Love and Blood

This is my first ever Movella. When One Direction get bitten by a vampire, their life changes a lot and they start to become predators,always craving for human blood. One day, years after the sudden change, they meet a group of girls and automatically fall in love. But they all know that they cannot be with the girls without hurting them. Can love overpower their crave for human blood so they can be with the ones they love forever, or will it be a nasty ending?


9. Uh Oh I think I'm in love!!!

Niall's P.O.V

Last night was fun. After Ellie insisted on going home I almost instantly fell asleep.

Everything's ready now for when the boys arrive. I wonder whether the girls can come. I got out my phone and text Ellie.

Hey El, just wondering, can u come over l8r? Meeting at 12. Tell the others they r invited 2.

Nialler x

*3 knocks on the door*

I went to open the door; Louis was here with Zayn. On the way back to the living room my phone beeped twice; two messages. One was from Harry:

Srry, gunna b l8. Had an issue.

And the other was from Ellie:

I'd luv 2 but i can't. Jess has been taken 2 hospital. Going with the others 2 c her. XX

A sense of disappointment ran through me. I was really hoping she could. It was then i decided i WANTED and WOULD see her again. Something changed in me then. Some new feeling that i had never came across appeared. Something about her changed me. Changed me for the better i hope.

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