Love and Blood

This is my first ever Movella. When One Direction get bitten by a vampire, their life changes a lot and they start to become predators,always craving for human blood. One day, years after the sudden change, they meet a group of girls and automatically fall in love. But they all know that they cannot be with the girls without hurting them. Can love overpower their crave for human blood so they can be with the ones they love forever, or will it be a nasty ending?


7. Uh Oh I think I'm in love!!!

Harry's P.O.V

I rolled over on my bed, expecting to feel Amy's warm body, but instead found nothing but cold bedsheets. I instantly jumped up and ran downstairs, screaming her name.


I trudged back to my room and sat on the bed, running my hands through my hair. I can't believe she left. After the make out session in my room last night. After telling me she'd never leave as I asked her to be the one.

Yep, I know what you're thinking. They're dating already, well, yes we are. I knew it should be her the moment I laid eyes on her. The only problem is the creature living inside of me. The horrible bloodsucking monster that took away my life.

I know it will be hard to live with her and without her in my condition but I will have to try.

Only 2 things are worrying me now.What the boys will do when I tell them and where Amy has gone.

Then I saw it. The note. It read:

Dear Harry,

I'm sorry I left so quick, Beth called. My friend Jessica has been taken to hospital. Beth said she might not make it. I inserted my number into your phone before I left so we can keep in contact. I hope I'll see you soon,

Amy xoxox

Thank god she left a note. I would have been worried sick.

Shit, I have to be at Niall's in 10 minutes. I better hurry.

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