Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


28. The Video

Justin started to tear up.

Justin: What the hell are you talking about?

Becca: Maybe Selena is the one for you!



Justin: I DON'T!

He was crying now.

Becca: Justin... if I left you for a month, and you started talking with Selena again. I promise you, you'd fall for her again.

Justin: No. I would hate her for what she did to me and you.

He put his hand on my cheek. I really didn't want to let him go.

Justin: Becca.. please... I'll stop singing... I'll cancel tour, we can buy a house far away from everybody. We can live a normal life. I just need you by me. I need to hold your hand forever. I need you to be the mother of my children. Becca, I just need you altogether. I just can't live without you. Please, don't let her come in between us. Don't let her ruin our relationship. Becca, it's our third day on our honeymoon, it can't be over already..

I lookedd into his eyes and he just kept crying.

Becca: Justin, I love you, more than absolutely anything, but I don't want to keep worrying that she's going to take you from me..

Justin: Please, don't worry about her. I'm never leaving you, not for anybody.

He pulled his lips to mine. I''ve been crazving his touch, I just didn't know how much I missed it.. I pulled on the hair on the back of his neck and he lifted me up and I could taste his tears, but they were stopping. I could tell his intent wasn't going to be to have sex, but he just wanted me to know he loved me. He carried me to the bed and laid me down. Then he crawled over me and kissed me one last time before he laid down and wrapped me in his arms.

Justin: Please.. don't leave me... I won't be able to bare it..

I nodded and he pulled his face to mine again. He smiled in the kiss and I buried my head in his chest.

Justin: I'm never going to let you go. I promise Rebecca.

I nodded and started silently crying.

Justin: Becca, look at me. I promise I will never let you go.

He pressed his lips to mine. Before I moved my head I heard a video start. It was from Justin chasing me. When It got to the end it was when he landed on top of me and pressed his lips against mine. I smiled and Justin rubbed my back.

Justin: Sleep, tomorrow you're spending the day with me watching movies.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep in his arms.

~ ~ ~

His arms were still wrapped around me. They were tighter than when I fell asleep. I tried to get up cause I had to go to the bathroom. His grip just tightened.

Becca: I gotta go to the bathroom.

Justin: You get a minute.

I hopped up and he started mumbling a countdown. I hurried up and raan back to bed and jumped in his arms. We were back to normal, except he was more protective.

Becca: Just?

Justin: Yea?

Becca: I'm sorry.

Justin: Not this again..

BeccA: For hurting you.. see this is why maybe we shouldn-

Justin: don't even say we shouldnt be together because we should. We are perfect. Don't doubt us..

Becca: I wont...

He closed his eyes again and I held on to him and didn't let go.

~ ~ ~


Becca: Whaat?

Justin: Wake up!!! I want to watch movies with youuuuuuuuu!

Becca: I'm bringing my pillow.

Justin: I'll be your pillow.

Becca: And blanket?

Justin: Yes, of coarse baby.

I stood up and looked at Justin and he was taking pictures of me so I just smiled and walked over to him. I put my arms out before I go to him.

Becca: I want my Jusitn...

Justin: I'm right here baby..

He held out his arms and I walked into them.

Justin: You aren't allowed to ever scare me like that again.

Becca: I just don't want to ruin your life.

Justin: You do the complete opposite of ruin my life.... If you left me that would ruin my life.

I hugged him and he picked me up and brought me to the couch and laid me down. He told me not to move and ran to the kitchen and came back with a bowl of popcorm. He started filming us and threw a piece of popcorn at my mouth and I started laughing and threw a piece at him. We kept moving closer until finally his lips met mine. I smiled in the kiss and pulled away. He pulled my face back to mine and he ended up crawling on top of me. Then he reached over to the camera and shut it off.

Becca: You don know in the video i'm in your t-shirt and your in your boxers, and If I know you, you're going to put that on youtube or something.

Justin: Well it's our honeymoon, what do you expect?

He winked at me and I laughed and fell backwards. I rolled off the couch and Justin hopped up.

Justin: Baby are you okay?

Becca: Yes, i'm fine..

I laughed and stood up and got back on the couch.

Justin: I'm adding it to youtube, are you okay with that?

Becca: Yes.

He pulled me on his lap and he got on his phone and started the upload, when he set the phone down, we put out hands up to eachothers hands. His hands were a lot bigger than minde, but when we intertwined them our figers spaces fit perfectly. He kissed my hand where the ring was and I kissed his hand back.

Justin: I love you baby.

Becca: I love you too.

Justin: If anybody asks, we never even thought about getting a divorce.

Becca: What divorce?

I winked at him and he kissed my nose.

I looked at Justin's phone and all he needed to do was add a caption and title for the video.

Becca: You gotta finish that Justin.

He picked up his phone and titled it 'Honeymoon Love' He didn't write a caption and Justin added it to his channel. He instantly got tons of comments.




'Jelena was better'

'stole my man'

'slept with him, that's why she's wearing his clothes, she got slut on it though ugh'

Then there were the cute comments.

'awww jecca forever <3'

'this is true love'


'I can see a baby on the way!'


'Omb, they are the cutest couple ever and and haters shouldnt have even watched the videos, as long as they're happy you should be, Justin is probably at the happiest point in his life.. he wouldn't be this happy without her.'

I smiled and Justin kissed my head.

Justin: I like that girl..

Becca: I like her too.

Justin: Do you want to watch a movie baby?

Becca: Hmm..can it be scary?

Justin: Uhh, yeaa.. Then I can hold you tight.

Justin put in the movie ' The house at the end of the street' I clung on to Justin the whole time an he kept his arm protectively around me. At the end I was shaking and Justin kept his arms around me.

Justin: You're safe with me baby.

Becca: I'm... s.cared Justin...

Justin: Baby, it's a movie, you're safe.

I buried my head in his chest and he held me close. I fell asleep again.

~ ~ ~

Justin: See, here'ss the video from our honeymoon..

I covered my face.

Becca: JUSTIN!

Justin: What? We made the video for them!

The 12 year old boy, 10 year old girl, and 7 month old baby were all in the living room watching Justin's stupid video. Justin walked over and kissed my nose then the baby's nose.

The video flashed across the screen and my cheeks turned red thinking about it.

Justin: See, mommy's so adorable.

Justin kissed me and the older boy just said 'eww'

~ ~ ~

Justin: Baby, wake up, your face was turning red, everything okay?

Becca: I was blushing in my dream...

Justin: What dream?

Becca: It's about Our Future...













*AN There you gooooooo.............. and no Selena Drama isn't over... im still not sure about what i'm going to do, this was Just a quick update to make yous happy :) I LOVE YOUR GUYS COMMENTS <3 and whoever said 'slutena' that made me laugh so hard... SHE'S NOT A SLUT SHE JUST LOVES LOVE.... if you've ever heard he beginning of 'Slut Like You' By P!nk, you'd understand....I love the long comments... PLEASE DONT CRY! Im sorry about the short chapter... you guys hate me ik... and it sucks... and makes no sense... sowwy boos :) I LOVE YOU ALL*

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