Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


57. Waking Up Alone

Drew was crying. I looked over at him and he was reaching for me. I guess he managed to roll over and away from me.

Becca: I'm right here baby.

I pulled him over to me. He quietly cried. Eventually it stopped. His head rested in my shoulder. He put his thumb in his mouth. I smiled at him and closed my eyes.

Justin: You handled that well...

I smiled with my eyes still closed.

Becca: I love you Justin.

Justin: I love you too baby.

I felt lips press against my head.

~ ~ ~

I woke up. Justin was nowhere to be seen. Just Drew and I. Drew was pounding on my stomach.

Becca: Shh, nobody knows yet... You can't hit mommy's stomach.

He smiled and crawled up to my face. He pulled on my face.

Becca: Did you see where daddy went?

Drew stared at me and pointed to the door.

Becca: Wanna come with me and look for daddy?

Drew reached his arms out for me. I stood up and picked him up. I walked to the kitchen and saw a note. Drew started wiggling. I set him on the floor and he started waddling around. I picked up the note and read it.

 Boo& Drew,

I hate leaving you guys in the morning. Twist wanted to hang out though. I'll be home around 6 pm to take you to dinner love. I really hate doing this to you. I love you so so so so so much. More than absolutely anything. I'm sowwy baaabbyy ;(

~JUJU 7/17/14

I shook my head. Whenever Justin was with Twist he would always get in trouble.

Drew grabbed on to my leg. I looked down and he reached up for me. I picked him up.

Becca: Do you wanna go shopping today love?

Drew clapped his hands. I smiled at him. We walked upstairs and I got a shower and brought him in with me. He splashed in the water and held on to my leg.

~ ~ ~

Becca: Do you want new Jammies Drew?

I held up a pair of footie pajamas. He reached for them. He smiled and I took them up to the cash register. I knew people were staring, I mean it wasn't everyday that you saw Justin Bieber's wife and kid. We walked out the door and a group of girls approached me screaming.


They kept screaming. Drew covered his ears and stared at me. When one of them asked to take a picture, I let them. One of them asked to hold Drew. At first, I was worried they were going to run off with him. But I realized they were just beliebers wanting to hold their Idol's child.

Becca: Of coarse you can.

I started lifting Drew from me but he started crying.

Becca: Drew it's okay, she just loves daddy and wants to see you.

Drew: Mama wuv dada.

I smiled.

Becca: Yes I do, but the nice girl loves him too.

He wrapped his arms around my neck and pressed his head to my shoulder.

Becca: I'm so sorry, he's just a little shy..

Belieber: It's okay. Can we still get a picture though?

I nodded and smiled at the camera. After we said goodbye, Drew and I went to an Ice Cream Shoppe. I got Drew a scoop of Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. We walked outside and sat on a bench. After he finished his ice cream, I threw it away and sat back down on the bench. Drew smiled up at me and I smiled back. He rummaged through the bag and pulled out his footie pajamas.

Becca: We're outside Drew bear.

He put his hands on my stomach and stared up at me.

Becca: You can't hurt mommy's stomach.

Drew pulled on his footie pajamas.

Becca: You want them on now?

He clapped and I smiled at him. I pulled his shirt and shorts off of him so he was in his diaper. I slid his feet into his footie pajamas. I zippered them up. Him and I went shopping more. I got him some new clothes. I also got him some stuffed animals and other toys.

~ ~ ~

I got home around 5:30. Justin was going to be home soon so I took a quick shower and waited in the living room while Drew napped in my arms. I laid my head back and closed my eyes.

I woke up, thinking I took a nap for about five minutes. I had actually taken a nap for an hour and a half. Now it was 7 pm. No Justin. I carried Drew up to his crib and laid him down. I walked to the kitchen and picked up my phone. Nothing. I dialled Justin's number and he forwarded me to voicemail. What was he hiding?

Why didn't he trust me?

Was he cheating?

Did he not love me anymore?

Why did he lie about coming home?

Maybe the paps just got him?

What is he just didn't care anymore?

I walked upstairs and walked into my bedroom. I looked at the clock and wanted to cry.

~ ~ ~

 I heard a door open and I ran out of my room and looked down at the door. I saw Justin. I walked down the stairs and saw Justin stumbling around.

Becca:: Justin?

He turned around. His eyes were blood shot and he could barely walk. As soon as he took a step closer to me I smelt the intoxicating smell of smoke and alchol. He smelt like weed. His pants were un zippered and on backwards. No. He didn't..

I covered my mouth with my hand.

Justin: What's the matter babe?

Becca: You- You slept with somebody else.

Justin: No, no, i'm only yours. I swear.

