Nobody Compares To You

Aaralyn was a typical teenage girl. That is, until Harry Styles pushes himself into her life. NCTY contains graphic material for mature readers only. This is my story, it came from my mind. :) Thanks!


11. Chapter 11

We pulled up in front of the house where the men 'work.' Nick and Harry's friends were behind us.

I was curled into a ball on the passenger seat in Harry's truck.


I lifted my head to look at Harry.

"We're here."

Nick came over to Harry's door and Harry opened it.

"I shouldn't have brought her. She's exactly who they want. Do you mind getting her away from here, mate?"

"No it's cool. Just be careful."

Harry nodded.

"Aaralyn, you're going to have to go with Nick while we get your brother. It'll be okay, we'll get him back." Harry said as he got out of the truck and walked to my door.

"Aaralyn." Harry said with my door open.

I didn't move.

Harry got impatient so he picked me up and got me out of the truck.

I wiggled out of Harry's arms and dashed towards the house.

"Aaralyn!" The guys called after me while running towards me.

"Aaralyn! Stop!" Harry yelled.

Before I could reach the door, it opened and I stopped running.

A big man stepped out of the house smiling.

"Welcome." He greeted us.

I started walking backwards.

"Harry, it's nice to see you again. I'm guessing this lovely girl is yours?" The man asked Harry while Harry pulled me behind him. The jack ass was smirking at me.

"Where is Josh?" Harry growled.

"Oh he's fine. A couple bruises, maybe something is broken." The man said.

I moved from behind Harry.

"Aaralyn." Harry whispered.

I looked back at Harry guiltily.

"C'mon." Harry said as he held out his hand for me to take. I did.

Nick and the other boys were standing behind us.

By the time I was protected by the boys as well as Harry, there were a total of four large men outside. They all wanted the same thing. Me.

"Nice to see you again, Harry." The other boys laughed.

"Let Josh go."

"If we let him go, who do we get? That's not fair, Styles." The bigger man said.

Harry looked back at me which I was surrounded by the boys. I was crying and scared.

"If you let Josh go, then you can take me." Harry told the men.

"Harry!" I cried.

The men laughed.

"It's a deal, mate." The biggest man laughed.

"Yo, Joe, send the guy out." One of the smaller men yelled into the house.

About a minute later, Josh limped out of the house.

He looked up and saw Harry, the boys, and I. He limped to us.

I took him to Harry's truck and made sure he was okay.

"You coming, Styles?" The men teased.

Harry nodded.

"Harry." I said while walking towards him.

Harry wrapped his arms protectively around me.

"It'll be okay. I'm going to with them and Nick is going to take you guys home." Harry said as he threw his keys at Nick.

"Aaralyn, let go." Harry tried.

It felt like I glued myself to Harry.

"Aaralyn, you have to go."

"Then you come with me." I whispered into Harry's chest.

Harry sighed.

"I-I can't. But you have to go, you can't stay."

"I told you I wasn't going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere." I looked up at Harry.

"Aaralyn." Harry tried.

"No, Harry, I'm not leaving." I told Harry.

"You have to." Harry, said motioning Nick over.

Nick peeled me from Harry, I kicked and I screamed.

"Harry!" I yelled, tears streaming down my cheeks.

"You have to go. You can't stay." Harry told me.

Nick put me in Harry's truck with Josh and got in the drivers seat.

Nick started the truck and drove away.

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