Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


54. Walking and Talking

Drew is now 9 months old. Which also means I have turned 19 and Justin has turned 20. Drew, however has started trying to talking. Let me filll you in on a few things. Justin and I, are planning to have another child soon.

~ ~ ~

Justin: Say dada Drew.

Drew looked over at me and smiled.

Becca: Say mama Drew.

He giggled. I smiled at Drew and laid my head on Justin's shoulder.

Becca: You're getting so big Drewbear!

He reached over to me and I pulled him on to my lap. He laid his head in the crook of my neck.

We were sitting in bed and it was about 6 pm.

Justin: I think we all need a nap.

Drew hild on tighter to me. He knew that a nap meant that he had to leave me. When Drew was in mood to be with his mommy, he is going to do anything to stay with me.

Justin: Drew, you ready for a nap.

He just whined and shook his head at Justin.

Justin: Would you be ready for a nap if you got to lay with Daddy and mummy?

He nodded and Justin smiled.

Justin laid back and Drew crawled over on to his chest.

Becca: Drew knows where the best pillow is...

I laid on my side and smiled at them.

Justin: I love you guys.

Becca: We love you too.

Drew looked at Justin and tried to say 'love' you could tell by the sound of the word.

Drew: Dada.

My mouth dropped open. I looked at Justin and he was smiling from ear to ear.

Justin: Say it again Drew.

Drew: Da-da.

I sat up and grabbed my phone. I hit the record button.

Becca: One more time.

Drew: Da-da... Ma..ma..

I looked at Drew and then at Justin. I screamed and Drew covered his ears.

Becca: He just- and I just- and-

Justin sat up and grabbed my lips and pulled them to his face. I smiled in the kiss.

Drew: DADA.

He was screaming at Justin. He started crying when Justin didn't pull his lips away from mine. We finally pulled apart and Drew stopped crying. Every once in awhile he wouldn't let Justin and I kiss.

Drew: Mama.

He reached for me and I lifted him on to my lap. Drew was also working on his standing. I held his arm pits and he put his ands on my shoulders. He brought his lips to mine and then giggled when he pulled away.

Justin: Oh I see, he was jealous.

Drew wrapped his arms around my neck and laid his head on my chest.

Becca: I think he's had enough excitement for today.

Justin: I think we all need a nap.

We laid back and Drew didn't move. He slept with his head on my chest. Justin had his arm around me and Drew.


I woke up and Drew was gone and Justin was cuddled up with me.I shook Justin and his eyes shot open.

Justin: What's the matter?

Becca: Where is Drew?

Justin: Baby, I put him in his crib, I promise, he's safe.

I relaxed and sighed. I looked over at Justin who was smiling at me.

BeccA: What?

Justin: You're amazing.

I smiled at him and pressed my lips against his. He held me close and when our lips seperated he still held me close.

Justin: I wouldn't let anything happen to him.

I nodded and as soon as I closed my eyes, Drew started screaming.

Becca: I'll be back.

Justin stopped me.

Justin: Relax, you need to relax baby. I'll get him.

I smiled at him and watched him get up and walk out of the room. I waited for him and then a minute later, I saw Justin walk in with a farmilair little boy.

Drew: Mama!

He started wiggling out of Jusitn's arms.

Justin: One second, let me put you down first.

Justin sat on the edge of the bed and Drew crawled over to me.

Becca: Hi baby.

He smiled and I tapped his nose and he giggled.

Becca: Can I tell you a secret Drew? Daddy can't know..

Jusitn raised his eye brow. i whispered 'Go give daddy a kiss' to him and he smiled at me.

He started crawling over to Justin and Justin picked him up. Drew looked at me.

Becca: Go ahead.

He kissed Justin and smiled.

Justin:Who was that from? Mommy?

Drew shook his head no.

Justin: Was it from you?

He nodded and smiled.

Becca: No way, that was from mommy.

Drew started saying 'no' but he couldn't.

Justin: Ladies and gentleman, there is enough of me to go around.

I smiled and crawled across the bed and sat next to Justin.

Drew: Dada.

Justin: Yes?

Drew stretched for the matress. Justin set him down and he crawled over to the pillows.

Justin: I think he's tired.

Becca: I think so.

I looked at Justin and he smiled at me.

Justin: Can I get that kiss now?

Becca: Why of coarse..

He pulled me on to his lap. I placed my legs on each side of him. I grabbed the hair on the back of his neck and smiled at him. I placed my lips on top of his gently. It wasn't gentle for long though. He managed to stick his tongue in my mouth. He flipped us so I was laying on my back and he was over top of me. He pressed his chest against mine and I felt a little hand on my face. We broke the kiss and I looked to my left at the little baby boy ripping Justin away from me. He started smacking Justin and he looked like he was going to cry.

