They Don't Know About Us (A Niall Horan Fanfiction <3 :))

Eliza is just a regular teen with a huge secret. She has been secretly dating Niall Horan from One Direction for six months but is afraid of going public because of all the hate she will get from all the fans and what her best friend and the four lads would think of them being together for six months and keeping it a secret from them.
P.S this is my first Fan-Fic


1. Secrets

(Eliza’s P.O.V)

I was on the phone with my best friend Ana She was like my sister I could tell her anything. “So can you sleep over the the first week of summer?” I asked “Yeah! Its going to be so much fun can’t wait!” She said excited “ha-ha yeah and well ill call you later I’m getting another call from umm” I said nervously “my mom call you later. Bye” “Okay? Bye.” she hung up I hated lying to her but I could not tell her my famous boyfriend niall horan was call me. Therefore, I answered “Hey Babe! How’s tour going?” I said, “It’s going great we just finished with our last concert of the tour!” “Really that’s awesome! So when are you coming back to London?” I asked “Saturday!” he said loudly. I can’t wait babe I missed you so much!” “I missed you to!” he said, “Lad we have to go” I heard Harry’s voice “okay Harry I’m going. Babe I have to go ill text you later okay Love bye” He said. “Okay babe bye love you to take care.’’ I was excited to see niall again but I forgot ana was coming over Saturday to sleep over for the entire week! What was I going to do…?

(Niall’s P.O.V)

I was excited to go see Eliza on Saturday but what is I going to tell the lads when I go out they will get suspicious about it and ask me question. “So Niall Who WERE You on the Phone with Back There?” Harry asked me “No one. Why?’’ “Well you sounded very happy!” “Oh’’ I said. “Yeah. Well Will talk about this later” he said with his cheeky smile. Why would he ask me who was I talking to weird? However, all I could think of right now is seeing Eliza again this Saturday when I go back to London from Ireland. It is going to be great! I wonder when Eliza will want to make this relationship public I mean we have been going out for six months I’m ready for it to be public but Eliza is just scared of all the hate she will get but I tell her she wont get any. “Hey Lou” I said to Louis “HEY! NIALL!” he said loudly “Have you seen Harry?” I asked, “Yeah, he is by the plane scheduled!” he said “Okay. Thanks lad” I told him “WELCOME!” he said in a loud voice. Therefore, I went to look for Harry and I found him right were Louis said. “Hey Hazz” I said “Hey Nialler” he said with his big smile showing his dimple “what are you doing here?” I asked him confused “Oh. Just looking at all the flights I just got bored so I went to walk around and ended up here” [FLIGHT TO LONDON NOW BORDING] We hear a lady say from the speaker. “Well let’s go Harry we don’t wanna miss our flight,” I said “yeah. Let’s go!” he said, “Guys hurry up!” Liam said when he saw us coming “we’re going!” I was thinking about getting home to London with the four lads. While the plane was taking of, I heard Zayn Say “Ready to Go Home?” “Yes!” we all said together and then everybody was drifting away to sleep….

(Zayn’s P.O.V)

“Ready to go home?” I asked all four lads “Yes!” they said all together. While everybody was sleeping I was up watching the movies they put on the airplane they put I robot for the first movie then they put Battleship I was really enjoying that movie. It was about 3 hours since the lads fell asleep but they were all starting to wake up. “Zayn Did I Fall Asleep?” Lou asked me “Ha-Ha Yes You Did Louis!” “How much longer till we land?” “One hour” I told him. That hour passed very quickly because I heard the captain say, “We will now be landing in London Airport” “FINALLY!” I heard Harry say “WE ARE HOME! HOME SWEET HOME!” Liam said in a loud voice. Everybody was excited to go back home were we all are suppose to be….

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