Love and Blood

This is my first ever Movella. When One Direction get bitten by a vampire, their life changes a lot and they start to become predators,always craving for human blood. One day, years after the sudden change, they meet a group of girls and automatically fall in love. But they all know that they cannot be with the girls without hurting them. Can love overpower their crave for human blood so they can be with the ones they love forever, or will it be a nasty ending?


5. Recommended books

Really sorry guys but this isn't a chapter. I just wanted to recommend a few books i enjoyed reading.

I think you should read them too.

I hate One Direction----Plain Crackers

Kidnapped by One Direction-----Sian.Louise.Horan

One Direction Imagines----LaylaLoves1D

Prom Night----Claire<3

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                                          Penny Tomlinson

-The next chapter will come soon. xxxxxxxxx x

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