Love and Blood

This is my first ever Movella. When One Direction get bitten by a vampire, their life changes a lot and they start to become predators,always craving for human blood. One day, years after the sudden change, they meet a group of girls and automatically fall in love. But they all know that they cannot be with the girls without hurting them. Can love overpower their crave for human blood so they can be with the ones they love forever, or will it be a nasty ending?


2. The Changes

They were trapped. The vampires came closer and closer and closer. Then they attacked. All you could hear were the echos of the poor boys' screams. That's when their first change was made. Suddenly they started violently shaking. Scarlet blood dripped from their neck, their eyes turned red and their canine teeth grew sharper. It was painful. More painful than you could ever imagine. The other vampires just stood and watched, laughing, with an evil glint in their eyes. The change was complete. One Direction were now vampires!

After hours of confusion, sunrise finally came...

The moon sank lower into the sky as the sun rose, causing the sky to turn a yellowish-pinkish colour. That's when the second change was made. It was quicker and less painful than the first. Their teeth started shrinking and their eyes turned to their original colour. They were normal again. You could hardly tell they were vampires apart from the fact they had blood on their neck and teeth marks from the bite. They felt rather shocked and dizzy as they made their way home that early morning, but vowed to eachother to keep their vampirism a secret for as long as they could.

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