What about us ?

Mia is a 16 year old girl who led a wonderful life that others could only wish
She lived in a huge house with her mother.
But when her mother dies in a hug car accident
broke a world for her .
Mia had to take care of herselves.
One day she meet One Direction and they change her life


2. Shopping Tour

i woke up bye the smell of breakfast 

As i open my eyes i saw my best friends sleeping on the floor, i have a greate idea 

I put my mobile out and made a picture from both sleeping and put it on twitter 

"They look so sweet i will miss them if i move to london"

@alexdirection23 @Ashley09amba after a second i heard their mobile ring and both wake up "Hay have you sleep good,?"

I ask them and both nod. Ash and Alex looked at they phones and smiled. "Breakfast time" My dad screamed upstairs and we three ran downstairs "Have you good sleep, and before you ask yes you can go to the concert with them." My dad said with a hug smile on his face." Thanke you Dad" i said and hug him . " dad can i get some money we will by new clothers for tonight?" I ask with my dogg  face. " yes but by not to much"After breakfast  we all went shopping in our favourite store forever21,

we bought so many things but one of the things is my favourite one, the purple skinny dress is very beautiful my friends bought the same just in another colour after the shopping tour we went to starbucks and bought us a Coffee

"I will miss you two, if i went to london i will ask my dad if you can come in the summer holidays" I said with a small smile. "Ohh, we will miss you too" Said alex "Can we go to Nandos plllleeeaaaasssseee i´m  very hungry" Ashley said with a  sad face " When you aren´t hungry Ash?" I ask and we all laught and went to Nandos. After an half hour we were there and guess what we saw Niall Horan with the other band mattes sitting on a table. "Alex, Ash look there at the table there "but before i can said another word  Alex said quietly "OMG there is One Direction!!". We went to the counter "Can we have please a Fanta , Two cola and some Nandos please?" I ask " Yes here so 21 Pounds please" Said the women behind the counter "Yes here and bye" we take our food and look for a free table but all the table were full but 3 seats are free, the seats on the table were one direction sitting."Haay, can we sit here the other table are full?" All look at me like i´m creazy "Yes you can " said I thing it was Harry so we all take our setts and eat in silents until Harry  ask "Hi im Harry " he said looking at us "Oh, sorry i´m Mia and this is Ash and Alex " I said lokking to the other boys "Im Niall" "Im Louis" "im Zayn" "Im liam" "We know where you are we are all big fans and " but before Ash finished her sentence Alex screamed "We go to your concert tonight" "Oh cool" all said and look at me " Where is your favourite from the band ?" they ask us "Harry absolutly Harry he is so cute " Ash screamed to them Harry smiled "Liam i love the way he looks" said Alex, now its my turn i look to the girls and then to the boys and sais "Uhm well i dont now really" i said "You don´t now you love Niall with all your heart and you have said if you went to london tomorrow you will meet him" Alex said no she don´t said it she screamed it "Niall, yes you like Niall you are like Niall just you are a girl and he is a boy " Ash said I turnd really red and i thing Niall to "You go to london tomorrow?" Asked Harry "Yes i move to London my Dad has there a new job" I said "Oh cool mybe we meet us there?" Niall ask "Maybe " I said after another half hour we all finished and change our mobile numbers. " we will see us at the concert" We said Goodbye "Wait we can pick you up if you want so at 7?" Niall ask and the other boys nod "Yeah, i will writhe you a sms okay ?" I said and the girls smiled "Okay we will see us then bye " All said we hugh and went home.   


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