Our Future

*If you haven't read Brother's Best Friend, you need to read it first to understand this book* You know Becca, and Justin? Jecca as you guys call it? Well, this is about there life where we left off in Brother's Best Friend. " I can see my future, She's next to me"


32. The News

I looked at my stomach and looked back at Pattie.

Becca: Say hi to grandma

Pattie pulled me into a hug.

Pattie: Why didn't you tell me?

Becca: We wanted to make sure he/she was healthy first....

Pattie: Well my lips are sealed. Are you nervous?

Becca: Yea, a little.

Pattie: Everything will work out sweetie. I promise.

I smiled at her and put my hand on my stomach. I runned up and down and Pattie put her hand there too.

Becca: How did you know?

Pattie: Being tired, sickness.. and you've got pregnant boobs.

I laughed and Pattie laughed along.

Becca: Pattie, what would I do without you?

Pattie: Just fine.

I thought about it and smiled at her.  She was like my mom. I loved Pattie to death. I laid my head next to hers and we looked at the ceiling.

Pattie: You're going to be a great mother.

Becca: I hope so..

I heard the back door open and footsteps up the stairs.


Becca: Find a way to make him spill.

Justin: How's my baby? Well, babies.

He opened the door and I was facing Pattie.

Pattie: Babies?

Justin: Uhh.... You and Becca of coarse...

Pattie: Oh, you've never called me 'baby' before.

She raised her eyebrow and I smiled at them both. I got up and gave Justin a hug. He kissed my head and held me close, but not squeezing me.

Pattie: Beccca, how's your stomach.

Justin: She knows?

Pattie: Know what?

Justin: You tell me...

Pattie: No, you first Justin.

Justin: Uh... nothing...

He kissed me again since he didn't know what to do.

Pattie: Justin, tell me.

Justin: Fine, but why did you ask about her stomach?

Pattie: Because she was throwing up.

I looked at Justin and smiled at him. I knew he was going to be mad I didn't get him.

Justin: Well... mom... Becca's.... carrying... a little Bieber..

Pattie and I smiled at each other.

Justin: Am I missing something?

Becca: Yea, your brain.

I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him. He didn't argue with my choice, he just pressed his lips back against mine.

Justin: You told her didn't you!

I looked at my feet.


I looked at him. Oh god, I didn't want to cry, but this was the second time he yelled at me. I started to tear up. But I refused to let the tears fall. Jusitn looked at me and noticed my eyes. I wouldn't look up at him.

Justin: Baby.. I didn't mean to yell...

Pattie: Justin calm down, she didn't tell me. WHen she puked and could barely move I figured it out. She said she didn't want to tell anybody, but Justin remember I was her age when I had you.

I could feel his eyes on me. I wasn't going to look up because it would make me upset. If I was upset the baby would be too.

Justin: Mom, I want to talk to Becca. ALone..

Pattie: Don't flip out on her Justin.

She walked out and I went and laid on the bed and Justin came over to me. My eyes were closed.

Justin: Baby, I didn't mean to raise my voice, and I don't want you to think i'm mad at you.

I felt him sit on the edge of the bed and take my hand and kiss it.

Justin: Boo? Are you mad at me.

I opened my eyes and Justin's face was close to mine. I pressed my lips to his and he pulled me into a hug.

Justin: Can I cuddle with you?

Becca: Of coarse.

He came next to me and laid down. He looked at me.

Becca: What?

Justin: I want you to lay on top of me so I don't crush you.

I laid my body over his and he rested his hands on my back. i closed my eyes and fell asleep on my Justin. I heard Pattie come in as I was asleep. It was weird, I could hear them as I slet... or maybe I was just half asleep...

Pattie: Justin, you can't yell at her. If she gets upset then it will effect the baby, and trust me, I can tell, she gets really disappointed in herself when you raise your voice. She isn't used to that and you make her feel like she's doing a bad job. And I could tell when you did that she was having second thoughts about being a mom, she was even doubting that she will be a good mom.

Justin rubbed my back.

