Love and Blood

This is my first ever Movella. When One Direction get bitten by a vampire, their life changes a lot and they start to become predators,always craving for human blood. One day, years after the sudden change, they meet a group of girls and automatically fall in love. But they all know that they cannot be with the girls without hurting them. Can love overpower their crave for human blood so they can be with the ones they love forever, or will it be a nasty ending?


3. Aching all over


One Direction all woke up, their bodies aching all over from their first change last night. They all got changed into fresh clothes and headed downstairs for breakfast. They were all doing their teeth when there was a sudden knock on the door. Liam went to open it. Simon Cowell.

As Simon and Liam entered the living room to see the rest of the boys, they all shouted "Uncle Si, Hooray!!!"

"You wouldn't believe what happened last night" Harry said. "We got bit--" Louis cut him off, nudged him in the ribs and finished

"We found a half price voucher for Nandos so we went and shared a big meal"

"I bet Niall enjoyed that"Simon said, while laughing.

"Sure did" laughed Zayn, showing his pearly white teeth that were still slightly tinged with red, no matter how hard he scrubbed. Thankfully Simon didn't notice.

"GO NANDOS!!!!!!!!" screamed Niall.

After an hour of fun, games and conversations, unfortunately it was time for Simon to go. They all knew the tight schedules he had, not to mention he was a busy man.

"Bye Uncle Si, see you in a month for our Liverpool tour," all the boys shouted as Simon's car drove out of the driveway and along the road.

"Harry, you almost gave us away you idiot!" Louis exclaimed in anger, his hands balling into fists. "Be careful."

"I'll try," said Harry, biting his lip in guilt and turning away from Louis.

"Oh you won't try, you will!" said Zayn



Sorry it's short guys. I've been really busy. I'll try to update sooner though.

Please leave comments and ideas for the next chapters, it would be great to hear your ideas as well.

Penny Tomlinson x

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