What about us ?

Mia is a 16 year old girl who led a wonderful life that others could only wish
She lived in a huge house with her mother.
But when her mother dies in a hug car accident
broke a world for her .
Mia had to take care of herselves.
One day she meet One Direction and they change her life


1. introduction

Hey, it´s me Mia i think befor i stard with my story, I want to tell something about me. 

I´m 16 years old and i come from England, I have larg brown/black hairs .My mother dies in a big car accident for two years, so there is just me and my dad but hes not my real dad, my real dad was a soldat he dies in a fight  three years ago. My dad Dan so i called him, is a really good dad. 


Chapter 1 

I woke up bye the soud from my alarm clock, I had a big nightmare about that my mother dies in a car accident and that i and my dad move to London, because he found a new job and that i must leave everything that remember me about my mother.

As i look at the alarm clock i saw the date it was the 1.07.12 just two days than we move to london that is to say that i must pack all my stuff and leave all my memories and friends. 

I stand up and wash my teeth and get a quick shower as i have finished 

I hear my dad scream:"Mia wake up i have made you breakfast and if you don´t come in two minutes i will eate everything alone!"

I change in to my sweet pink hot pants and a tanktop that my mother bought me before she dies.

I run downstairs and shout " I´m here so you can´t eat everything alone i´m verry hungry ".

My dad has make my favourite food backon with eggs.

" have you sleep good sweatheart?" dad ask me 

"Yeah, i have sleep very good what do you want to do today?" I asked him 

" We must pack our stuff and than you must say goodbye to your friends." he said and picked my tabled to the dishwasher. I went upstairs in my room to pack my stuff after i thing 3 hours i packed my stuff together. As my dad came upstairs to my room he said with a big smile:"Dont forget to put the posters from One direction from the wall."

"What do i do without you." I said with a big smile and hug him. I konw that my dad will be ever there for my. As i went to put the much posters from my wall i make my iphone on and listen to my favourite song WMYB fro One Direction i`m a verry big fan, i think i´m the biggest fan from tham.

I start to sing to the song and after i hear a knock on the door i tourn the musik out "Come in" i scream and after that the door openand  my two best friends Ashley and Alex come in with a big smile on their faces. " Guess what we have by you for tomorrow night:" They screamed. " I dont know " I said with a smile. " concert tickets for our favourite Band, front row and VIP pass for Backstage so you can meet Niall and tell him that you love him." Said Alex. "OMG, really you are my best friends." I screamed, this will be the best day of my life, i love niall and the others and i think that they are just normal peopel but something about Niall is so incredible and i have dreamed about that day so long and tomorow night i can meet them but what shut i wear?" I thing we go shopping tomorrow and after that we go to the concert okay?"

"Okay" both shouted 

"but now we can whatch a movie and make a sleepover like last days,okay?"

i ask them 

"Yes okay" they said both and so we watched Toy story my favourite movie 

and eate Popcorn. After two hours i fell asleep in the arms from my bestfriends.




Autore notice

Hay, sorry for the spelling errors i`m from germany and i want to write a english fanfic 

 this is my first chapter here so please comment  and tell me if you like it 



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