Becca: Drew, don't hit daddy, what's the matter?

I picked him up and he wrapped his arms around my neck.

Drew: Dada. No mama.

Becca: You think Daddy was hurting mommy?

He nodded and looked back at Justin.

Justin: Drew, daddy was giving mommy love.

Becca: Daddy wouldn't hurt mommy. I promise you.

Drew looked at my face and Justin wrapped his arm around me.

Justin: See, I'm just giving mommy kiss like you do.

Drew kissed my cheek and I kissed him back. He smiled then reached for Justin. I smiled and handed him to Justin.


We sat across from each other on the livingroom floor. We were going to teach drew  how to walk. Drew was actually pretty good, he just needed some practice.

Justin: I got the video recorder.

I nodded and Drew looked at me.

Drew: mama.

I helped him stand and he giggled when he almost fell.

Becca: Can you walk to daddy?

Drew: Dada.

He tried about 10 times and failed. Maybe eleventh is a good number?

Justin: Go to mommy.

Drew took one step and Justin let go of him, but he kept his arms behind him. Drew took another step. I reached my arms out for him and he started walking. I smiled from ear to ear. As soon as Drew reached my arms I pulled him into a hug. Justin came over and gave me a hug. I don't know why, but I started crying. Drew reached for my eyes, which weren't far away since I was sitting on the ground, and wiped my tears away.

Justin: That's my boy, keeping his lady smiling.

Becca: They're happy tears.

Drew looked at Justin. I looked at Drew and he was about to cry.

Becca: baby, they're good tears, dont cry.

I smiled at Drew and a tear sliped from his eye.

Becca: Don't cry Drewbear.

I wiped his tear and kissed his nose. I stopped crying. I hated to see Drew or Justin crying, and or hurt. Drew smiled at me and gave me a hug.

Justin: I hate when you two cry.

I looked back at Justin and he looked like he was ab out to cry.

Becca: Not you too! Drew let's give daddy love so he doesn't cry.

Drew gave him a hug and I pressed my lips against his.  When we pulled apart he wrapped his arms around both of us.

Justin: I have the best family.

Becca: And we have the best Daddy.

Drew smiled and looked up at Justin.

Becca: See, we're all smiles.

Justin kissed both of us and smiled.


Justin ended up putting that video on youtube. You saw all of cry in it, but thats okay. It was the next day. I had went shopping yesterday. I ended up getting Justin and Drew matching shoes.. matching purple supras. Drew was obsessed with them and Justin loved the idea of it.

Justin: Where are yours?

Becca: I've got purple heels to match you.

Justin: Well I like that ide-

Knock Knock.

I walked over to the door. Justin continued making dinner. Drew walked over to the door with me. He kept admring his shoes, he's been attached to them ever since I showed him Justin has the same ones. I smiled down at him and opened the door. I looked up at the door and so did Drew. He hid behind my legs and held on.

Becca: What do you two want?

Drew: Mama..

Becca: Go see daddy honey.

Drew: No.. mama..

I looked down and he lifted his arms. I picked him up and he wrapped his legs around my stomach and his arms around my neck.

Selena: Justin.

Becca: Sorry, he's kind of married.

Lyssa: And I want Drew.

Becca: You aren't lying a finger on my baby.

I went to close the door but she put her foot in the way.

Selena: Oh, and I also have a message for you. Jesse wants you.

What the fuck. I was frozen by the sound of his name.

Drew started crying.

Becca: It's okay baby..

I tried to slam the door shut but she stopped me again.

Justin: Baby, what's the matter?

I looked back and he was looking in my direction.

Justin: Get the fuck away from my family. I'll call the cops, this is private property.

They looked like they were scared of Justin. They turned around and left. Justin slammed the door shut and locked it.

Justin: Baby.

He pulled Drew and I into a hug.


Drew was asleep next to me and Justin was on my other side. He was brushing his hand through my hair to calm me.

Justin: What did they say?

Becca: Selena said she wants you.... Lyssa- she-she w-wants D-Drew...

I started crying into Justin's shirt.

Becca: You guys are my everything though...

Justin: They aren't going to touch us, I promise..

Becca: Justin, J-

Justin: What?

Becca: J-Jesse, is coming to get me...













*AN okay this is like HORRIBLE. The chapter sucks, I haven't updated in forever...and Now Jesse is back...you can hate me forever... Guys, I'm seriously considering to stop writing all toghether, I don't know why, but it just doesn't feel like, im doing anything right or something... but yea.. *

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