They Don't Know About Us (A Niall Horan Fanfiction <3 :))

Eliza is just a regular teen with a huge secret. She has been secretly dating Niall Horan from One Direction for six months but is afraid of going public because of all the hate she will get from all the fans and what her best friend and the four lads would think of them being together for six months and keeping it a secret from them.
P.S this is my first Fan-Fic


2. Surprises!

(Niall’s P.O.V)

 see her again. “So..” I heard Harry say next to me while we were walking to get our luggage “What?” I said back to him. “I did say we were going to talk about the whole phone call when we were back in London.” he said with a smile. “What about the phone call? Why do you even care who I talked to?” I said. “I care and I want to talk about this because every time you call or text that person you get all happy and you get a big huge smile!” he said “Oh, well sooner or later I will tell all four of you who I always text and call okay. But, just right now I can’t hazz sorry.” I said in a nervous way Okay but if there “is anything else you will like to tell me I’m here for you” he said, “Okay Harry.” I really wanted to tell Harry about Eliza but it will be too much. I have to talk to Eliza on Saturday about me telling Harry. Well Saturday is tomorrow so ill talk to her about it.

(Harry’s P.O.V)

“Okay but if there is anything else you will like to tell me I’m here for you” I said to him “Okay Harry.” Niall said. I wonder what Niall was not telling me or the other lads he is always happy when he talks to this person on the phone. I wonder who it could be. I know I will find out sooner or later. He can’t hide this forever. “Hey Liam.” I said confused “Hi Harry what’s with the confused look?” he asked me “Niall is hiding something from all of us.” “What do you mean? Is it like a secret?” he said “Yeah and he won’t tell me what it is?” I told him “Well, what are we going to do?” he asked me “We are going to find out. And first place to check is his laptop.” I said “Harry we can’t go looking thru Niall’s things that’s wrong!” he told me loudly. “Liam he has been keeping something from us for the longest time. Mid-night calls, texting 24-7, acting weird when we ask him who he talked to.” I told him. “You are right Haz. We have to investigate!” Liam said while smiling really big “Okay. Let’s Go” I said we will figure out what nail is hiding from us. “But, wait Harry?” he said “what Liam?” “Today is the 31st of December New Years. We are going to have the party remember we have to go get ready.” he said. “Oh my god! I forgot lets go” I said “Hey Harry is your cousin Ana coming?” he asked me “Yeah and she is going to bring her friend? Ummm. Her name is Eliza!” I told him “okay Harry now lets go get ready for this party!” he said loudly. I wonder why Liam asked if Ana was coming. Weird.

(Eliza’s P.O.V)

Today, is going to be fun Ana came over said we are going to a New Years Eve Party with her cousin. But she didn’t tell me his name she said it was a surprise. I hear my phone ring and when Niall calls me ‘Change My Mind By: One Direction’ Plays and I raced over to my room up the stairs and I answered it. “Hey Babe.” I heard Niall say “Hey!” I said “I can’t make it tonight. Me and the lads are having a party just a few people over about 5 people for New Years Eve. Sorry Babe!” he said sad “Its okay niall I’m going to a party to I was going to tell you I wasn’t going to be able to make it.” I said “Okay, well how ‘bout on Wednesday?” he asked me “Sure. See you Wednesday!” “Okay well I have to go now Love bye.” “Bye Nialler” I said. I hung up. I was almost done getting ready and then Ana kept calling me to hurry up because we were about to leave it was about 4:30 PM. So I went downstairs wearing a Light blue dress up to my knees with some flats and my hair curled with a little black diamond bow. “Oh My God! You look cute best friend!” Ana said “Thanks you do to” I told her “Ready to go to my cousin’s party?” “Yeah! And can you please tell me his name?” I asked “okay, fine his name is Harry. Harry Styles!” she said looking at me with a smile. I didn’t say a single word I stood still. Could this actually be happing I’m going to Harry Styles house. Where Niall Will be at! “I feel sick.’’ I said “Oh come on lets go he just texted me saying that the other people cant make it so its just going to be us seven!” she said “Oh my god I feel more sick!” I said feeling like I was going to throw up. “We are here. Ready?” she asked me. “Yup. This will be interesting!” while we were walking to the door I was hiding behind Ana. She knocked on the door and I heard five voices. Then Ana said “Guys this is my friend Eliza” she said and she moved from hiding my face. I saw them looking at me smiling. Then I saw Niall he spit out his water and looked shocked. “Umm Hey.” I said nervous. “Ello Love” I saw Louis say. “Come inside” Harry said. So we went in the hallway to the living room was long. I told Ana I forgot my phone in the car and was going back to get it. I saw Niall follow me without the lads seeing him. I turned around a said “WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THEY WERE COUSINS” I said. “I DIDN’T KNOW! WHY DO YOU THINK I GOT SHOCKED WHEN YOU CAME” he said “What are we going to do?” I said in a low voice “Eliza I think it’s better for us to tell them. We could trust them and we could tell them not to tell anybody else” he said “Niall but Who” I got cut off by his kisses. “Okay.” I said. We went back to the living room. Everybody looked at us then Niall talked “Guys I have something to say. I have kept this a secret for a long time.” he took a breath “I have been secretly dating this girl for six months. That will explain all the sneaking out at night before tour and late night phone calls, Texting 24-7.” he said “Niall why didn’t you tell us before? You know you could trust us” Zayn said “I Know lad.”  

~Please give me feed-back This is my first fan fiction and i need some Thanks<3

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