Justin: But mommy, she's perfect, she's going to make an amazing mother, she's not doing anything near a bad job, she's doing the complete opposite... perfect... I didn't mean to raise my voice.. I regreted it the ssecond I did it, because i could tell she wanted to cry, mom I could see the tears in her eyes but she wouldn't let them fall... she wouldn't even look me in the eyes.. I wanted to like stab myself right there because i made her doubt herself...

I snuggled my head farther into his neck and he kissed my head.

Justin(continued): Mom, I don't want her to ever feel like she isn't good enough..

Pattie: Justin, she doesn't feel like that... i don't think... She just loses some confidence when you say stuff like that hun.

Justin: I don't want her to lose her confidence, she is the most confident person I know. She's not afraid of anything. I love that about her.

Pattie: Are you really that blind honey?

Justin: What?

Pattie: She breaks down when you aren't around, she was depressed when you weren't with her. She get concerned when she is without you. Justin, she's afraid of losing you....

It's like Pattie was reading my mind. She knew exactly how I felt. She was like speaking everything i've always thought.

Justin: Then why did she always leave me and push me away....

Pattie: Because she didn't want you to push her away so she pushed you away. She left because she thought you would first.

Justin: I would never...

Pattie: That's not how she thinks...

Justin: We've always been best friends... best friends never leave each other... I'm going to be with her Always and Forever...

I was too weak.. time to fully fall asleep...

~ ~ ~
Corey: You never came back!

Justin: My wife, your sister, needed me!

Corey: Well whats the matter with her?

Justin: She isn;t feeling well, and I promised I'd be with her through sickness and health...

Corey: You're no fun anymore...

Justin: When you're married you'll understand..

Corey: Well...

Justin: What?

I opened my eyes and Justin automatically tightened his grip around me.

Becca: I want a kiss.

I puckered my lips and Justin smiled at me and brought his lips to mine.

Corey: Eww, get a room.

Justin: This is Becca's room so.. you get a room...

I smiled at Justin and he laid his hands on my stomach.

Justin: I love you baby.

Becca: I love you too.

He kissed my head.

Corey: ANYWAYS.. I was going to invite you guys to the drive in with me and Kota... you in?

I nodded and Justin nodded along with me.

Justin: ANything my girl wants

Becca: I want  a purple unicorn.

Justin went on his phone and then after a few seconds my phone buzzed. I looked at it and I got a picture messsage from Justin. It was a purple unicorn.


I laughed and Justin smiled at me. He kept gazing at me.

Becca: Whaaattt?

Justin: What?

Becca: You keep looking at me!

Justin: I'm allowed to arent I?

I covered my face with my hands.

Justin: Move them.

I stood up and moved my hands. I stuck my tongue out at him and ran down the stairs.

Justin: Where are you going?

He started chasing after me and I ran to Pattie.

Becca: Shield me!

Justin: Come here... i'll get you!

I grinned at him and hid behind his mom.

Pattie: Woahh!

Justin: I miss my baby!

He stomped his foot and pouted.

Becca: Aww, maybe you need a hug from your mommy.

Justin: No! I need a hug from my wifey!

I looked at him and slowly walked over to him. He just stood there with his arms out waiting for me. I finally got over to him and he wrapped his arms around me.

Justin: I'll never let you go...

Becca: Promise?

Justin: I promise..

I looked up at him and he gave me a sweet kiss.

Corey: Are you sure Dakota?

Dakota: Yea...

I looked at them curiously..

Dakota and Corey kissed and looked at us.  Justin lifted me up so I could wrap my legs around him, which I did, and we looked over at them. Justin smiled at me. Corey stepped closer to us.

Corey: We're moving to California.

Wait? Corey was leaving me? By myself in this big house? Great, i'm going to be pregnant and alone. Even better, my best friend's leaving with him. Fuck My Life.






*AN Sorry it's horrible... /.\ im embarrassed to call that my writing... urghujfouvvbb... So names for the baby? I am completely open to the hate i deserve for this chapter... SOWWY BABES ;( I hate disappointing you ;(*

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