbed my hips, spun me around, and pinned me to the wall. All with double or even triple my strength. It hurt far more worse then when I did that with Harry.

"Harry." I whispered, his fingertips digging into my hips.

"Harry." I pleaded.

"I have to go." Harry growled.

"Then just fucking go!" I yelled in his face out of frustration.

Harry loosened this time for real. The glare fell and Harry's guilty expression rose. Fuck, he's pissing me off.

"Aaralyn." Harry said calmly.

"Just go!" I yelled again, closing my eyes in fear of seeing that side of Harry again.

"Just go dammit." I yelled, my eyes still closed.

I hadn't realized I was crying until Harry wiped a tear from my cheek.

"Aaralyn, I'm sorry." Harry tried.

"Just go." I said. Just go.

Harry leaned forward in hopes of kissing me. I turned my head, still pinned to the wall, avoiding his kiss.

I opened my eyes in time to see Harry lower his head in guilt. We had slid down and were sitting on the floor. Harry's knees were on either sides of my thighs, hands on my waist now.

"Mark told me that the police had taken care of the men. They had guns and knives and were arrested." Josh cheered at his best friend's text message.

"You can leave now, Harry." I said.

"Aaralyn, please don't make me leave. That wasn't supposed to happen." Harry whispered. 

Harry pressed his forehead against mine.

"Please leave." I said calmly.

I placed my hands on his chest and shoved him enough to loosen his grip.

Harry sighed and let me free.

I got up and lifted my shirt to find red marks from Harry's fingers on my hips.

"Aaralyn, oh I'm so sorry. I didn't even realize." Harry said while rubbing the red marks. He had pressed his body against mine. Don't do that.

Harry looked at me, his blazing greens eyes staring at my soul.

"You really want me to leave." Harry whispered. "I'm sorry, Aaralyn." Harry sighed while descending the stairs.

I didn't move until I heard the front door shut.

"I'll go lock the door." Josh told me.

I walked back into my room and closed the door. I grabbed my phone and dialed Ally's number.

"Hey!" Ally said cheerfully.

"Can the three of you come over?" I bit my lip.

"Yeah sure. We just finished our performance so we'll be there in a few."

"Thanks." I hung up the phone before Ally could reply.

Harry scared the shit out of me.

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