Nobody Compares To You

Aaralyn was a typical teenage girl. That is, until Harry Styles pushes himself into her life. NCTY contains graphic material for mature readers only. This is my story, it came from my mind. :) Thanks!


13. Chapter 13

We arrived at Starbucks and went inside.

As soon as we walked into the cafe, my friends yelped and ran towards us.

After they settled and we sat down, I introduced each other.

"The blonde dork is Savannah, the weird guy is Jake, and that one is Ally. Everyone, this is Harry." I laughed.

"Hi, Harry." My friends jinxed each other.

"Hello." Harry smiled.

"Harry," Jake started, "let's go get the drinks." Jake said while looking at us. Harry nodded.

"I'll be back." Harry said after kissing my cheek.

My friends cooed.

"So what happened?" They whispered.

"Savannah, did you tell Ally about the fair?" I asked.

"Yes. Now what happened last night?" Savannah asked.

"The guys broke into my house and took Josh to their house and beat him. We went there after we called Josh multiple times and checked the house. We got there and Harry traded himself for Josh. I made the other guys that were with us to promise me that they'd stay with Harry. They did and I found Harry at his apartment this morning." I explained.

"Oh my. He is alright, right?" Ally asked.

"I suppose."

"He's hot." Savannah blurted out.

"He is." I agreed.

"Well, have you guys had sex yet?" Savannah asked.

"We almost did but no, not yet. Oh, and we're not a couple so don't make any couple remarks." I directed.

My friends cooed and nodded.

Jake and Harry came back with drinks.

"Thanks, Harry." I smiled.

"You're welcome, Aaralyn." Harry whispered seductively in my ear.

"Shit guys. We're gonna be late for our performance." Ally told us.

"Harry, Aaralyn. You should come and watch." Savannah offered.

Harry looked at me with his sexy smirk.

"Sure, we'll come." I said.

"Great! C'mon!" Savannah yelled.


We were standing at the back of the massive crowd. Jake, Ally, and Savannah were up next. They were doing some dance routine.

The show was held on the beach. Harry and I were not dressed appropriately.

I was happy and having fun until I spotted Andy, a guy whose had a crush on me since the eighth grade.

"Shit." I said when Andy saw me with Harry.

"What?" Harry asked.

"A guy whose had a massive crush on me since the eighth grade." I answered.

Andy started walking towards us.

"Harry, we should go."


"He's going to start shit. He's done it before. C'mon." I said while dragging Harry into the crowd.

My friends were on stage now.

A song I didn't recognize started playing and my friends started dancing.

"They're good." Harry said distracted.


"Aaralyn." A familiar male voice called.

I turned to find Andy walking towards me.

Harry turned with me, his hand on my waist.

"Who's this, Aaralyn?" Andy asked.

"This is Harry." I bit my lip.

Andy nodded, obviously upset.

The song ended and my friends got off the stage.

"Harry, can we go." I whispered to him.

Harry nodded.

We started to walk away when Andy grabbed my wrist.

"Where are you going?" Andy asked.

Harry let me go. He moved in front of Andy and grabbed his wrist.

"We're leaving." Harry's jaw tensed.

Harry shoved Andy's wrist away and we walked away.

"Thanks." I said shyly.

"Nobody should grab you like that." Harry said protectively.

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