They Don't Know About Us (A Niall Horan Fanfiction <3 :))

Eliza is just a regular teen with a huge secret. She has been secretly dating Niall Horan from One Direction for six months but is afraid of going public because of all the hate she will get from all the fans and what her best friend and the four lads would think of them being together for six months and keeping it a secret from them.
P.S this is my first Fan-Fic


3. Best New Yeats Eve Party!!! (CRUSHES,LOVE)

~Okay so in this chapter there are 3 new girls added Pamela,Aide,Ariana ^.^ ENJOY! :)


(Niall’s P.O.V)

“Niall why didn’t you tell us before? You know you could trust us” Zayn said “I Know lad.” I said to him. “Is there anything else you would like to tell us?” Harry said “Well that girl that I’ve been secretly dating is…” I said “Is who!” Louis screamed “Eliza” I said. Everybody was shocked and looked at her. She had her head down looking at the floor. Then her friend said “Eliza. Why didn’t you ever tell me? You kept this from me for six months. Why?” she asked her. She didn’t say anything. “Niall why didn’t you tell us?” Liam asked me. “Well, because I know you guys would tell me something. Like we aren’t meant to be we are too young to know about forever. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you go-” I got cut of by a scream “ELIZA STOP IT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? “I heard Ana scream from outside we all ran out. “What happened??!” I asked. “I don’t know she kept telling me how stupid she was for keeping it a secret and she just wanted to go home so she took the keys and left” she said very worried “Do you know were she went?” I asked her “the only place she could go to is her house.” “Okay. I know were that is.” I told her. “Ana let‘s go inside I‘m sure she is fine.” Liam told Ana “Okay lets go.” she said. I went to go look for Eliza with Zayn and Louis. Harry and Liam stayed at the house just incase. “Niall are you okay.” Zayn said “Yeah lad” I said while holding back the tears. “We are here.” I said. We ran inside “ELIZA!” I screamed “Guys she is in her room the door is locked” I heard Zayn scream. We all ran up stairs and she was in her room sitting on the floor. “Eliza open the door” I said we heard the door unlock and we went inside “Why are you guys here?” she asked “Eliza we are here not to judge you. We are actually happy that Niall found someone to love that makes him happy when he is sad yeah you guys kept it a secret but it‘s okay. ” Louis told her. “Now come on lets go back to my house.” “Our house” Louis “Yeah. Our house” I said.

(Louis’s P.O.V)

“Eliza we are here not to judge you. We are actually happy that Niall found someone to love that makes him happy when he is sad yeah you guys kept it a secret but it‘s okay” I said to her. “Now come on lets go back to my house.” Niall said “our house” I said to Niall. All I could think of was how Eliza reacted when Niall told us they were together. Why would we even judge we are not like that? We are his friends. We wont judge any of his girlfriends especially Eliza. She makes him very happy. “Eliza can I ask you something” I said “Sure.” Eliza said “Why did you even leave Ana was really worried?” I asked her “I don’t know what came over me. I have never done that to anyone before. I over reacted?” she said worried “she is okay though right!?” “Eliza, calm down her is okay. don’t worry” Niall told her trying to calm her down. “We are here lets go inside.” When we went inside we saw Ana, Liam, and Harry sitting on the couch. “Hey guys we are back.” I said “Hey. So what happened” Liam asked. “Everything is okay. She thought because we asked Niall lots of questions we were going to judge her and there relationship.” I said to them. “Judge her? And her relationship? Why would we do that?” Liam said. “Guys lets just forget about this. It’s already 7:18. We have to party!” Zayn said in a happy mood. “Eliza I-” Ana got cut off “I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me. I over reacted.” “Eliza. Its okay.” Ana said “Okay.” Eliza said with a smile. Then they hugged and we all went in for a group hug. “Awwwww! Guys We are like a big family!” I said really loudly. “Well Lets party!” Niall said “DJ MALIK IN THE HOUSE!” Zayn said while putting on music we all laughed. This gonna be a good day. I thought to myself.

(Niall’s P.O.V)

“Well Lets party” I said “DJ MALIK IN THE HOUSE!” Zayn said turning on the music. I went to the kitchen to get snacks and drinks. “Hey Nialler” Harry said “Hey Hazza” I said to him “want to make a bet?” he said with his cheeky smile “What kind of bet” I said laughing “Well, you know how Liam always talks about Ana and how we all say he likes her but he says no he doesn’t and all that?” “Keep talking” I said “Well do you want to bet that tonight that Liam is gonna ask Ana out!” he said “But if he doesn’t you owe me a trip to Nanado‘s for a whole week“ Niall said “Okay., it’s a bet” I told Harry. “Hey Harry Aide, Pamela, Ariana are coming over okay” Ana said to Harry. Harry looked at me with a smile and then back at Ana “Aide is coming over!” he said with a huge smile on his face “Yes Harry your crush is coming over and this is your chance to ask her out she actually likes you to.” she said “ZAYN!” I screamed “Yeah Niall?” “Pamela is coming over” I said looking at him with a smile “I have to get ready” he said “Too late.” Ana said “They are here”

(Zayn’s P.O.V)

I heard the door bell ring Me and Harry ran towards the door. Harry called Louis over and told him “Ariana is here!” he got happy. The door bell rang again and we answered it “Hey Guys” Oh my good Pamela looks so beautiful. “Hello Loves” I heard Louis say “Hey Zayn” I heard Pamela say “Hi Pamela. You look great!” I said “You don’t look so bas yourself Zayn” “Thanks” I said smiling really big at her. She laughed. Her laugh was amazing. The song ‘Little Things’ came on. I went up to Pamela asked her if she wanted to dance. She said yes the all of a sudden Ariana and Louis then it was Harry and Aide. We saw Ana and Liam. Then the couple Niall and Eliza. Niall started to sing to her. Pamela leaned her head on my chest. And when the song was over Justin Bieber’s song Beauty and A Beat played. We all started dancing. It was fun great way to keep a party going.

(Liam’s P.O.V)

It was almost 11:00 and I really wanted to ask Ana out. I wanted her to be mine. So I decided to talk to her. “Hey Ana?” I said “Yeah Liam?” she asked “Can I talk to you in the kitchen?” I asked so she followed me to the kitchen “So. What’s up?” she asked me “Ana I wanted to tell you that.. Erm. I have had feelings for you since I first met you. I always get Happy when Harry tells me you are coming over.” I said to her while looking at the ground “Liam. I-” She didn’t say anything “I feel the same way.” she said I looked up and looked at her “Really!?” I asked her “Yes. Ever since we first met at Harry’s 17th birthday party” she said “Well. Will you do me the offers of being my Girlfriend?” I asked her I could feeling my cheeks getting hot. I could tell I was blushing. “Of course Liam! I would love to” she said yes I cant believe it I was with my dream girl. I saw her looking down smiling. So I made a move a lifted her head up by her chin and kissed her. “AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I heard Louis and Ariana say. “So its official. You guys are dating” Ariana asked “Yup!” I said with a big smile in my face. “NIALL HARRY!!” Louis screamed “Yeah. Lou?” they both said together “Well you guys made a bet. Harry you said at THAT Liam will ask her out and Niall you said that he was to chicken. So Harry you win.” “Yes! Beat that Niall” Harry said. Niall was cursing harshly under his breath. It was really funny. Well I got my dream girl and on new years eve. This turned out to be the best night ever. I looked at Ana and she looked at me “I love you Ana” I said “I love you to Liam” her smile was beautiful. I was in love and this time for real’s.

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