Becca: And you've been fucking doing drugs.

He stepped closer to me and stared in my eyes.

Justin: No- I

Becca: Get the hell away from me.

I pushed him away from me. He tried to pull me back but I walked towards the door. Then I remebered about my baby. I ran up to Drew's crib and picked him up. His eyes flew open and he saw the tears on my face. I walked back downstairs.

Justin: What are you doing?

Becca: I'm leaving you.

Justin: You can't though, you're my world, my life, you're what I live for.

Becca: No, you made a choice, You chose drugs and alcohol over your family.

I was now screaming at Justin.

How could he do this to my family?

How could he hurt his baby like that?

Why would he hurt his baby boy like that?

Drew was crying too.

Justin: I wouldn't ever do that. I love you guys more than somebody.

Becca: If you love us so much, then why are you home hours upon hours later than what you were supposed to be? Why are you stumbling? Why are your pants unzipped and on backwards? Why do you smell like drugs?

Justin: I don't know..

Becca: Look me in the eyes. Look at your son in the eyes and tell us the truth. If you love us you will.

His mouth opened, no words came out. He was already crying, but now he couldn't even look at me.

Justin: I only love you.

Becca: I'm done with you Justin. I'm done with your lying! I'm done with your shit! I can't have you putting my kid through this. I can't have you lying to your own family. You said that I was supposed to be the only girl you ever sleep with? But you just lied to me. What happened to no lying? What happened to forever and always? Justin why did you let me live if all you were going to fucking do is tear me apart all over again? You're putting me through hell Justin! Leaving you hurts me so fucking bad. But staying with you will just hurt me more!

Justin: I LOVE YOU! You're my world. He is my world. You can't do this to me. I didn't mean to do anything! It just kind of happened! Twist had drugs, IT WAS PRESSURE. I don't care about music, I don't care about beliebers, right now all I need in my life is you. You're all I need. You can't leave me. I HATE SEEING YOU HURT. IT HURT WATCHING MY WIFE BLEED TO DEATH IN FRONT OF ME. I SWEAR, IF YOU STAY WITH ME, EVERYTHING CAN GO BACK TO NORMAL. I NEED YOU. I NEED DREW. YOU GUYS ARE MY WORLD, YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME. We're supposed to have at least another kid.

Drew was hiding his head in my neck. My shirt was soaked because of his tears.

Becca: I'm done Justin. I can't do this anymore. I can't do this anymore.

Justin: You can't hurt yourself... if I don't save you... i'm gonna have nothing.

Becca: I'm not gonna hurt myself for the sake of my children. I wouldn't do that to them.

Justin: Them?

Becca: Goodbye Justin.

I started walking ou, but his hands spun Drew and I around.

Justin: Please don't- I-I love you more than absolutely anything in this world, air, music, mom, beliebers, life. I can't live without you.

Becca: You'll find a way to.

I just about fell to the floor, but I needed to stay strong.

Becca: I'll have the divorce papers sent tomorrow. I'm taking custody of Drew.

Justin: No. I-can't lose you. I'll do anything to keep you. Please..


He stared at me with tears in his eyes.

Justin: I would never do that to you. It was a one time thing...

Becca: That's how it starts...

Justin: I promise... I won't ...

Becca: You slept with somebody Justin. I-I can't...

Justin: You can't leave me.

Becca: I am.

Justin fell to his knees with his face in his hands. I had to tell him. I held Drew with one arm and held my free hand on my stomach.

Becca: Justin, you don't have to care, I don't expect you to since you have a new girlfriend and you're high... but i'm pregnant....






(That whole convo between them was screaming btw... I just don't like the look of all caps.)





*AN OMB YOU CANKILL ME NOW! I'M ABSOLUTELY SOOOOO SOOO SORRY. I MET BEFORE YOU EXIT. I GAVE THEM ALL A HUG AND GOT PICTURES. IT'S OFFICIAL. TOBY AND I ARE DATING ASDFGHJKL; LIKE IM STILL IN SHOCKKK <333 But, if you read my mumbles, I was with my friend who has been having 'thoughts' that aren't the best and i've been keeping her company for the past week or two, so sorry about that. But..EEEEKK Tony asdfghjkl; SHOUT OUT TO MY TWERK BUDDY WHO MET JUSTINNNNNN<3 YOU GO GIRRRRLLL <3 Okay. All hate comments are not being deleted so go ahead and hate me....*


















*AN2 OH EM GEE THAT CHAPTER ;( LIKE ;( IT ACTUALLY HURT TO WRITE IT.. And I'm sorry if it sucks. I kinda think it does, but I just wanted something out there for you.*


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