Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


58. The Number I Know Too Well

In the past month, I've somehow managed to get away from Justin. He's been trying to find me, but I've found a new house in California for Drew and I. I contacted my lawyer in the past week. I've seen Justin lately, he just hasn't seen me. I always go to Starbucks on Saturday. He's always sitting on the bench outside. He doesn't drink anything. I guess he just knows that was the last place Drew and I were besides the house. He most likely doesn't sit in the house. It's probably bad for him to be there considering that's where he lost his family. Just in case he wanted to track my phone, I've changed my number. Every once in awhile, I just want to walk over to him and hug him and tell him he'll be fine. But I know if I do that, he won't let me go. He'll never get over me. It hurt like hell to stay away from Justin. He is the love of my life and I can't kiss his face, or just hug him. The part that hurts the most is that Drew misses him too. Actually, even worse is that my new baby is going to have to come into this messed up world without a dad.

On the good side of the situation... Drew is now speaking more words.. every once and awhile he says daddy.

The media doesn't know about what's happening yet. I hope it stays that way.


Today I was notified by my lawyer that we need to meet. So Drew and I got dressed and ate breakfast. Drew and I did absolutely everything with me. We spent just about every minute of out lives together.

Becca: Ready drewbear?

He smiled at me and I kissed his nose before putting him in his car seat. I got in the drivers seat and drove to my lawyers office. His name was Mark Micah.

I walked in with Drew on my hip. Drew saw the play area that they had added in case parents didn't want their kids to be with them. He reached toward the door. I walked into the play area. There was an adult in there watching them. I looked at Drew.

Becca: Be careful baby, okay?

He kissed my nose and I handed him over to the worker.

I walked back out to where the Mr. Micah and I were meeting. I saw him and walked over. We walked into his office and I sat down where I usually did.

Mr. Micah: Well, we've got the papers back.

A little part of me didn't want to get them back. I wanted Justin to fight for me. I wanted him to not give up on me.

Becca: Oh, okay, so we're good?

Mr. Micah: Well, take a look for yourself...

He handed me the papers and everything was signed, except the last one. He had written 'I still do, and I forever will love you...'

My eyes started watering. The tears fell and I read over it again. I had missed a part. 'I still do, and I forever will love you... I won't give up on us.'

Becca: Please excuse me.

I walked over to the bathroom. In the process I looked over to where Drew was. There was a guy, blonde hair, sitting on the ground with Drew. I took a closer look. The man was crying. It was Justin. I walked faster to the bathroom. I wiped my tears away and stared in the mirror. I needed to get out of this building with Drew, without Justin seeing me. I nodded in the mirror and walked out of the bathroom. Justin wasn't with Drew. I walked over to where Drew was. I thanked the adult and picked up Drew.

Drew: See Daddy.

He pointed back to where he just was.

Becca: I know..

I walked into the lawyers office.

Becca: Can you try to get him to sign it again? I'm sorry I have to leave.

He couldn't get another word out before I was walking out of the office. My main goal was to have Justin not see me. I walked over to the door and sighed. I looked back at the offices. Justin's back was facing me. I looked at him. He was a lot weaker. He didn't stand up with the same confidence as he always did. His head was looking down as he talked to a lawyer. I'm assuming it's his. It was hard to see him like this. It was the worst feeling ever. I started walking towards him, but then I remembered what he did to us. I turned back around and walked to my car.

I buckled Drew in and got in the front.

When we got home. I laid Drew in his crib and he drifted to sleep. I walked to my bed and sat down and pulled out my phone. I dialed *67 then the number I knew too well. Then a voice came over the phone.

Justin: Hello?

He was quiet, he had been crying.

Justin: If this is a prank I don't have the time for this.

Becca: I'm sorry.

He was quiet.

Justin: I-is that you?

I didn't answer.

Justin: Please, answer me.

His voice was weak now.

Justin: Please... I'm begging you..

Becca: I'm here...

Justin: If you're a belieber.. this isn't a nice trick you're playing.

I closed my eyes and tears slipped.

Justin: Don't cry..

He said it soft and quiet.

Justin: Please.. don't cry... I can't take it when you cry..

Becca: Bye then..

I was about to press the end button but he screamed.

Justin: NO. Don't leave me.. I just need to hear your voice.

Becca: I gotta go Justin.

Justin: No, No, No...

I hung up.




















*AN I know it's a short chapter... it gives lots of info though... REMEMBER the info in this chapter... it WILL be important next chapter. Get ready girls... it's gonna be a wild next chapter...*

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