Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


5. When Bieber Attacks

I awoke to being thrown around. I guess we were moving and the bus was hitting a bunch of bumps. I sat up and Justin ran in.

Justin: Are you okay?

Becca: Yea, why?

Justin: I heard something his something, and I was hoping it wasnt your head hitting something......

Becca: No, all safe here.

Justin: You're not safe unless you're in my arms.

I stood up and almost fell.

Becca: Not used to bus life I guess.

Justin: Well, get used to it.

Becca: Well okay mister prissy pants.

He smiled at me and pulled me into a hug.

Justin: You know I love you.

He kissed my head.

Becca: And you know that I love you.

The bus turned and Justin held me tightly.

Becca: Well, you are balanced.

Justin: Yes I am.

I smiled and we walked out to the main part of the bus and Justin sat down and I sat on his lap.

Justin: Imagine, one day, we're going to be sitting here, excet you're small belly will be bigger...

Becca: Are you saying i'm going to get fat?

Justin laughed at I smiled at him.

Justin: Well, in a way yes, but that because you'll have a little baby in there.

He poked my stomach.

Justin(cont): and then a year later, they'll be running around the bus.

I smiled at Justin and he kissed me softly.

Justin: Our own little Bieber family.

Becca: They'll be so cute.

Justin: Yes they will.

I smiled and he tightened his grip on my waist. Alfredo walked over to us and sat next to us.

Alfredo: Eww, baby talk.

Justin: You'll basically be his uncle.

Alfredo: I mean.. YAYAYY baby talk.

I looked at him and laughed.

Alfredo: Becca, you have no clue how happy you made me when you said yes to him.

Becca: How happy I made you?

Alfredo: Yea, the kid never shut up about you, and how he never wanted to loose you, and what if you said no, and How much he loved you, and how you're future together was going to be great...

I looked at Justin and he was blushing. He looked up at me and I smiled at him.

Becca: It is going to be great.

I kissed Justin's lips gently.

Alfredo: But NOW he never shuts up, before though, he would atleast shut up sometimes, but NEVER I never get a break..

Justin: Well then bring Becca in the room and i'll shut up.

Alfredo: I tried that, but you attacked me cause you didnt want me to wake her up.

Justin chuckled and I looked at him.

Justin: Don't wake my baby. I'll kill you.

Alfredo: You just told me to get her if-

Justin: If she isnt busy.

Alfredo: If she isn't with us she's usually busy, thats why she isnt with us.

Justin: Well then you have to deal with me.

Becca: You guys can wake me up and come and get me.

Justin: No.

Alfredo: See, she said i's okay.

Justin: I dont care what she says, dont disturb her. Only I can do that.

I laughed and Justin kissed my cheek.

Alfredo: You're rediculous.

Alfredo went to touch my shoulder and Justin smacked his.

Alfredo: I was just getting a fuzzy off of her!

Justin: Don't touch her.

I laughed and Justin smacked Alfredo again.

Alfredo: WHAT NOW!?!?
Justin: Oh nothing, Just like to bother you.

Alfredo smacked him back. When Justin didnt move he gave me a hug and kissed my cheek and Justin freaked. Justin slid me off his lap and started attacking him. I laughed and pulled Justin off of Alfredo after a few minutes.

Becca: Justin, Justin, JUSTIN!

He looked at me then stopped and walked over to me.

Justin: Yes?

Becca: Calm down.

He grinned at me and sat next to me.

Alfredo: Thanks Becca.

Becca: No problem.

Justin: Fredo, go talk to the driver.

Alfredo: Fine then. Bye Becca, Justin.

Becca: BYEE!

Justin: Bye. Stay away.

When Fredo disappeared Justin lifted me up bridal style and carried me to the bed.

Becca: Justin..

Justin: Becca... I just wanted to cuddle, get your mind out of the gutter...

Becca: I know you too well, when your boy hormones go crazy you can't help it.

Justin: Hey... Shush..

Becca: Exactly.

He smiled at me and kissed me.

Becca: Justin, no, we're in your tour bus, and its the middle of the day. No.

Justin: Fine..

He kissed my lips gently and laid next to me and cuddled with me.

Becca: Justin?

Justin: Mhmm?

Becca: Never leave?

Justin: I won't, I promise.

I held up my pinky and he hooked his pinky with mine and kissed my pinky, and I kissed his. Then we closed the space between our faces and we held a passionate kiss for a minute. Until the bus came to a sudden halt. We seperated our lips and Justin looked at me like he was scared. We got out of the bus and looked at the bus. The tire was flat, there was a knife in the wheel. Somebody did this on purpose. I have a feeling I know who.





*AN Sorry it's short, I just really wanted to add a Chapter for you guys <3 Somebody made a twitter for 'Jecca' Lmao you guys are the best. The twitter is @JeccaForever  I feel bad cause its short ;( hopefully you like ittt <3 Lmao okay, so my one friend told me that I need to come up with my 'fans' names... dont ask, but any suggestions? No? ... Okayyyy.... lmao bye girlies love you <3*

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